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Super Bonding Digital Thermal Lamination Film 27micron

Product Description:

●Coated with a more aggressive adhesive for a better finish and bond for digital output.

●Allows the user to laminate most hard-to-stick-to digital printing substrates.

●Super bonding will adhere to and enhance most hard-to-stick-to inkjet and digital outputs, including Xerox and Canon prints.

●Super bonding also helps enhance colors of your print as it wets out smoother and clearer.


Product information:

Item: glossy & matte

Thickness: 27μm

Width: 200mm-1500mm

Length: 300m-3000m

Paper Core: 25mm, 58mm, 76mm


Process parameter:

1. Dry and wet laminating machine, with heating function.

2. Temperature: 90~100°C, Special printing: 100~110°C

3. Pressure: 10~18MPA, Speed: 15~50m/min


Packaging & delivery

Port: Shunde/Shenzhen/Guangzhou

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