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u.s. to iran: we are staying

by:Top-In     2020-02-19
S. Defense Ministry warned Iran that,S.
The rebuttal of \"We will not go anywhere\" should be taken away from the Persian Gulf.
Pentagon spokesman George littlele made the statement a while ago.
New display of Iranian force)
Pentagon spokesman George litter\'s statement: \"US deploymentS.
Military assets in the Persian Gulf region will continue to grow as they have in the past few decades.
These are actions scheduled on a regular basis based on our long-term commitment to security and stability in the region and support for ongoing operations.
These aircraft carrier battle group deployments are necessary to maintain continuity and operational support for ongoing US missionsS.
Central Command area. The U. S.
The Navy operates under the International Maritime Convention and remains highly vigilant to ensure the continuous and safe flow of maritime traffic on waterways critical to global commerce.
Our transit through the Strait of Hormuz continues to be in line with international law, which guarantees the transit right of passage for our vessels.
We are committed to protecting the freedom of the sea as the foundation of global prosperity;
This is one of the main reasons why our army is fighting in the region.
\"I read your blog.
I feel that a friendly discussion between the two sides on these issues will solve all the problems.
War is not a solution to any problem.
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For the Republic! ! gay-
God is willing that the world will no longer be affected by the United States and Europe in the next 20 years.
So in order to achieve this, I am advocating a bill at the United Nations that will guarantee a total war between the Western world and the world.
The Middle East is aligned with Africa-let the blood spill so I can fill my golden cup and then when I listen to Backstreet Boys, its ass when Bieber gives it to me.
I never understood how people would say that talking to someone alone would make you look weak?
I think it is a sign of weakness to be unwilling to speak.
If you have confidence in your strategy, tactics and who you are, then who cares what the other person thinks?
In any case, you can\'t control his or her behavior.
He or she had to want to talk for his own reasons.
As far as Iran is concerned, we have a real \"gun\" if the \"negotiation\" is not successful, so I can\'t see the problem.
America is like sex. . . . .
Someone must be on it. . . . sorry Iran.
Go to America! !
I think the Iranian government needs a bit of reform and
A pre-emptive strike against the Iranian navy would be well worth seeing.
In any case, they are trying to fight, and the United States will need revenge soon.
When they treated British military personnel as prisoners a few years ago, our Brits were too weak for them and we allowed Iran to get away with it.
I fully support and condone any action by the United States to harass the Iranian navy in the Strait of Hormuz. They (
Iranian government)
Believe they can win the war! ! !
Their current behaviour is a blatant abuse of international law in international waters, and they are allowed to escape punishment.
How long will the United States tolerate such behavior? ?
I hope not too long. Zorpie. . . . . .
We stand with the British and the world should end these poor Islamic Republic. . .
Without these extreme governments, it would be nice for Russia to put aside the cheque book and consider future business.
When it comes to Iran, we are all between rocks and hard places. . . .
We will see their position once the explosion begins.
If you stand in the middle of a country and accept your protection, we all seem to want to talk about shit.
What happened to that Ghadafi guy later?
I fully agree with you 100% that what your advocate of \"pre-emptive\" needs to consider is 2000 widely distributed medium-range ballistic missiles (IRBM\'s)
Iran has deployed.
These weapons are equipped with a newly upgraded boot system that provides higher accuracy for its 1000lb high explosive warhead.
At least half of them are targeting vulnerable oil facilities in the Middle East.
If an Israeli or US attack, the Iranian military will fire immediately.
Even with our best anti-missile system, there are hundreds of systems to go through.
Oil prices will soar above $300 a barrel in the United States (
Not European)
Business and the economy will collapse.
If it weren\'t for a few years, the oil facility would take months to rebuild, but by then the world might have done a good job of a comprehensive nuclear war in order to compete for the oil still available.
So, please think about the consequences before you start beating drums and drums.
The United States will protect the Channel, and if the Iranians shoot at our ships, they will be blown very clearly in the Stone Age. . . .
This is what many of their madmen aspire.
Your Rights, which will end in seconds to minutes, Iran does not know what technological breakthroughs the United States has made in the past few years.
The only problem is. . . . .
In Iran, most people are good people and hate the controllers there, and we have to protect them at all costs.
People don\'t realize that our problem is not the Iranian people, but the government.
Why do you think Israel and the United States are not just for military options.
