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smartphone screen repair: seven diy fixes

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
Mobile phones are not as indestructible as small phones.
Old shield phone.
You can almost throw the Nokia 5210 on the floor and there is little noticeable damage to the phone screen.
But with the emergence of a larger, more sophisticated screen on a smartphone, it becomes even more difficult to completely crack, scratch or break the screen.
Here we bring you seven DIY ways to fix your screen and avoid expensive repairs.
Statement: these fixes are not proven methods
Act cautiously.
Give a warning before trying.
Although some people swear that if your phone has a touch screen with a oleophobic coating (
For example, the iPhone 5 has a thin coating)
And then don\'t use Poland because it will remove the coating and leave an obvious patch that may look worse than scratches.
However, to avoid polishing, car scratch cream such as Turtle Wax or 3m scratches and Whirlpool removal can be effective.
Whatever you decide to use, make sure to seal the smartphone\'s ports and buttons with tape to make sure there is no liquid in, and then rub your chosen potion at the scratch with a soft cloth.
Toothpaste should apply to smaller scratches or traces on the screen (
It can also work with scratched cd or dvd).
Just apply a little bit of toothpaste on the end of cotton or soft cloth.
Make sure you rub it gently to the screen with a circular motion and make sure you don\'t remove any surface coating.
Wipe the screen with a soft damp cloth.
One suggestion is to avoid gel
Make sure it\'s really toothpaste based on toothpaste.
A slightly odd online tutorial even swears with a mixture of chicken protein and potassium sulfate.
It is recommended to soak the microfiber cloth in the egg and aluminum mixture, then place the cloth on the aluminum foil and put it in the 300 degree oven until the cloth is dry.
You are then told to rinse the fabric in tap water for about 30 seconds and repeat it three times.
After drying the cloth for 48 hours, remove the scratches from the phone screen.
The complete and strange way is.
Some smartphones have broken screens and cannot simply polish the scratches off.
The manufacturer will provide you with very expensive repair services, but you can purchase the kit and new screen online and replace it yourself.
You can purchase the kit from the website, such as repairretta rorifixit, which usually comes with all the tools for the specific phone you need (
The Iphone can be particularly troublesome because it\'s almost impossible for Apple to take your phone apart).
Make sure to watch the following tutorial before trying DIY screen replacement.
One way is to grind scratches using fine sandpaper or special sand drill accessories.
You can also buy a special drill grinder, like this one.
The use of oxidized ce mixed with water should produce grinding polishing, which may be done by cloth itself.
If you decide to use sandpaper or cloth, make sure to seal the smartphone again with tape to avoid any liquid damage.
Use only the best and least abrasive sandpaper and make sure you only press gently is critical.
Check your work results on a regular basis to make sure you don\'t make the screen damage worse.
No, this is not great UK baking for smartphone DIY fixtures, but making a thick paste with baking soda and water should help to remove scratches.
According to the video below, use about two portions of baking soda and one portion of water.
Mix it until you have a thick paste.
Place a small amount of paste on a micro-fiber cloth and gently rub in a circular motion on the scratched part of the screen.
This is really a temporary, decorative solution for small smartphone screen scratches, but it should at least keep the screen smart.
A drop of vegetable oil should hide the scratches.
The only downside is that it will wear out and leave you a slightly greasy sled trouser pocket.
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