The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

Suppliers of film substrates have developed a wide range of products in order to meet the shifting needs of their label converting customers.

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The movie is an integral part of a converter\'s arsenal.
With the development of substrates, their properties are attractive: Durable, sturdy and versatile.
Film suppliers in the label industry have been working to meet the needs of converters, whether it is to provide products with better environmental sustainability, performance and printing, of course, more cost-effective.
Cost is clearly a driver, and film pricing is closely related to the pricing of film raw materials ---
Oil and oil-
Market prices may fluctuate.
Here are some vendor statements in terms of pricing :[
Slightly] Illustrations
\"Like many petrochemicals --
The industry that plastic film relies on is also experiencing roller coasters of ups and downs.
In addition, the other costs of raw materials are also increasing, and the profits of the entire supply chain are also increasing.
The price becomes more competitive in the commodity grade (BOPP/glassine)
As more and more suppliers of raw materials enter the market.
One supplier insisted that pricing was not so clear, saying: \"The economic environment is unprecedented.
Oil and oil have driven the cost of inputs, and when prices have risen, we have seen huge price pressures.
But pricing is not just tied to raw materials, and you can\'t come to a conclusion.
There are many factors driving costs.
We have to change the cost curve in order to continue to be competitive, and sometimes you have to do it creatively.
The challenges of today\'s uncertain economic times and the desire for growth make us better and bring better products.
\"The following is a description of the film substrate products from various suppliers, as well as the idea of the film industry professionals for today\'s film market.
Avery Dennison rollci, the main film director of American mentor Avery Dennison Fasson Roll, said the film substrate market has grown and continues to grow, with brands playing a key role in it.
\"The scale of the market continues to expand beyond what we believe is traditional stress-sensitive applications.
In particular, there has been a huge increase in food, beverage and personal care.
We found that those who use our PS movies are successfully developing their brand, which is a very good news for our entire industry.
Obviously, our customers are looking for differentiated products that have been our specialty products for many years.
\"We have also seen the migration to the film, and we are being driven to creatively redesign our adhesives and other laminated parts,\" he said . \".
Renae Kulis, manager of the home and personal care department, said that the boundaries are being pushed forward in terms of the apps that movies are being used.
\"We have seen progress in using stress-sensitive films in the home and personal care markets.
We are considering improving the accuracy of each application specifying the right product to ensure the best performance for each product.
Coolies says Avery Denison\'s advanced Film Center is a great tool to discover new opportunities.
\"We have researchers and scientists constantly looking for products that are suitable for a broad and niche market.
\"This is combined with CPGs and field research at design agencies, and we have been able to create a push and pull system for new stress-sensitive technologies,\" she said . \".
\"We have a broad portfolio to meet the needs of many label challenges,\" Tucci added . \" He noted that the company\'s two more popular film products for label converters are fasswhite)and FasClear (clear)
Olefin film material.
\"These movies are specially made.
Single Channel extrusion
Machine orientation--
This combination offers many benefits for converters and end users, including tight registration, faster pressure performance, reliability and accuracy, low wear cutting, and optimal automatic label assignment.
Matte finishes are designed to be integrated into a variety of substrates almost unconsciously to create the impression of being printed directly into the container, also known as none
He said, \"Look at the label. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Farson Global
Ex NTC & TC is another popular product among the company\'s label customers.
It combines polymer mixing
Machine extrusion
Direction (MDO)andcross-
Consistent with the design direction.
According to Tucci, itsattributes includes the same clarity and printing suitability as polyethylene, better consistency than polypropylene, better printing stability, excellent registration under high-speed printing, higher output due to more materials and labels per roll.
Despite the tough economic situation today, Avery Denison is continuing to innovate, to some extent, despite that, Tuch noted.
He said, \"the challenges of today\'s economic turmoil have forced our organizations to think creatively about how our PS labels continue to be different.
We focus on continuous innovation in our portfolio, and our desire for growth will drive this difference and drive the growth of our entire PS industry.
\"UPM RaflatacKari villanen, director of film business at UPM Raflatac, NC MillsRiver, USA, spoke about the company\'s film business and the latest trends he observed
\"Compared with paper products, film products are still grabbing market share for many reasons.
