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Soft touch and gold foil for decroration picture

Soft touch and gold foil for decroration picture

Toner foil is absolutely the first choice for modern wall art printing! Becuase it is very easy to operate and transfer the digital prints without mould,as well as improve the uv coating and hot stamping efficiently with optical effects. 

Besides wall decration pictures, toner digital foil is also very popular in certificates, wedding cards, birthday greeting cards, invitation and restaurant menu. As we can see that digital transfer foil fusing series has hot stamping effect without mould. It transfers image on the paper surface by a heating laminator, paper is printed by digital toner printer in advance. 

Up till now, Top in has develop more than 20 patterns for toner foil , such as the holographic series, 3D series, hot stamping series. Different patterns have different unique effects in spot locations or full coverage according to customer's requirements. For the 3D series and holographic toner foil series, they are able to be recycled used up to 3~5 times! Which save you a lot in material!

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