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stretch wrap bongo drum

by:Top-In     2020-07-26
The original idea was born in Port Freight and I was holding stretch wrap in my hand so I need to try it out!
I agree that a better mind will make great progress, but it works.
I\'m not going to pretend I\'m not excited about anything.
It\'s fun to see a crazy idea come together. . . .
This is a bongodrum with a stretch wrap head and a copper tie.
I am very happy with this project!
The head is a bit unorthodox, but it is the inspiration for the drum.
It\'s a simple stretch wrap and I think it brings fun look and cool sound to the drum.
You may have different opinions!
The wood used in this drum is oak, mahogany and Arabic gum.
I am allergic to Acacia and have to buy a respirator in order to complete this project!
There are 13 pieces of wood, all divided together, or rather, it is cooperative.
Each piece: 1 piece 1/2 \"width 1 piece 1/4\" thick 12 \"long inclined plane 13.
Then stick them together and make them formed on the lathe.
It\'s a bit of a terrible process if I\'m honest.
The lower jaw in my Chuck is not wide enough to keep the drum tight, so I added pressure with the tail plate.
It basically turns between centers.
I used the 30 degree chamfer bit in the router table to get the matching look of the bearing edge and bottom of the drum head.
After that, it\'s just the problem of packing the drum with stretch wrap and fixing it.
I have tried many ways to solve this problem.
I drilled some holes, inserted one end of the wire and wrapped it tightly together.
I ended up making three packages at the top and one at the bottom.
I wiped it on Poly.
Will this last forever? No.
But it looks cool on my shelf.
Sometimes it\'s more important for me to try something interesting than to do something practical! :)
Thank you for your attention!
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