Market trends are shifting from special structures to standardized products.
In addition, in order to become more green, there is an interest in reducing the quality of the film when it is technically feasible, \"he said, noting areas with special growth.
\"There is also a trend in the food industry to replace wet glue with more PSA labels --
Applicable to improved shelf appeal.
The befrig industry and the health beauty industry are other important areas for the development of film labels.
When it comes to the filmofferings of UPM Raflatac, one of the goals is to make the purchase experience of the label converter easier and easier, says villanen.
\"Raflex Plus Clear TC provides what customers and end users need from filmlabel. It is 2. 2-
The dense ear thick integrated film makes it the lowest integrated film on the market without the need to use the superimposed film.
It can be used in a variety of applications, especially in terms of health and beautyuse area.
This makes it a standardized product, eliminating the need to use several different products in different applications and simplifying the supply chain.
The use of BOPPs is also growing in areas where consistency is not a problem, \"he said. [
Slightly] IllustrationsMulti-
PlasticsCheryl Caudill public relations and graphic marketing manager
Plastic companies at Lewis Center, Ohio, said the film substrate has grown to change the perception of pressure-sensitive products in terms of packaging.
\"As an unsupported film vendor for more than 30 years, we \'ve finally reached the point where label converters can offer more than pressure sensitive labels, labels, or labels.
With the help of film printing machines and other technologies, labelconverters can add flexible packaging to their products.
These sample packages that used to require pressure sensitive labels can now stand out when the entire package is a printed label.
\"This plastic package provides aesthetic appeal to paper labels and, in some cases, proven product performance features by extending the shelf life,\" said Caudill, adding that, this is the biggest focus of future growth in its business label segment.
An important milestone in multiple fields
Last year, Exxon Petrochemical named it a national distributor for polypropylene film products.
\"This arrangement enables small to medium converters to purchase films of the same quality and to respond quickly to future opportunitiesto-
\"Order volume and quick delivery options,\" said Caudill . \".
\"Except for our Mono.
Web flexible packaging products, we introduce paper and film
Faced with laminated bag structure about a month ago. Our film-
As our manufacturers are able to manufacture highly specialized sealing materials without adding additional costs, the finish structure is different from the selected mainstream sealing materials. This co-
\"The extrusion process allows us to introduce diversion sealing technology to the industry, emphasizing that diversion enables customers to use one structure in multiple applications,\" added Caudill . \".
Headquartered in Spencer, Ma City, USA, FLEXconFLEXcon is proud to be able to shoot movies, professional coats, adhesives and pads, and custom products for its customers.
\"We can mix and match from a wide variety of materials, and we have experience using many different products,\" said Michelle Ostiguy, product manager for FLEXcon product identification business team . \".
\"We are an application-driven company and we have it in every market, providing a converter
Stop purchasing materials.
\"Ostiguy said that in terms of FLEXcon\'s product development, performance and cost are always considerations, and in response, the company has launched the VBS program for its product range.
VBS represent \"value, better, highest\" and the product is divided into three categories.
\"The Upreme series is our Cadillac product, and the price of the product in the value range is lower --
\"The cost option,\" she explained.
To meet the needs of customers who want green products while maintaining the high-performance capabilities required for food, beverage and major label applications, FLEXcon redesigned its THINflex PP 160 hc tc-
332 contains a 0. 92-
Mil PETliner of TRACrite 92 said he is Rick Harris, product manager of the product brand business team. The 1. 6-
Mil clear BOPP Film is 20 percent lower than standard 2, he said. 0-
Clear product.
TRACrite 92 also provides a cost reduction of 8 to 24% based on the liner used.
Brian Ayers, new business development manager, discussed a range of options for flexcon and areas of particular concern.
\"Our durable labels and high temperature products have traditionally been strong, but we have a lot of options.
\"Recently, we have been trying to focus on our special niche products, such as high temperature, reflective film, UV-resistant film and special pressure flower film,\" he added . \" DPM (
Durable product mark)
Always our main stay-
Our range of vinyl and polyester films is very popular.
