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Sonoco (SON) Rolls Out ClearGuard See-Through Packaging

by:Top-In     2020-07-18
Sonoco Products Company SON recently launched the ClearGuard packaging, which has a transparent look that can replace aluminum foil or metal film.
It will also provide some additional benefits for various brands and consumers in the packaging field.
In addition, ClearGuard has extremely low oxygen and water vapor transfer rates that protect the freshness and quality of the product.
This not only protects the inside of the food, but also protects the shelf life of the food.
In addition, the packaging can be used in a variety of growing product categories such as meat snacks, nuts, trail mixes, snack and nutrition sticks, biscuits and biscuits.
The ClearGuard package also features excellent printing and lamination features including matte and glossy finish options, superior resistance to bending cracking and durability.
Packaging is also ideal for many pet foods, such as baked, dehydrated, freeze-dried and wet foods and snacks.
Sonoco Products Company PriceSonoco products company price | Sonoco Products Company quotation, this series of flexible packaging provides transparency to consumers, while providing the best-in-
Grade barrier performance of product protection.
Sonoco will present samples at the Kansas City Global Pet Food Forum, which will be held at booth 13 on April 3-5.
Sonoco remains focused on gaining market share by launching commercial products and getting new customer rewards.
The company also continues to look for options to enhance its portfolio and, while continuing to improve its cost structure, seeks alternatives to address poor performance in the operation of corrugated media.
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