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Supermarket slammed for selling packaged, pre-peeled onions

by:Top-In     2020-07-29
People pre-packaged thesepeeled onions.
Source: British supermarket supplier Lidl due to sales pre-
Protect peeled onions in plastic packaging.
Shoppers criticize budget supermarkets for using packaging \"unnecessary\" when \"preparing to cook naked onions. The two-
Packaging price of peeled vegetables 79 p ($1. 37)—
Compared with 89 p ($1. 54)
Four kinds of unpeeled scallions.
This means it costs 39 for a peeled onion.
5 p, and 22 for normal. 3p —
More than 17 pence wrapped in plastic.
The news came after The Sun reported how shoppers paid 54 cents more for loose fruits and vegetables than for fruit and vegetables packaged in plastic packaging.
Last week, Marks & Spencer was attacked for selling a \"cauliflower steak\" packed in plastic for 2, and Sainsbury\'s for storing plastic-covered coconuts on shelves
Supermarkets in Australia, including Aldi, Coles and Woolworth, have also been criticized for overusing plastic packaging.
Sweet potatoes wrapped in plastic in a supermarket in Australia.
Source: of course, the inventory of other supermarkets is more expensive and ready-made
Onion Ding also packaged in a single package
Use plastic but this is the first time we see
Peel onion
Now, the environment
Conscious customers are disgusted with Lidl\'s merchandise, which is produced by the company\'s brand of fresh fruit and vegetables, Oaklands.
Found this # pointless plastic monster at @ LidlUK this morning? seriously? !
2 Peel the whole onion on the plastic tray wrapped in # plastic film? no @lidl!
Just no, I have no text for this # waste # no plastic picture. twitter.
Com/l64j5ug2stoday for Lidl.
Use plastic packaging stupidly, as well as the actual text.
All of a sudden, those M & S cauliflower steaks don\'t look so silly. . . .
@ LidlUK # plastic # Plasticine pollution # Plasticine channel # bloody picture. twitter.
When I was singing the praises of \"lolluk\" and their wonderful unpacked vegetables, I met this monster --naked Onions ! ! !
Very good protection is removed and plastic protection is added.
Lidl pictures that are not acceptable. twitter.
Naked onion? ? ? ?
How lazy and stupid are people these days?
Consumerism is crazy.
Ps thinks Lidl dare not try to sell these products in France
Unique to the British market
Not only is it a waste, but it\'s worth the money, you can usually get 1 kg bags of onions at @ LidlUK for the same price.
Please do not add to # plastic contamination.
Sun Online has contacted Lidl for comments but they haven\'t responded to us yet.
British environmental agency announced 750 pounds ($1. 3m)
Funds to tackle plastic pollution on Friday.
In Australia, new states are being pushed to ban singles with other states.
Use plastic bags.
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