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slit-sealing wider hmw-hdpe film slowly gains acceptance.

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Wider seal HMW-
HDPE film slowly gets the acceptance seam-sealing HMW-
High Density Polyethylene film is desirable in terms of capital
Investment view of T-and other productsshirt bags;
However, it has been difficult to implement so far.
A limiting factor is the strength of the side weld.
Because of the high modulus of HMW-
High density polyethylene, the trend of folding film-
Therefore, it is difficult to make a strong seal. Yet, as HMW-
High Density Polyethylene continues to penetrate the film market-particularly T-shirt bags--
Some mechanical manufacturers have reported that some converters have successfully run HMW-Three bags-
Start with a wide roll.
David nunness, sales manager, Alpine America, Natick, Mass.
Say, seamsealing HMW-
In the past three or four years, high-density polyethylene has become popular.
\"The equipment manufacturer has not stated whether their customers have used 100% MW-HDPE for T-
Although some people say that their machines are capable of handling shirts, the production of shirts.
The processors contacted will not comment on whether they use additives or not.
At the same time, a powerful side seal with HMW is realized.
High Density Polyethylene has been difficult, Nunes says, and this is not an unsolvable problem.
Real reluctancesealing HMW-
The high density polyethylene film is due to marketing reasons: \"People don\'t want to take the risk of finding that they have bad slit seals.
They want to be as sure as possible that they have made a good product.
\"The ability to sew --seal HMW-
The high density polyethylene film can achieve higher output, Nunes said.
Processor can be from 4-in.
Mold for one-
On the tubing, to 9-or 10-in. die, he claims.
\"Production will increase significantly ---
In particular, our PEAC cooling system, through which you can get the maximum output utilization rate through the film blowing process.
If you can convert a movie into a good product, then you are far ahead.
\"Given the feasibility of achieving strong side welds claimed today, the economy of the slit --sealing HNW-
The high density polyethylene film is far larger than the extrusion type.
For example,-
The cost of producing a 250,000 lb/HR film is $150 and will generate amortized capital costs of approximately 21 lb/lb material in one year;
Three $550,000.
Production lines that produce 600/hour cost about 11 per pound.
Some industry experts are still on slit-
Seal 100% HMW-
HDPE film is feasible.
Windpaulhardt, plastic bag machine sales manager, Windmoeller & HoelscherProvidence, R. I.
Say there\'s hardly a T-
W & H shirt bag machine for grocery bags with slit-sealing units.
He claims that over the past decade, major bag makers have invested in the production of small extrusion machines with narrow tubes.
\"I don\'t believe that any miracle will be cut off --seal 100% HMW-
HD materials compete with grocery bags made of narrow pipes.
If the temperature is not controlled on the slit
Sealed bag, there is a tendency to get the zipper effect next to the seam.
\"Even if it is possible to cut --seal 100% HMW-
HD material is good enough, strong enough to compete with narrow pipes, slit without slitSeal 100% HMW-
He added that there may be some market resistance to the HD package.
Another option, of course, is to mix llonomia into HMWHDPE.
Paulhardt claims that as many as 20% blends can produce non-competitive seals
The gap in the grocery store.
Again, Rick Knittel from Sano, Passaic, N. J.
, I don\'t know if there is a converter that has been cut
Seal 100% HMW-HDPE for T-
Shirt app.
\"We have seen the mixture with llannan and we have seen the slit-
\"The Seal of the product is squeezed out altogether,\" he said . \".
He added, however, that the mixing of llannan in the groove
Feed extruder can be difficult.
One processor pointed out that the low cost of llannan creates an advantage in mixing it into HMW
In the past it was high density polyethylene, but the narrowing of the spread between the two materials may mean less mixing in the future.
Even some processors that don\'t run HMWHDPE for T-
Shirt bags admitted to being sewn-
Sealed successfully with potential.
According to Michael Snowden of the fair package in Florence, Kentucky.
, The biggest improvement is the resin itself, which can lead to more successful slitsealing of HMW-
High Density Polyethylene in the future.
\"They are products of different times today.
They are harder materials, so the seal is much better.
On the other hand, Alpine\'s David Nunes believes that \"mature technology\"sealing HMW-
High Density Polyethylene has a place in the market.
He called it \"mature technology that can definitely stay \".
\"He claims that the economy of producing T-is very different.
The shirt bag on the Alpine\'s Elba bag is cut 60-in. rolls of HMW-
High Density Polyethylene film drops to three 20-in. widths.
