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Super Sticky Film-for digital printings

Super Sticky Film-for digital printings

Super Sticky Film is especially used in laminating on digital prints which are with thicker ink and much silicone oil. The EVA glue layer is super sticky, and the laminating effect is more than the normal film, especially laminating on the prints with the electrostatic imaging technology digital printers.


Product Info: 

Thickness: 20mic glossy, 17mic matte, 25mic matte

Roll length: 200m-4000m

Roll width: 200mm-1920mm

Paper core: 1 inch, 2.25 inch and 3 inch  



It is suitable for all kinds of digital printers, including Konica, IGEN3, XEROX DC series, HP indigo series, CANON digital printer and KONICA MINOLTA etc.

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