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sunroofs are growing in size and popularity. rules haven’t kept up.

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After 18-year-
Old Lisa Hankins was thrown into the closed skylight of her movement
Her family sued the manufacturer of the truck in the accident, claiming it had not fulfilled its safety responsibility.
Ford, the carmaker, won a lawsuit after pointing out that there was no government rule that needed a skylight.
Even a closed
Let someone stay in the car in the crash
Today, more than ten years later today
Hankins\'s crash, there are still no government regulations to prevent hundreds of sunroof pops from happening every year --
Even as more and more buyers tick for the skylight option, more and more automakers are stretching the size of overhead glass with larger panoramic skylights.
Some automakers have taken steps to make the skylight safer by using laminated safety glass, while the gadgets that are now in use can help limit the injection of the skylight during rotation.
Researchers from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a new test, which may mean that the federal government is laying the groundwork for regulations that regulate sunroof.
\"We know there are casualties,\" said Cathy Chase, president of the advocate for highway and car safety.
\"This is a problem that can be solved.
As the sunroof becomes more popular, consumers are worried that the danger will increase.
According to data from WardsAuto, of the 7 million vehicles sold in the United States for the year and light trucks, about 40%, or 2017, are equipped with skylights, while the 33% vehicles for the year are 2011 trade publications.
Crash data not-to-
But it is still disturbing.
From 1997 to 2008, about 300 people were killed and about 1,400 injured each year, and they were thrown out of the skylight, both open and closed, United NationsH. T. S. A. said in 2011.
In 2016, the agency conducted only a more limited study of the injection of closed skylights: Between 2002 and 2012, approximately 230 people died each year and 500 were injured.
The agency said in a statement that it was \"actively looking into the issue and continuing to analyze information related to the structural integrity of the skylight.
The agency also said it was \"evaluating the factors that reduce passenger ejection \".
\"Federal regulators should update their data and seriously study the skylight standards, said Jason Levin, executive director of the automotive safety center.
\"The increasing number of skylights raises the question that these numbers may become larger and larger . \"Levine said. Ms.
Hankins is one of the people who will change life forever.
When she got the car for the first time, the sunroof she had on her 2000 Ford Expedition was fun, but the novelty disappeared and she usually shut it off --
Just like she crashed on her way to work in yazu City, Miss. , in 2005.
\"I don\'t think I will ever be abandoned,\" she said in a telephone interview . \". Ms.
Hankins had no memory of the crash, but the evidence showed the truck turned over and the glass panel of the skylight popped up and she was thrown into the opening.
\"It put me in a wheelchair and it scarred my face,\" she said.
In a lawsuit against Ford
Hankins\'s lawyers believe that the manufacturer of the car should use laminated safety glass, which is used for windshields and is more secure to fix the panels.
Lawyers say Ford knew about laminated glass decades ago.
Use a plastic film between two layers of glass
Safer but less used
Expensive tempered glass
Automakers admit that tempered glass for side windows is cheaper.
However, it says that severe brain and neck damage can occur when the head hits the laminated glass, and it concludes that the threat to belt passengers is greater than ejection. (
Ford claims,
Hankins did not wear a seat belt-
She denied the suggestion. )The N. H. T. S. A.
Considering the regulation of skylight safety in 2011, when it established rules to prevent rollover
But in the end, I chose not to do so. (
Abide by the side-
Automakers often rely on curtain airbags to cover windows. )
The agency noted that from 1997 to 2008, only 3% of the 10,000 ejection deaths per year involved skylights.
By contrast, 62% through the side window.
The agency\'s decision frustrated security advocates, who said it ignored 2005 of Congress\'s mandate to reduce the risk of being thrown out of vehicles.
At that time, the agency said that it was in compliance with the mandate and that the use of skylight standards was \"unreasonable \".
One of the main obstacles is that it does not measure the safety test of the skylight.
There may be one now.
There were three last year. H. T. S. A.
The researchers announced that they have developed a \"viable performance test\" that uses ram to enhance and measure the strength and anchoring of the laminated glass in the skylight.
David Friedman, a former senior official at the agency responsible for overseeing consumer Union automotive issues, said the test appeared to have been developed under the idea of exploring new regulation.
\"I think it should be on the list,\" he said . \".
Stephen Batzer said that although research has shown that wearing a seat belt greatly reduces the possibility of being thrown out of the skylight completely, part of the jet is still possible in a particularly intense crash, forensic engineering consultant from Michigan and the court
Recognized expert in car crash safety.
If federal regulators decide to explore skylight regulation, it is likely that they will consider the mandatory use of laminated glass. Batzer said.
Some automakers have used laminated glass on the windows.
Volvo is bullish on it.
\"From a safety point of view, the most important aspect of roof lamination is to ensure that passengers stay in the car when they turn over,\" said Volvo spokesman Russell Datz, in an email. And Ford —which in Ms.
Hankins\'s lawsuit warned that laminated glass skylights could be dangerous.
Elizabeth weigent, a spokesman for the company, said that now some of the company\'s skylights use it \"according to engineering requirements.
She declined to elaborate on the model or request. An auto-
Industry suppliers in South Korea will soon offer better security options.
Hyundai Mobis, which supplies parts to automakers including Hyundai and Kia, has developed what it considers to be the first skylight airbag.
Choon Kee Hwang, a spokesman for the company, said the airbag would provide protection even if the skylight was opened.
He said this could happen in a new car in a year or two.
Even if automakers say they are willing to solve the sunroof safety problem themselves, the government should have set standards for a long time, says United Nations chief Joan Clay Brook. H. T. S. A.
From 1977 to 1981, honorary chairman of public citizens.
200 or 300 people die each year, indicating that a \"fatal problem\" should be solved. Claybrook said.
Only a relatively small number of deaths are likely to prompt regulatory action, she said. In 2014 —
210 deaths each year. the N. H. T. S. A.
Car manufacturers are required to manufacture standard equipment for spare cameras on cars and light trucks. Regulators, Ms.
There are just as many reasons to solve the skylight standard, says Clay Brook.
\"It\'s so obvious,\" she said . \"
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