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smoking & erupting volcano tiki costume

by:Top-In     2020-07-27
Here is a list of the main materials I use to organize the clothing :-
Fairly hard plastic fence
Plastic fence with finer holes
Hot Lunch Box-A phone book -Tissue paper -Rope -
Plastic weather film/shrink film-
Brown and white paintRubber hosing -
2 small funnel
Compressed air tank-
Shiny red fabricZip ties -Flour -
Packing/masking tape-Dry ice -
The poster boardI started by rolling a heavier fence into a circle wide enough for me to stand inside (
Have enough space to move my legs to walk). Zip-
Tie these three rolls together to form a tube about 6 feet tall and 2 feet in diameter.
The fence I chose was not particularly hard, so I also added some thin stakes to add support (
Pvc pipes can also work).
Although I would suggest using a strong fence as the base to keep its shape well.
I wrapped up the whole fence.
Plastic shrink the tube in the package and tighten the weather film using a hair dryer to form a shape suitable for the cylinder.
My reason is that there is a flat, smooth surface on which paper can be applied without seeing the square of the fence.
Once the plastic was applied, I posted some poster boards along the bottom to shape it into more cones.
I twisted the pages of a phone book together and made two pages of long and tight books --
Length of roll paper.
These I put on the front of the garment to shape and define the eyes.
When the eyes are the size, shape and position I want, I make sure they are firmly attached and then cut the plastic and fence inside.
For the mouth, I tied the rope with an ideal shape.
The rope I used was thinner and I had to go around a few laps --
I would suggest using a thicker rope and only make one ring.
This is also a good time to tie some extra rope to the fence inside the garment to use as a shoulder strap.
Now it\'s time to get your hands dirty a bit and cover the whole outfit with two or three layers of paper.
I found that the ratio of water to flour is 1:1 and adding a few drops of salt is a good starting point for your mixture.
It should be thick but not thick. . .
Try to make a cream soup.
You may need to add more water or flour for better consistency, but 1:1 will make you very close.
The book page on the phone book is the perfect size and weight of the paper mache.
The best technique I have found is not to immerse the page in the mixture.
This usually results in uneven coating on your sheet, much more than you really need, making your drying time unnecessary.
Instead, take a small spoon mixture with your hand and rub it on the sheet with your hand.
You can add a thin and uniform coat to each page, which will dry more smoothly and faster.
Apply a healthy brown paint to the whole dress.
If you can still see the phone book after it dries up, you may want to wear another coat, but it is not necessary for me.
I made a mesh pattern in my mouth with masking tape and gasped on it with white paint.
Peel the tape off the big left tooth.
Cut two squares on the smaller black fence.
Place one diagonally on the other to form a cross.
Cross pattern of the grid.
Stick these tape or glue together, cut off the corner of the extension and make the mesh octagonal.
Make two octagonal shapes.
Fix these pieces inside the garment covering the opening of each eye.
I would recommend that you use velcro to connect them when you wear clothes so that it is easy to take them off.
If your mesh is good enough, you can easily see the outside, but it\'s hard for people to see the clothing.
Put a plastic weather film on top of the garment and glue it down to cover the opening.
Then cover it with some shiny red fabric.
Let it hang slightly on the side to produce the effect of the lava spilled over the top of the volcano.
At this point, the main part of the garment is complete
It\'s time for it to burst out of smoke!
I created the smoke effect from the top of the garment with dry ice.
I first made a hole in the lid of the water bottle, which is wide enough to keep the plastic tube close to the inside.
I ran to the tube at the top of the garment and attached it to the narrow end of the funnel to form a spout.
I cut a hole in the plastic sheet covering the top of the garment and glued the wide end of the funnel to the opening.
The red fabric I used was thin enough to allow the smoke to pass through, so I didn\'t do any cutting on it.
About half the time, I filled the bottle with hot water, added dry ice, and quickly screwed it on the lid.
This provides a decent 15-20 minutes.
The pressure in the bottle will force the smoke to rise from the tube and discharge from the top of the garment.
Because the rest of the opening at the top of the garment is covered with plastic in step 8, the smoke does not fall from the inside, but falls on the top and rolls on the side.
Dry ice should never be handled with your hands! !
Wear gloves when using dry ice!
I was lucky enough to find dry ice for sale in granular form --
If you have the ability, try replacing a dry ice with a small pill.
I would like to be able to quickly add multiple dry ice particles to my water bottle to avoid handling too much or wasting smoke.
I took a thin sheet of paper and put a few pills on a straight line roughly equal to the length of the bottle.
I roll them in paper towels, twist the ends and make them dry ice \"cigars \".
When I wanted to create the smoke effect, I just threw these two or three dry ice packs into the bottle.
The water soon dissolved the paper and almost immediately mixed it with dry ice.
I put all the dry ice rolls in a hot lunch bag to keep them cool and put it in the outfit.
I used a funnel to pour some red sparks and small pieces of red paper scraps into another rubber tube, which also ran out of the top of the garment (
This one goes through both plastic and red fabric).
Once the confetti is put into the tube, a quick explosion of compressed air can trigger it and produce a huge eruption effect. . .
You can prepare the other one in a few seconds!
If you are using scraps of paper, be sure that the scraps are light and small.
If you use too many or large pieces, you may get stuck in the tube.
When I encountered this, a straight hanger solved the problem well.
Climb in from the bottom (
Second person support top easier).
Toss on the shoulder strap.
Dry ice.
Start erupting.
Have fun!
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