I really believe that we love the Iranian people and I believe in them and their traditions, but their rulers are the problem.
My only hope is that any targeted action can reduce innocent casualties.
Iran can solve it! ! !
The United States is seeking to invade Iran on the grounds of stealing oil.
Just as they invaded Iraq for oil and accused them of carrying nuclear weapons.
But now we know that this is just a false US propaganda of oil.
The United States has now turned Iraq into a killing ground, leaving Iraq.
On the nuclear issue, the United States did not point any country to Wright, because they were the only mob who used nuclear weapons against humans during World War II, and the mob of many chemical reagents in Vietnam.
Not only the killing of the American War and the resulting collateral damage (by Drones etc)
It\'s much more amazing than any other crime in the world.
Their technology is not only widely used to create trouble, bleed and disrupt the stability of the world.
Iran did not even send their fishing boats to the backyard of the United States.
So the United States should stay away from sanctions and Iran will allow free flow of traffic in the Strait of Hormuz so that we can prevent unnecessary war.
Because oil prices will soar, it will affect everyone in the world. (
I don\'t know if my comments will be reviewed here)
In fact, if Iran closes the strait, it will only do harm to them and China.
There are other countries in Asia, but most of the oil passing through the Strait does not flow to the United States or the European Union.
So it may soar a little and then stabilize.
The use of nuclear weapons in World War II was a difficult decision, but it ended the war and saved more lives than ever before.
I\'m not saying it\'s a great thing, but it\'s a history of the past.
In terms of collateral damage, the drone strikes and other types of weapons used today are very accurate.
Sometimes others get hurt, but given the working environment, like the mix of terrorists and civilians, I would say they did a good job!
The history of World War II shows that bombers from the United States and allied forces will destroy the entire city.
They destroyed many of Europe\'s historic old buildings and caused heavy civilian casualties.
At that time, it was the best technology anyone had.
Now we can target a car or a room in a particular building and you complain about the collateral damage!
In terms of stealing oil and US propaganda.
Israel\'s sinbert and Sade told the United States that Saddam Hussein transferred his chemical and biological warfare inventory and development equipment to Syria about three months before the US invasion of Syria.
Because the government has spent a lot of time and energy fighting for public support, it has been suppressed in the media.
I\'m glad he and his regime were disbanded, but we also learned that.
Libya is an example.
We take advantage of the Arab Spring and the internal uprising.
No troops were needed on the ground, and the United Nations, NATO and the United States were involved in helping the uprising.
What you want to see is not just us who are evil.
You seem to know your politics well, Daniel.
Do you agree with what Israel says our government should do every day?
Hi Ray, answer your question
Israel has its own agenda, just as the United States has its own.
Of course, Israel is a strategic gateway to the Middle East, just like Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.
Since the founding of Israel in 1947, the United States and Israel have maintained close relations.
They don\'t always agree.
I have lived in Israel for several years, where I met with various heads of state.
I can say that they don\'t really think about deciding what the United States is doing.
Internally, they have enough time to keep them busy.
If the United States has policies or actions that directly affect Israel, then they are more critical and outspoken about it.
The Israeli intelligence service is also important.
I\'m not talking about drones or images, but HUMINT.
The United States fought an intelligence war with one arm tied behind it.
There is no such restriction in Israel.
We can get information from Israel when we need it.
It\'s not free though. . .
You must be joking.
We were attacked in World War II, so we attacked the enemy with a bomb.
What do you want us to do?
Send a bunch of bombs
Waving camels to Japan?
Better yet, how about doing what the Taliban do?
We can tie bombs to children and women and let them walk into the city.
Don\'t talk about nuclear weapons from your mount.
The blood of your compatriots is going to drown.
As I appreciate the article, learn how to spell and use the correct grammar before posting online.
I will ignore them for the time being and try to talk further. . .
More people were killed in religious names than any atomic bomb.
Not only Christians but also Muslims.
The person who tagged them with mobs is the one who failed.
\"Oh, they\'re bigger than us and have better technology, based on the economy of things other than fossil fuels,\" they must be bad.
You forget that Iran and all other governments profit from the oil trade because they are not operating in the free market.
The United States protects its security interests by not giving in.
So are Iraq and Afghanistan.
