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stretch wrap or shrink wrap

by:Top-In     2020-07-26
Most of us. . .
The person who ordered the stretch pack called the shrink pack, who used the product every day.
What is the hope for ordinary users who are not these. . .
If most of our customers who order stretch packaging call it shrink packaging, then these customers are the ones who use the product every day.
What is the hope for those who are not regular users of these products?
So, who cares?
If you need products of one kind or another, you should be concerned about the use of these products by every industrial, commercial or distribution company.
The last thing you need is to order a product that doesn\'t work for your app, especially on these time-sensitive days.
These are two very different products for very different applications.
Let\'s clarify the confusion.
The shrink packaging film is made of polyethylene plastic and the stretch packaging is made of polyethylene plastic.
Shrink packaging is usually used to protect individual products, such as plastic on toys in toy stores or CD on your first purchase.
The shrink package is tightly sealed through the heating process.
Hair dryer packaging and heating for products-
Like a tool, or through a hot tunnel.
Shrink packaging can also be used to tie products together, such as a bottle of soda.
In some cases, shrink packaging is used for stacking, although stretch packaging for this application is not common.
Stretch packaging is usually used to place boxes on pallets for transportation.
The stretch package stretches around the load.
Plastic has memories and wants to go back to its original size.
This \"elastic band effect\" keeps the load tight.
Usually the stretch package has three sizes of 12 Pax, 15 Pax and 18 pax for manual packaging and 20 pax-
60 kWh size for machine applications.
Shrink wrap has most even size between 4-
20 centers and General centers-
That is to fold the film and form two layers.
The product is inserted between two layers and sealed on the remaining three sides, then heat shrink is added.
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