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stretch hooder film makes for better pallet stability vs stretch films!

by:Top-In     2020-07-29
The stretch hoof film is combined with UVI protection and is properly mixed with the Plastic Raw Material, greatly improving the load stability, which is an advantage for the pallet cover, while it replaces the shrink film
The film is stretched along the direction of the machine and horizontally, improving the stress-strain curve, and the material never reaches the plastic point before reaching permanent deformation.
This enables the film to form closely around the dimensions of the tray and limits movement, and also protects the contents from dirt and water contamination at the top of the tray and at the lower part of the pallet load.
Stretch hoof film is a single-piece cover made from continuous rolling flat tubes or by inserting the cornea in the direction of the machine.
The stretch hoof film is stretched on the load and fixed under the tray.
Stretch hoof film is the ideal choice for applications where tray loads require five-sided protection, pressure encountered during transportation or when the product is heat sensitive.
The benefit of using a stretch headguard film is that a tray load packed using a stretch headguard film is safer than a stretch wrap or shrink film.
You will have a lot of tension in both horizontal and vertical directions, which means that the finished product is pressed down on the tray to prevent the load from moving.
The stretch hoof film uses a wrap film without the use of a hot gun, tunnel or glue.
This method reduces the energy consumption that hot guns usually use to shrink materials.
In turn, safety is improved in the workplace of potential fires.
The tray packed with stretch hooder film is better than your standard shrink tray cover or stretch film, as it does not move during transportation, but rather holds the tray together.
Stretch hoof film technology has the opportunity to increase the safety and stacking of Stretch Films, which are not as eco-friendly or shrink films as heat sources that require additional energy consumption.
Changing this type of material is mentally free and recyclable.
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