S. Won\'t steal oil unless I miss something, and U. S. Companies are not the owners of Iraqi oil wells either.
It\'s a cool concept-to invade a country and steal all the oil, but you forget the logistics of shipping and a little thing called the global market.
If so, the United States will not allow Iran\'s leadership to disrupt global oil supplies to protect global markets.
Would you feel better if Israel patrolled instead of the US?
Iran has every right to block its sovereign waters, but it has no right to block the international side of the strait in order to undermine it.
Don\'t miss it, don\'t collect your oil barrels as a political fiasco staged by Tehran\'s swan diving and people seeking attention.
This is probably one of the most thoughtful and authentic responses I have heard in this regard.
The great post, but only one thing, the Hormuz Straight Road is considered an international waterway.
Under the laws of the Navy, they can\'t close it, just as the United States can\'t close the Gulf of Mexico.
@ Kevin you are right
Although technically the Strait of Hormuz falls within a country\'s 12-mile international waterse.
It is located in Iran and the United Arab Emirates and is considered an international strait.
Therefore, according to the maritime law, it is only illegal to detain or harass ships passing through the Strait.
If a ship has been wandering through the Strait for a long time, it can be approached by a naval vessel for investigation, but if it takes power and crosses the strait, it needs to stay alone.
The real truth is that Iran is run by crazy 12 people who want their precious 12 Iman or Mahdi to come back so badly that they are willing to cause as much trouble as they can, create the right conditions for his return (i. e.
Moments of confusion, etc. ).
This involves a dirty deal with a mob like Chavez, seeking nuclear weapons to attack Israel (
Their \"Little Satan\", the long-term goal is to deal with their \"big Satan\", USA).
While they claim \"no attack on anyone\", they have been providing weapons and training to terrorists throughout the Middle East and beyond while seeking to become a superpower with global influence.
Interestingly, Shi\'ite\'s own description of their beloved Mahdi is almost exactly the same as the biblical description of anti-Christ.
It is no wonder that their main target at the moment is the Jews, the people selected in the Old Testament Bible. . . .
You\'re crazy. It must have been iranShut. . .
Gas prices were still bad during the war in Iraq and continued to be hired. . .
You hippies really need to stop using old and overused oil excuses. . .
Iran wants to block the channel with a lot of oil going in and out, so yes, we will defend what Iran is trying to stop, and if Iran does something incredible and throws the first stone, they will fall down and their leaders will run away and hide like little girls. . .
If we had not used nuclear weapons in World War II, we would all now speak Japanese or German.
Before you light the tangent, understand what you are talking about.
Also, where is Iraq\'s oil?
There was a lot of information about weapons of mass destruction at that time, and Iraq has been threatening us.
It doesn\'t take a long time to launch a missile, not to mention that they have a few years to do it, because we are working on this with an IAEA inspection, the Iraqi government was not allowed to do so almost two years before the missile was transferred.
Know your facts before you tell the truth.
Your truth is the garbage of others! ! !
You\'re talking about oil.
I don\'t know we got a bucket of oil from Iraq.
After the fall of Germany, we actually dealt with Japan with nuclear weapons, and we won Japan.
Even the US government generally believes that the use of unconventional weapons in Japan is incorrect and immoral.
This is not even the subject of debate unless we use false information (i. e.
We would have lost the war without it, or it would have helped defeat Germany).
The only thing Hiroshima and Nagasaki have done is to verify the real world strategic use of the fission device in real war conditions (
Hostile airspace, explosions in crowded urban environments, etc. )
On Iran, it is in the interests of the United States (
And the interests of several other countries)
It remains in areas where most of the oil passes.
It is in Iran\'s interest to prevent confrontation with the United States or Israel.
Iran\'s blockade of the strait is not naive enough, and the United States is not naive enough.
Strike Iran first (
As suggested by others)
It further undermines its reputation for launching illegal, unprovoked wars.
Broader questions about Iran\'s development of its nuclear capabilities.
I doubt very much because their uranium enrichment level is so low that they can only really use it for medical and energy purposes (
Nuclear power plants need 5% enrichment, some medical applications need about 25% enrichment, fission bombs need at least 80% enrichment, Iran\'s most enriched uranium is 20%).
We have a lot of time to see if Iran is hovering around weapons. grade material.
Even if they did develop nuclear weapons
If Israel or the United States does not stop this)
When the United States, Israel and the rest of the world will undoubtedly support retaliation against them, what is the benefit of bombing Israel for Iran? Will inevitably lead to their complete destruction?