The durable product line is still one of the focus of attention.
\"Together with VBS top product DPM Aply 1000, the selection of DPM product line includes special adhesives that combine well with various surfaces and shapes, including rough textured surfaces, low
Surface energy plastic and powder-coated paint.
DPM products also use lay-
Flat moisture-stable poly-coated release linerForm conversion.
Another product line offered by the company is COMPUcal Excel.
By means of heat transfer, traditional printing methods, and laser shock and ion deposition techniques, it has cross-technical printing suitability.
It has compatibility with traditional inks, has excellent durability, and is resistant to the most demanding chemicals and solvents.
Matteopcoat extends the die and tool life by providing four times dierevolutions than the traditional matte top before re-machining-
The company said it held shares. [
Slightly] Illustrations
FLEXcon also recently launched two new Polypropylene films for its DigiPRO Prime product line. The 2-
The Mil coating is hard and clear and the2. 3-
V-featuring FLEXcon\'s Mil topcoated hard white film
882 high performance permanent acrylic adhesive and natural Kraft debiting.
Like other products from DigiPROPRIME movies, this VBS value product is designed for narrow web HP Indigo printing machines, andover-Home/chemical for prime label applications in markets such as health and beautythe-
Drug counter.
Austi guy said that in view of the current recession, FLEXcon had a pre-slit products.
\"In addition, the printing machine is being designed for short-term operation,
\"The finished product is very suitable for these products,\" she said . \"\"The pre-
Slit offering allows you to reduce warehouse inventory and save costs if you need more than just the wholeweb widths.
In addition, the use of pre-
Slit program can reduce shipping-
The time when the order was placed before two o\'clock P. M. EST and the next working day after two o\'clock P. M. est.
The show really caused a stir.
\"ArjobexArjobex, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, produces synthetic paper series Polyart for packaging, labeling and other markets.
High Polyart
Density Polyethylene film with matte clay coating on both sides.
David Manny, sales manager, North American conversion and flexo, said Arjobex has increased its focus on portfolio diversity.
\"We see more diversity in our products.
In the past few years, customers will buy specific products and make them suitable for their applications.
\"Today, we pay more attention to the needs of our customers and provide a wider range of services to meet their specific applications,\" he said . \".
Most PS-level Arjobex customers want to focus on C1S and/or C2S products, says Manny.
Thickness is also more and more widely used.
In the past few years
Mil product is the only option available for our PS customers but now we are selling 3-mil up to 13. 5.
\"The main feature of any plastic PS or label substrate is performance.
The customer asks the material to do something specific and is willing to pay for it.
Polyart is made for advanced graphics in harsh environments, and using it will ensure that the printer is able to achieve the best graphics on a substrate that will withstand any environment in which the end user places the product, he said.
Digital printing and sustainability are the evolving trends in the label industry, and the development of Polyart reflects this.
\"With the development and improvement of printing technology, we are updating the Polyartfor used in as many new technologies as possible.
HP Indigo, solvent inkjet and UV-cured inkjet are emerging technologies that Polyart often uses.
We have also seen the emergence of more eco-friendly printing engines that can be printed with less heat.
\"This allows ingpolyart to run on applications that have been subject to higher calorie technology restrictions,\" Manny said . \".
Ritramachristoher Paskey, ritramachristoher, VP Roll Label division, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, said that ordinary and dedicated film substrates for PS label structures are still very much needed.
\"The Aspackaging design has become more complex and creative in order to attract the attention of consumers, and the film has been used more, using these features to make it a versatile facestock--
Clarify about theno-
Label appearance, film color options, strength and durability for handling unique dimensions, etc.
\"In addition to decorative labels produced on films for consumer goods packaging applications such as Beverages and Cosmetics, the film is also good at safety labeling and durable labeling applications,\" Paskey said . \".
Because there are a lot of different types of movies to choose from right now, designers and label printers have to be careful to make sure that the right film is selected to meet the requirements of the final use application, Paskey added.
\"Working with film-savvy supplier partners is more important than ever, so choosing the right product at the beginning reduces the time and money associated with product design and development, he said.
