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solar film cuts cost of air‐conditioning

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Only people who used to wear sunglasses
Ordinary windows are now worn.
This fashion has hit a solid economic incentive: soaring electricity prices.
United Edison announced that house prices were up 15% this summer from last summer, while New York City\'s average was up 30% from January.
This means that the average monthly bill is $39, and some residents think it makes sense to dress up windows with new solar films: sunglasses, for example, which, according to manufacturers, reduce glare, it brings a pleasant hue to the world, but they also reduce the heat of direct sunlight by 81%.
Since New York\'s summer sun has 297 British heat units per square foot of windows per hour, two average size south facing windows can almost beat the 7,500 B effortT. U.
Air conditioning.
Although the potential savings in air-conditioning costs are considerable and may even exceed the price of the product in one to four years, the \"anti-solar\" film and its related products may be expensive.
The price per window ranges from $15 to $150, the Venetian blinds made of transparent film.
In the past, these films were bought mainly for their aesthetic value, but now it is about $3.
£ 50 a day to cool the average size of the apartment, people are increasingly interested in their ability.
Reduce the cost of cooling.
\"Solar screen window films are not much more expensive than traditional window treatments, and they also have a wide range of products, including curtains, Venetian blinds and curtains.
These products will be reduced if properly installed.
Room temperature up to 15 degrees.
They can reduce the air on sunny days
According to Clayton Morrison, professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Florida for solar energy research, the air-conditioning bill is as high as £ 40%.
The professor emphasized the word \"most\", pointing out that saving depends on many factors, including the number, size and direction of windows.
The film is about half as advertised.
Made of newspaper and made of polyester colored laminate, in a reflective film, This laminate is combined with a metal plastic sheet.
Coloring film without metal layer is less efficient;
Instead of reflecting the sun, they absorb the heat of the sun.
Advertising most movies have a pressure-sensitive adhesive for the inside of the window.
This makes the project quite easy for a convenient person;
However, it is difficult to invisibly stick the movie to the window, so the professional installers do most of the work.
Choosing the right product usually involves many engineering decisions as much as design choices.
Tyrone Pike, a member of the Ehrenkrantz Group, said: \"You must strike a balance between the summer and winter needs and the indoor light needs of any particular room ,\", A Manhattan company that does solar research for the federal Energy Department.
For example, Sir.
Pike said that in some houses, reflective films that transmit 65% solar energy could be a good compromise because it can reduce summer heat without completely eliminating the popular winter sun
Although the reflective film is more efficient, due to the blank mirror appearance it brings to the outside, it is not as popular as the color film in the house.
However, there is no good way to solve this problem.
The new movable curtains, blinds and curtains are made of reflective film and can be deployed according to daily sun conditions.
They can be pushed out of sight or removed in the evening and winter.
The sun blinds and curtains are transparent from the inside out and mirror from the outside.
Windows using reflective films in several other layers of insulation are opaque;
They are most useful in sealing hot windows in rooms that are not used during the day.
On winter nights, the quilt is very good for sealing cold, well ventilated windows and sliding glass doors.
For assistance in choosing among these products, please call the national solar heating and cooling Information Center ,(800)523‐2929. (
In Pennsylvania, call 800-462-4983).
The center answers solar questions and provides a list of suppliers for solar window handling. (
Consumer Reports to compare various solar films
Ried tested the results in the first phase of March 1979. )
Companies below-
There are only a few in the solar film industry-
Gives an average price estimate of their productsby-5-
Foot window: transparent color Co. , Ltd.
Van Nuys Box 25, California91408 (213)786‐2801 —
Transparent curtains made of reflective film, $30.
AdvertisementHolland lampshade, 306 East 61 st Street, 644-1700-
Solarflect shade, $75 plus about $30 for installation.
Venice BLINDSSolace International Hotel 995 Fifth Avenue, 535-303-
Transparent vertical and horizontal blinds, about $150, cost $15 for installation. SOLAR FILM3M —
Many department stores and hardware stores have scotchint, which costs about $15, or $35, for installation.
Unlike most other films, scotchint is removable and reusable, making it a great option for tenants who can take from one apartment to another.
Homeowners may also want to use it in the summer and remove it in the winter.
Farmingdale, solar consultant, part d Road, L. 10 70I. (516)698‐3393 —
A colored film in the form of a liquid that \"flows\" and becomes hard overnight, installed for about $50.
Universal solar, 51 Monroe Street, Rockville, Maryland. 20850 (1-800)638-
8528 reflective film and color film, $15.
Sun x, No. 25 Needham Street, Volkswagen Newton. 02161 (617)2448686)—
A solar film of about $15 or $30 was installed.
Madico, 64 Industrial Avenue, Woburn, Volkswagen. 01801 (617)935‐7850 —
Solar films also have medium thermal insulation value in winter, about $15, or $30 installed.
Suitable quilting technologyO.
Box 975, Brattleboro, Vt. 05301 (802)257‐1773 -
Window quilt, $50, or about $60.
Sliding glass doors are larger in size for $3.
75 square feet are installed.
The surface of the quilt is white polyester for making sheets, but any light curtains are OK, he added.
More companies and installers are listed in the yellow pages under \"coating and coloring.
A version of the file was printed on the first page of The New York edition on June 21, 1979 with the title: Solar Films reduce air-conditioning costs.
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