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u.s. plastic film demand forecast to grow.

by:Top-In     2020-01-16
US demand for plastic film is expected to increase by 2.
According to a study from leveland, 6% per year by 2010
Headquartered in the market research company of The Fredonia group.
Low density polyethylene will remain the largest plastic film material based on its competitive cost structure, versatility and opportunities in areas such as production and snack packaging, stretch and shrink packaging, and garbage bags.
Given the good growth in areas such as baked goods packaging and retail bags, the growth of high density polyethylene films is expected to be slightly faster.
According to the study, the demand for polypropylene film will grow fastest at 3.
Driven by agricultural products, grain mills, dairy products and other food packaging applications, the annual growth rate was 4% per cent by 2010.
Freedbauesearch also predicts that due to the reduction in the use of this material in photographic film and tape, the Demand for polyester film will drop to 20 years.
According to this study, packaging accounted for 73% of all plastic film usage in 2005.
Based on the opportunities for stretch and shrink packaging and retail packaging, secondary packaging applications are expected to grow best.
According to the Freedonia Group, driven by the continued expansion in the field of agricultural products, sweets and frozen foods, food packaging will grow at a rate above average.
The growth of garbage bags will drive the progress of non-packaging filling and will be limited by the decline in photographic film and magnetic velvet film applications.
According to Freedonia\'s research, while maintaining a competitive cost position, the research work will focus on improving the strength, obstacles and graphic capabilities of the film.
The complete \"plastic film\" study can be purchased on www through Freedonia Group. freedoniagroup. com.
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