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Soft Touch Wet Lamination Film 18mic

Soft Touch Wet Lamination Film 18mic

  • Thickness:18micron

  • Width:200~1700mm

  • Length:1000~4000meters

  • Paper core:3”(76mm)

  • Equipment requirements: Wet Laminator

The Soft touch wet lamination film is a matt film that the surface has special feeling of smooth velvet.

This film is particularly useful for luxury ackages.


1. Soft, velvety texture
The film provides a suede or velvet-like feel. Smooth and pleasant to the touch, it adds a high-end luxury feel to the laminate.

2. Enhanced Visual Appearance
Soft-touch thermal laminations add a refined, elegant look to printed materials. It creates a matte finish that reduces glare and reflections for a more professional, premium look.

3. Improved Durability
A soft-touch film provides an extra layer of protection, making the laminate more resistant to scratches, scuffs and abrasions. It helps to increase the lifespan of printed materials.

4. Resistant to Marks and Fingerprints
The soft-touch thermal laminate has the advantage of being resistant to marks and fingerprints. This feature helps maintain the clean and pristine appearance of the laminate, even with frequent handling.

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