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splash valley: ireland\'s newest aqua park goes wild in wicklow

by:Top-In     2020-07-27
I growled and quickly slid down the slide with shocking acceleration --
Screaming unconsciously
Only diving suits can be brought on wet rubber.
Oh, at least it\'s not a curse (
We have been warned at home.
Friendly briefing).
\"Jumanji\" is like this, like my whoarse ass --
First enter the river aonmore.
Welcome to Splash Valley, a brand new water
This summer, the park made its debut at Hidden Valley Holiday Park at Wicklow\'s Rathdrum. The 1,800-square-
Rice Park includes about 30 obstacles around a small artificial lake.
Think about bounce platform, inflatable climbing frame, Zipper slide, sitting swing, \"Doomsday Tunnel \"(as my nine-year-
Old christens, they swing around the thin film of water)
There are a lot of shaky sidewalks just to get started.
A few minutes later, the lifeguard cleaned everything up, and our meeting splashed down in the mud and quickly crawled through the process.
How the latest playground workSplash Valley in Ireland is open to campers and during the day
Tourists, hours-
The adult price is 20 euros and the child price is 17 euros (
See below for pricing and discounts).
Slot includes a 10-
One minute safety briefing and 50 minutes of water activities. Yep, it’s cold.
Jump off the deck for the first time-when tea --
Brown water on the Avonmore River will rush onto your diving suit-this will definitely cheer you up.
Swimming from there to the first inflatable platform is short.
At first, we wondered if there were too many people.
At a meeting, up to 80 people are allowed to attend the course, but they will soon spread around the obstacles and we will never have to wait for the best slides for more than a minute or two.
After some criticism of the cold, we began to drag the ground.
I was pushed into the water more than once by ungrateful children)
We are on the road around the stadium.
Slides are crazy-
Two feet five metres or more tall-
There is a sitting swing at the far end where you can jump in the middleflight.
The whole experience feels fresh. out-of-the-box.
Diving suit is new, hot shower, clean and spacious dressing room.
The campus is also quite small, which means that there will be strange bottlenecks during busy times, but there will be no long way to go between bases.
The staff already feel very professional.
For example, there was no joke at the security briefing (
Most important note: Do not swim under any obstacle).
The interval between Waiters was good and any questions I asked were answered promptly and with authority.
\"How Deep is water\" is a good example.
About three metres.
You won\'t touch the bottom.
\"There are a lot of big kids and dads (like myself)
Temporarily released from their 40-year-old prison.
Body stuff, but prosperity is good supervision.
We have some scratches and rubber.
Burns, but there\'s nothing you can\'t imagine in advance.
This year, Hidden Valley won the Irish reader Travel Award for The Independent.
Walking through the oasis of Wicklow, it feels like the golden age of family holidays has returned to a new generation of families-want a safe family, a closed-end resort where children can stroll and cycle through the barbecue, cars travel at snail speed, ranging from kayaking to cinema nights, less than an hour from Dublin to bumper boats. Old though.
However, the owners Molly and Lloyd Williams (pictured)
Tasks are being carried out to add new activities
From the Santa experience to the fight against the laser tag, to the current water sports
The park is located next to the resort\'s new lakeside restaurant complex.
Lloyd confided: \"I want to know what exactly I am doing, and remember one winter I dug a green field for the artificial lake.
However, judging from the squeaking of the slide and the queue of adults and children queuing up to buy diving suits and buoyancy vests, the work has already paid off.
This is a clear contrast to Baysports, the leading inflatable water sport
Hudson Bay Park in Lough Ree (Please see the video below).
Splash Valley claims to be bigger, but that actually means it has more obstacles.
Baysports is distributed in larger areas for longer swimming between some obstacles, but the best slides are much higher.
Lough Ree park is also cheaper at € 17/€ 15 each time.
Our other problems are small.
The Lake House is a cabin.
The fashion center offers hot food and snacks and you will sneak in after the park, but like many resorts, we would love to see fewer singlesuse plastic (
Small Spoon for ice cream, for example).
Oh, and the guy who called \"jumanji!
Very annoying.
Besides that, it was a good day.
Splash Valley 20 EUR/17 EUR per adult/child-hour session.
The two-person meeting fee for daytime visitors is € 35/€ 29. A multi-
Pass has purchased five courses for you at € 80/68, which is convenient for campers or repeat visitors.
You can also purchase water parks and daytime pass packages that give you the opportunity to attend other events on site.
Campers who live in the park can get better value again, the price of the second meeting is 15 euros/12 euros, half of all the extra meetingsprice at €10pp. See for more.
In the water park, you need to be 7 years old or older, at least 110 cm tall.
Measure in advance to avoid disappointment-this is an effective limitation as smaller children may not have the height and power to scale a lot of obstacles. Or more.
This is for parking, check in, wristbands and is equipped with diving suits, helmets and buoyancy aids.
The meeting includes 10-
Minutes of safety briefing and 50 minutes of water activities, so you don\'t want to miss any valuable time on the obstacle route. Another time-
The Save step is to read and sign the mandatory waiver online before leaving home.
You can mail (
Attached PDF attachment)on your phone.
The water is cold and you are more likely to shake when you get dressed than to worry about the sun.
But in a few hours, your arms and legs will be like smoked salmon.
Half a dozen. hour before.
This will allow you to beat the crowd in the hot shower and a limited number of family dressing rooms.
We got there early, but as we left, there were a few trembling adventurers in the line.
3mm \"short\" diving suits are provided, but you are welcome to bring them if you are prone to a cold and have a longer or thicker diving suit.
You need to change your clothes with a diving suit and a towel.
After that, we also pack wool to warm up.
Remove jewelry or watches other than inlaid earrings and note that footwear is not allowed on slides. Go-
Professionals or cameras are not allowed (
Although the audience can take pictures from the Bank).
Prices are subject to availability and change.
Guests at Hidden Valley Holiday Park are Pól and his family.
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