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solar oven in a pizza box

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
What you need: cardboard pizza box (
The kind of pizza delivery)
Clear velvet wrap with box knives or scissors (a heavy-
Can also use duty or freezer zipper lock bag)
Black building newspaper ruler or wooden spoonthermean teran adult to help you cut what you do: cut a baffle on the lid of the pizza box with a box knife or sharp scissors.
Cut along three sides, leaving about an inch between the side of the flap and the edge of the lid.
Fold this flap so that it will stand up when the lid is closed.
Cover the inside of the flap with aluminum foil so that it reflects light from the sun.
To do this, wrap the foil tightly around the flap and stick it to the back or outside of the flap.
Use a clear plastic wrap to create an airtight window for sunlight to enter the box.
This is done by opening the box and placing a double layer cling film on the opening as you cut the flaps on the lid.
Leave about an inch of plastic overlap on both sides and tape each side firmly to seal the air.
If you use a plastic bag, cut a square large enough to cover the opening and tape a layer on the opening.
Line the bottom of the box with black construction paper-
Black absorbs heat.
The black surface is where you prepare to cook your food.
How much you need depends on the size of the pizza box you use to make the solar oven.
To keep the oven insulated and keep it more heat, roll up a few newspapers and put them at the bottom of the box.
Tape them down so they form a boundary around the cooking area.
You can also seal the tape of the closed roll first.
The newspaper roll should be done so that the lid can still be closed, but there is a seal inside the box so the air cannot escape.
The best time to install a solar oven is when the sun is high --
From eleven o\'clock A. M. to three o\'clock P. M.
Take it to a sunny place and adjust the flaps until as much sunlight as possible is reflected from the aluminum foil onto the plasticcovered window.
Support the flaps at right angles with a ruler.
You may want to adjust the angle of the whole box with a rolled towel.
You can butter the bread and let the sun do the rest.
Cooking hot dogs with French fries and cheese or making cornflakes is also fun food made in a solar oven!
It is also effective to heat up leftovers.
So the paper at the bottom doesn\'t get dirty, put what you want to cook on a transparent plastic or glass plate.
Just a pie plate.
Put the thermometer in the oven before you turn off the oven so you can check the temperature.
To remove the food from the oven, open the lid of the pizza box, use the oven gloves or pit slot to remove the glass tray from the oven.
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