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smartphone screen, scritch-scratch no more

by:Top-In     2020-08-04
Almost every smartphone user will end up facing a mystery --
Despite the phone being well taken care of and trying to keep it away from coins, keys and all the sharp stuff, the screen still manages to get scratches.
This case is confusing, because although sharp objects are placed completely in another pocket, these annoying flaws appear to be present.
In addition, spispiel tells us that the modern smartphone display is wrapped in special glass and can handle daily grinding easily.
Hop on YouTube and you will see the \"knife screen test\" video of the phone screen being stabbed, poked and scratched, all in the name of science.
Fortunately, most screens not only survive this torture test, but there are no major flaws. These super-
The powerful screen comes from brands such as Dragontrail, Xensation, Dinorex, Panda King glass, and Corning Gorilla Glass used by more than 30 mobile phone manufacturers, and it is obviously added.
There are 5 billion units so far.
It\'s made of alkali.
Silicon aluminum panels that have undergone heat hardening and chemical hardening are four to five times stronger than untreated glass.
For example, Samsung\'s latest flagship product, S9/S9, uses Gorilla Glass 5 designed for survival 1. 6-Shoulder-meter
The height drops to a hard rough surface of \"up to 80% of the time\", while also showing a high resistance to \"sharp contact damage.
A line of sandbars, why are these high?
Even without any sharp contact, will the tech screen scratch?
After extensive testing, the mobile technology website XDA Developers concluded that you should not be worried about knives and keys.
But afraid, very afraid of sand.
Not just the kind you find on the beach, but the gritty dirt and dust that hovers around you and enters your pocket --
These particles may be more difficult than tempered glass, and each time you slide your phone in and out of your pocket, there is an intimate t-tecte on the screen-à-
Spots with wear.
Again, if you wear faded jeans, check your pocket carefully --
The sand blasting process often leaves a fine sand that can wear the mobile phone.
The screen protector is the necessary evil handset manufacturer including Apple and has been playing with sapphire glass, which is almost as hard as diamonds and not affected by scratches.
Sapphire glass producer GT Advanced tested the existing Glass brand and found it on regular glass
Gorilla Glass with Vickers hardness scale, 600-
700 kg/mm while Sapphire blew it away with a score of 2,200 kg/mm.
However, this material is heavier, more dense, and more costly to manufacture --
Therefore, it will take a few years for sapphire glass to be produced on your nearby phone.
If you intend to sell your phone at the highest possible price
The difference between a \"intact\" phone and a \"slightly scratched\" phone is easily thousands of rupees.
First of all, disclaimer: screen protectors can turn smooth glass into a mass of \"rubber\" that feels cheap \".
They also reduce transparency, possibly the eyes.
If the fit and finish are not perfect, it will be painful. wearing clothes without any residual bubbles is an art in itself.
The sorting between screen protectors starts with PET (
It\'s usually just 0.
1mm thick, almost invisible, cheap and easy to find.
If you wear faded jeans, check your pocket carefully
The sand blasting process often leaves fine sand, which will wear the mobile phone and the pet will easily be scratched. it will change color over time and feel sticky.
But go up and you will meet TPU (
A screen protector that is chemically treated to enhance oil, grease and scratch resistance.
They also have a softer surface to better handle the impact and recover from minor scratches --
Some brands promote this as \"self\"
Screen protector.
You will also meet \"military-
Although we suspect the military\'s concern about this screen protector.
TPU variants are expensive, as expected, and it can be tedious to apply them
Some people use \"wet\" and you need to spray the phone screen and protector with soap liquid, carefully align, squeeze out excess water, and wait a day or two before the remaining bubbles disappear.
However, the Mountain King is tempered glass (TG)
Screen protector. TG is multi-
More secure layered use-
The adhesive layer ensures that the resulting debris remains intact even if the screen protector is broken.
The TG protector is also equipped with a oleophobic coating to hide fingerprints and improve scratch resistance.
Although be careful about the \"9 h hard\" statement --
It just means that the screen protector can survive the attack with a 9 h pencil!
In addition to the type of material used, screen protectors are classified according to how they handle light
The most common is the glossy reflection of ambient light.
But you can try matte, too.
Strong light screen protector to enhance outdoor screen visibility-
In theory, this can reduce the brightness of the screen and extend the battery life.
Another niche option is privacy screen protection, which greatly reduces the viewing angle, so the screen content is visible only when you look directly at the screen.
Curved screen: a new headset with a curved screen may look sexy, but finding the best tempered glass screen protector for them often becomes an expensive trialand-error routine.
Some brands deal with curves by not processing them --
The screen protector covers only the flat part so that the curved edge is exposed.
Others were brave enough to try to cover up the curve, but the results were mixed --
Glue is usually only around the edges, and dust tends to be under these protectors.
To make matters worse, since the protectors are mostly \"floating\" on the display, they reduce the touch sensitivity.
The better option is to use LOCA (
Liquid optical transparent adhesive)
Then cured with ultraviolet rays.
These guards are expensive.
Over $50-
Imports are currently required. China-
EBay and Amazon are also starting to see the \"whole foods\" option, as low as $60 an ounce.
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