Ritrama has its own branded production line specifically designed for extrusion packaging applications such as tubes and bottles.
\"Our ClearFlex and WhiteFlex products are the best solution for tube labels, especially for applications that require edge banding,\" Paskey said . \" He added that the film substrate is more than polypropylene
\"With polypropylene getting the most attention in the film label World, polyethylene tends to get lost in the mixture, however, polyethylene film also provides a good set of performance balances, works well for many flexible applications and should be considered.
\"Paskey emphasizes the importance of building a healthy, strong relationship with suppliers and customers.
\"We are constantly developing and perfecting our products to meet the needs of the market,\" he said.
We have a good relationship with our film suppliers, so we can work together to bring solutions to market where needed.
Our international presence also helps us find a solution on a global scale, if it is not readily available at home.
More importantly, we have a mindset for custom product development, so we are able to work quickly and effectively with our customers to find unique films and match them with application requirements.
AcpoKevin Foos, vice president of sales and marketing, Acpo Ltd.
Oakland port, Ohio, said the film market is growing twice as fast as the label market overall, and brands are playing an important role.
\"The main growth market for movies is food and drinks.
These markets see stress-sensitive labels as a way to \"premiere\" brands, specifically clear.
In addition, in food and beefagesegment, you continue to spread SKUs in brands that are consistent with pressure sensitive labels.
Finally, as brands of their own brands continue to enter the market share of famous brands, they are looking for brand upgrades ---
\"They do it with movies,\" he said . \".
Another trend pointed out by Fox is from lineredover-
Laminated self
Here, the converter can save costs and reduce waste.
\"The converters find that they can get the same performance and aesthetics from a self
No cost and waste of liner.
Also, thanks to their ability to heat transfer printon some professional self-
Winding layer level;
They have been able to replace many UL-certified products.
In addition, we have achieved digital growth in the use of extended content tags, which in many cases requires a self
Wrap the laminate, press and hold and secure the brochure label.
\"Kim Jong seller, national internal sales and marketing manager, saysAcpo self-
Winding polyester laminate fills a special field in the market.
\"Our 600 T, for example, is a thermal transfer PETproduct that provides customers with the benefits of thermal transfer on laminate, with cost savings advantage over using alinered materialsOur UL-
Recognized PET item, 692, certified as required in the label structure, our 691 v pet ultra-multi-layer contains UV shielding inhibitors, extending abels exposed to UV
\"For our polypropylene products, we offer several transparent finished products with different film and adhesive thickness for general purpose and special applications.
Our thicker selveswound over-
Laminate: 505C, 505E and 505F are popular in the pharmaceutical and industrial markets for expanding content labels.
We provide matte self
Winding with a dull surface conducive to barcode scanning;
It provides a soft covering capability
The feeling of the touch, \"said desseller. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Acpo also produces 5050B, from
Winding polypropylene commonly used for high-speed labeling applications or for identification.
It has an optical brightener for lighting, which allows the label to shine when exposed to black light.
Klockner Pentaplast, shrink film business manager for Klockner Pentaplast, VA Gordonsville, USA, talked about the success of the company\'s hadwith label shrink film products, especially the pentapr a high
Shrink polyester film with various shrinkage properties
Body shrink labels, especially containers with high profiles.
Due to the multiple shrinkage properties, the E749/22 film can be used more widely than other polyester shrink films, says Mullenlabelfilms.
\"The design shrinkage of these films can be 75%, which is ideal for containers with high profile.
\"The high-performance surface properties of the film further improve print suitability and allow the use of countless graphic schemes,\" he said . \". \"E749/22 contraction-
\"The Label film was developed to meet the customer\'s requirements for films that shrink evenly and provide superior graphics,\" Label films said . \".
\"In addition to our existing vinyl and polyester shrinkage --
Label films, we continue to offer our customers the widest range of choices and the most cost-effective innovations
Effective solutions within the industry.
\"These movies are really revolutionary to some extent, and they allow us to grow dramatically.
Less wrinkles, more uniform.
This is a great place.
Tablet movies and printers are very popular.
Shrinkis is no longer a niche in the industry, and it is now mainstream.
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