Its sole purpose is to prevent Israeli or American attacks against them.
In addition, \"dirty\" bombs are not even an option, the ability of dirty bombs to cause damage is very limited, and more of a tool for mass hysteria.
Moreover, we all need to understand that we have not been given the truth.
I remember there were several American officials and analysts in 2008.
Known as an \"expert\", it claims that if Iran is not challenged, they can develop a bomb within a year.
It\'s been 4 years since then, they have no bombs.
We also do not have solid evidence that nuclear enrichment is high, and if we do, we will go further along the path of war.
Only in the absence of evidence (à la Iraq)
We will spend so much time playing drums and getting support (
We saw comments on any article related to Iran on CNN and did a good job)
Instead of mobilizing quickly against almost
Iran has nuclear weapons when there is clear evidence that they will have weapons and will use them to attack Israel.
But hey, what do I know, why not throw trillions of dollars into another unprovoked illegal war, and we don\'t have a budget to do that, right?
When it comes to public support, it is impossible for the American proletariat to be as predicted by Orwell and hehux Li (
Think about \"East Asia\" and \"Eurasia \")
Digest all the nonsense we have been instilled in, because as Americans, we are stuck in the mindset of receiving information from health --
Dress politicians up as concrete facts and shrug and say \"things are them\" and actually we should think \"what if things aren\'t what they look like ? \"? \".
That\'s just my 2 cents.
This roar is much farther than I planned.
Also MarkPB, I think you should see the picture of Donald Ramsey shaking hands with Saddam Hussein decades ago.
We basically gave them the green light for their weapons of mass destruction program to use them against Iran.
Iraq is not a serious threat to us at all times, and when you see the death numbers, most of them are civilians in the second war in the Persian Gulf.
This further proves the relationship between Orwell\'s proles and the American people (that\'s us).
There is no good reason why we have aligned with Iraq.
Not because of regime change, not because of a change in their position with the United States, etc. )
We decided that they were no longer our friends and that the American people were no longer.
PGW2 is the biggest psychological surgery in the world, we are just trying to break the record in the United StatesIran conflict.
I really don\'t care what excuse the US uses to wipe out the Iranian navy and air force, just do it!
You\'re such an idiot, Sir!
A favor for all of us, on the ships that opened fire on the American fleet across the strait.
Treat yourself as our enemy and you will be destroyed. (
This is the only kind of political dialogue that seems to be able to deal with an abusive and repressive regime like you).
America has the best and the best.
We have the most powerful army in the world. . .
We have the largest economy in the world and will continue to be a world power.
You guys hate America. . . get over it! . . .
Your obsession with us is creepy!
I think the United States is the best country in the world. All oil propaganda is a complete lie. Before you comment on these questions, what did he say to his own people? To be correct, I live in Iran and I don\'t understand what my American brothers have said about this. . .
Before the revolution, we were allies and the Iranian army was the fifth largest in the world, but what my government did was not what my people did. . .
Our government only serves our country. . .
Don\'t forget we are allies. . .
Please search for the last king of Iran: \"Mohammed Reza balevi\" and don\'t forget that we are friends. . .
Don\'t forget, my people love Persian land. . .
Because of people like Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia, the Middle East is still enslaved by foreigners.
In general, no one has any complaints about the Iranian people, and Persian culture is one of the best.
For decades, however, successive Iranian leaders have been stubborn and unintelligent enough to confront a considerable number of countries in the Middle East. Sayan. What ?
Iran has never attacked any country like the rest of the world.
What the United States does in the Middle East, as the British did in India before 200, is to divide and conquer, install puppets, and steal resources (Oil)and money (
Sale of junk weapons).
I don\'t think there is any problem with the Iranian people in general.
This is the government and its policy and position on Western countries and Israel.
Their provocative actions against the United Nations and the IAEA\'s request to stop enrichment projects and their secret ways of continuing to operate their nuclear programs.
Not long ago, the Iranian people openly opposed the government and many people were killed or put in prison.
The problem is the Iranian government.
If they are open to their own nuclear technology and ask the IAEA to provide assistance and guidance in a fully transparent manner, no one will have problems.
They continue to use threatening language, and statements from government officials undermine stability in the region, or at least annoy neighbors.
