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stretch wrap film - a solution for safe shipping

by:Top-In     2020-07-27
When assembling a product by unifying or adapting it to one unit, shipping and packaging becomes effective and efficient.
In addition, this form of technology will ensure the safe and effective delivery of measures to any desired destination.
Therefore, using stretch film will upgrade your shipping procedures by eliminating product damage and incidents related to theft.
How does the Stretch Wrap film work?
Stretch Film is a permanent solution for various transportation hazards.
Stretch Packaging protects all products from dust, moisture and scratches.
Unfortunately, by using traditional bundled shipping tools such as hemp, bungee or poly strapping, your goods are easy due to the normal mobile procedures involved in the shipping process
Therefore, it is easy for the goods to break down during delivery, which may damage the customer relationship, liabilities and loss of profits.
The stretch film is therefore the ideal solution for the safe delivery of the product, as its design is able to withstand the most extreme weather conditions, wrong means of transport, stacking methods and warehousing processing.
Excellent load retention stability and self
This transport/packaging unit has attached quality and is suitable for a wide range of goods.
Some common types of stretch film include machine stretch packaging, cast stretch film, economical stretch packaging, blow stretch film, UVI, VCI stretch packaging, stretch proof packaging
Electrostatic film, net, ventilation tray and bio
Biodegradable stretch packaging.
So what version of stretch wrap film is useful to me?
Well, choosing the right movie will certainly depend on what kind of requirements or features you have.
For example, if it is a warehouse stock material being shipped, the UV protective film does not apply.
Similarly, because of its Tensile Elongation factor and thinner thickness, the film under the gauge is usually an option to obtain.
In addition, when packing the tray manually, it is easier to break when applying the film to the upper right corner of the box or to the edge of the tray.
However, if you didn\'t know before how to use stretch film to meet your transport or storage purposes, here are some of the things that better guide you: what is the difference between high performance and standard stretch film?
Machine stretch packaging-
Ideal for packing pallet loads and design for converter machines and pallet packaging machines. Cast stretch-
The most standard version of the stretch package, thanks to its load to maintain stability and clear clarity, is ideal for bundling and storing products.
Economic stretch packaging-
The name itself says everything;
Because it is a lower specification package, it is labor-friendly due to its feather-level quality when manually adapting the product.
• Blown stretch packaging-
Very similar to cast wrap in the app, but this wrap has A-
Side-to-side cling properties and low-visible features prevent the tray from sticking to the trailer, while increasing security, as onlookers will find it difficult to determine the contents of the package.
Strong load maintenance strength.
UV stretching (UVI)-
This film is perfect for storing products outside, eliminating the damage of sunlight to the item.
• VCI elastic film-
This film is usually used for binding pipes and sheet metal.
This packaging design has some chemicals that do not damage metal items. • Anti-
Static stretch film
Application sensitive, this item is preferred as it eliminates the body shock when packing the tray quickly and manually. • Netting Wrap-
This package is not made of plastic, but is made of a thick string woven material, as it is ideal for integrating items such as wood and produce that need breathing.
• Ventilation tray packaging-
Similar to net packaging, but it is made of plastic and similar in terms of eliminating corruption in the transportation of fruits and vegetables. • Bio-
Biodegradable elastic film
This is an innovative stretch packaging for environmental protection.
Friendly but equipped with a strong load holding capacity.
Stretch Film is an important tool for successful storage, storage and shipment requirements.
There are economic advantages, and many companies are restoring this product.
As a suggestion, always request a sample when purchasing from an online supplier so you can know if it meets your application criteria.
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