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south side getting one of the nation\'s largest solar projects

by:Top-In     2020-07-29
CPS Energy has taken a big step towards achieving the target of 20% peak power of renewable Energy, as the South Side solar project is beginning the construction phase.
The new project, called the Blue Wing solar project, will have 214,500 solar panels and build a 14 MW power station near the intersection of Interstate 37 South and the United StatesS. 181 South.
The subcontractor has made progress on this project.
Chief financial officer of Juwi Solar Inc. said that at any given time, there will be up to 70 workers in the construction phase and will be completed by the end of this year
Juwi is a North American subsidiary of AG in Germany.
Developers based on wind, solar and Biotechnology
Energy plants in Europe.
No one is needed once the solar power plant goes live-site.
\"One interesting thing about solar power is that they only need very few staff to maintain it,\" a Charlotte spokesman said . \"C. -based .
Duke Energy, one of the largest energy suppliers to the east of Mississippi, has made its first foray into commercial solar energy by buying Blue Wing solar projects from Juwi solar.
Efthimiou said the deal announced in January ended in the third week.
Juwi Solar North America is located in Boulder, Colorado.
, Won a competitive bid contract to become a solar supplier of CPS Energy, which signed 30-
In last August, the annual procurement agreement was signed with Juwi.
\"Essentially, we inherited 30-
Efthimiou of Duke Energy said.
Juwi Solar will continue as the site manager and will be the operator of the plant upon completion.
Computer-based, real
Ihnot said that time monitoring allows Juwi Solar to observe all activities from the boulder base and call the local San Antonio subcontractor in case any maintenance or emergency response is required.
Juwi Solar has expertise in the design, construction and operation of Solar plants.
I represent New Jersey-
Headquarters, Juwi Solar recently built a 2.
2 MW power plant in hackathon, New YorkJ.
Power the Mars Snackfood plant.
Juwi Solar has bigger projects under construction in huaiandot, Ohio, and Jacksonville, Fla.
The Blue Wing project is one of the largest solar projects in the country.
In the hot summer of Texas, the San Antonio plant will provide electricity to about 2,800 households.
Ihnot said the blue wing plant is located on 139 acres of land purchased last fall by Juwi Solar.
In preparation for the spring construction, Juwi Solar took several months to complete the licensing and engineering plan.
Installation includes 214,500 ground-
Install the first solar film panel.
Since Duke Energy entered the field of wind power in 2007, North Carolina Energy has become one of the most active buyers and developers of alternative energy.
In a statement on January, the president of Duke Energy Power Generation Services said, \"Duke Energy\'s acquisition of Blue Wing solar project adds an exciting new dimension to our renewable energy business.
\"In less than three years, our wind energy business has grown from zero megawatts to more than 730 megawatts, so I am very confident that we will be able to develop the solar business.
\"Solar projects built for self-use are entitled to a 100% tax discount in Texas.
But since this power will be sold to third parties, there is no such tax advantage.
However, Ihnot said that in March 4, it was unanimously approved to reduce the tax on its property tax by 50% for a period of 10 years.
Juwi Solar is also seeking tax cuts.
A spokesman for CPS Energy said that the electricity supplier chose not to purchase the project because it could not take advantage of the tax benefits as a municipal utility.
CPS Energy has been purchasing renewable Energy, with the goal that renewable Energy will account for 20% of peak power output by 2020.
CPS Energy is currently 13.
The target of 8% will reach 17 as the solar project and the wind power electric field project are carried out.
By the end of this year, 5%, Cortes said.
\"There is a lot of tax incentives for building renewable resources for commercial energy developers,\" Cortez said . \".
\"We are looking for companies like this to work with, but we take the place of energy buyers.
This is the second solar project of CPS Energy.
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