The Elba unit is equipped with a circular plate to remove wrinkles in the film before cutting and sealing.
The knife is heated by a PID Temperature Controller that accurately adjusts the degree of heating.
Since the knife is cooler at the tip of the initial contact with the film, it gradually heats and seals and is reported to provide more consistent welding.
Each blade has its own temperature controller;
It is said that the blade has been completely hardened, and the depth and angle of each knife are fully adjustable.
After the movie was opened-
Sealed, re-
Inflatable angle.
Elba bag making machine-seals HMW-
The rate of high density polyethylene is about 250/min, according to Nunes, adding that the slit-
The most suitable seal in-
Line up with bag making operation.
An obstacle --sealing in-
The production line with extruder is made by rolling
Up, this is due to beads.
Some processors consider bag making machines to be a limiting factor in the speed of the production line.
According to one processor, \"You can usually be much faster than converting movies.
\"However, the customer reported good results in terms of slit quality --seal.
A processorsealing HMW-HDPE T-
The shirt bag on the Elba machine is St Vanguard PlasticsLouis, Mo.
According to Donald Van nortwick, pioneer engineering manager, \"HMW-
High Density Polyethylene is a bit tricky to cut
Sealed because of its high viscosity-
It does not flow together.
\"He claimed,
Sealing equipment on the Alpine Elba machine was able to handle the material successfully, although he declined to comment on the price and whether the company used additives to make it easier to cut and seal the material.
A possible alternative to Slitsealing in-
The line with the bag maker is a laser slit-
Seal system proposed by Seal a few years ago
Green Bay of Wis. (see PT, Feb. \'85, p. 51).
The laser device reportedly allows the film to be cutsealed in-
Align with the extruder because it does not produce something like heat-
Knife seal to eliminate roller typeup problems.
Larry Clayton, sales manager, Larry
Said that while the unit is valid, it is too expensive for a double $150,000
The head unit makes an impact on the market.
Even slit-claims a higher line speed
Sealing seems mainly limited-
It is reported that the production line operation with the bag machine can still reach a higher line speed.
According to Larry Clayton of Larry
The model 1150 bag machine can be sewn-seal 100% HMW-HDPE for T-
Shirt bag production is 340/min, which he claims is the fastest machine to be used in the market. (
Although he said that the FMC has succeeded
He added that he sealed the 100% HMW/HDPE film at this speed in the plant, but did not do so in commercial installations. )
\"We first invented the bag making machine, and then we realized that the bag making machine would work faster than we could --
Said Clayton.
So we have to modify this crack.
Make them work at a higher speed.
\"This involves using longer blades to increase the dwell time while cutting at lower temperatures to avoid film crystals and form a brittle seal.
Also pay more attention to the proper tension control of the film through the slitsealer.
A company claiming to provide spotalone slit-
HMW successful sealing device-
High Density Polyethylene film produced by Mesco in Atlanta, USAIn doloville, Georgia
AMI offers two units: one thermal unitair slit-
Sealing devices and welding devices that do not use hot air. The hot-
The Air model is designed for a thick specification film of 1 mil or more. It uses a hot-
The air shoe, which is placed with a sealing device, is then cut open by a heated blade.
It is said that the unit is heated, softened and pressed at a relatively low temperature to the area to be welded. Lower-
It is said that the temperature welding is to prevent the material from thinning along the sealing layer, resulting in weakness and zipperlike tearing.
It is said that the blade is designed in the shape of the edge of the \"tilt\" to create the best welding conditions.
Welding seam-
The sealing unit is the same basic design with no heatair shoe.
This is a thinner film recommended. Both free-
Standing units can be used in different configurations.
They can be placed behind the bag making machine on the floor or on the extrusion tower.
In a typical
Line operation, the tube will come out of the extruder, into the slit-
The seal, which will form two pipe channels and then enter two pipesup bag machine.
According to Timothy Lewis, AMI sales engineer, the welding unit can run up to 400/min on 0. 7-mil HMW-HDPE film. The stand-
Separate units allow customers to purchase wider material rolls that can then be cut into smaller tubes.
In addition to providing flexibility, it is reported to have saved costs.
In addition, it is said that the device provides stronger and smaller welds, making the welds almost imperceptible.
These units are priced according to the width. A 100-in. -wide hot-
An airline unit with a cost reduction of about $15,000;
The two cuts will hit $19,000. The 100-in. welding slit-
The sealing system for one cut is $14,000;
Two cuts, $17,000.
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