There is no religious extremism or dictatorship in the government.
The uprising in Libya, Egypt and Syria is an example.
If Iran continues to take military action within the Strait, or at some point, its nuclear program will make a difference.
Unfortunately, there is nothing the Iranian people can do about it, or they are imprisoned or killed for speaking out an alternative.
What we see around the Middle East is basically an internal issue for Muslims.
In the 14 th century, the faith-driven government was in trouble and could not realize its own modernization.
After the 9/11 attacks, there was a heated discussion on the issue of Muslims.
It is led by Muslim journalists and scholars from all over the Middle East.
What we are now seeing in these countries is an internal uprising from their own people who want to enter the 20 th century of change and they will get there.
This will not happen overnight, and there will be resistance.
As we can see now, take Al Quida\'s entry into Libya as an example.
I think the determination of the people will be a victory in the long run.
As the economy and society change, over time they will reject extremism and live a better life for themselves and their families.
I remember Egypt closed the Suez Canal 50 years ago.
The Suez Canal runs on Egyptian land.
Strait of helmoz (
Half the width navigable part)
Under the jurisdiction of Iran
Just like Cuba/The United States, Cuba has a certain distance from the sea and the United States has a certain distance from the sea.
Why can\'t Iran shrink by half?
Are you so combative that only warships and guns can be a logical solution?
You should be very upset that your President Hoover allegedly sold the US finances to wealthy banks.
He really gave them the key to the Treasury and said let the kids manage it.
Now every American thinks the Fed is money in a bank owned by the federal government. Wrong. . . . .
Owned by a handful of wealthy banks, they take away the money you yourself grew from that time and lend it to you at interest.
There was great interest during the war, and there was no interest in peacetime.
This is what you should think of when you enter \"nuclear weapons\", haha, Allah is evil, radical Muslims should be eliminated and so on.
Don\'t you have any militants/cheats in the US?
Your reply to this article is a liar from territorial waters to the United States. Nice focus. The U. S.
The Navy has full authority to use these waterways.
Iran only owns this part of the land from both sides, leaving two miles of international waters for international transport.
These waters are protected for a reason and cannot be disturbed.
I just wanted to throw it out.
The Official Channel of the Strait of Hormuz passes through Iranian and Oman territory under 12 nautical miles of territorial sea restrictions.
If there is an island and starts with the outermost one, these restrictions will expand. However! ! !
According to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
Both military and civilian vessels have the right to pass through without hindrance.
In this case, it is a tight passage into the territorial sea in the inevitable.
The Iranian Navy has full authority to patrol and remain tense, but they do not have the right to board or to stop ships not wandering in the area from passing through.
This will be considered an act of aggression.
In terms of closing the Suez Canal, it is a closed waterway owned and operated by Egypt.
Similar to the Panama Canal.
By closing the canal, they do not need to take any military action at all and do not allow any ships to enter the canal.
It hurt them, by the way, and the boats also spent a lot of money crossing the canal.
Of course, they stopped earning as well, but their view is correct.
The strait is not a closed waterway and still falls within the scope of international law.
For a full history, go here: Get a life and you don\'t even have a place to post your comments if it\'s not us.
This in itself makes us better than Iran.
From Canada: good for America, good for this theological tyrant and dictator.
Iran will never have the right to say where and when American troops will act.
Their pursuit of nuclear weapons is contrary to any claim to seek a nuclear energy option.
Young man, your country will soon be a part of the United States!
Your prime minister acts like a Republican who tries to emulate George Bush in his words and deeds. He has proposed a punishment system like Arizona\'s three strikes, and your police car has been changed to black and white, like the people at the Hodges boss use, the Americans have your flight list, what reason are they, they have all your insurance information, they have all your credit card information, conservative governments are being pushed in the direction of a continent and a country. . . . .
The railway from Yukon to Panama is controlled by the Yankees.
Iran has the right to develop its nuclear capabilities.
There are bombs in France, Britain and the United States. . .
It was the American bomber Enola Gay who blew up thousands of sleeping Japanese, not one but twice.
Elizabeth was found in Utah after being kidnapped that night, and she was on a talk show celebrating the return and life of a white girl
On the same night, the Yankees bombed thousands of Iraqi children.
I personally trust the Iranians more than the Yankees.
For all those who support the Iranian government, you are as sad as they are.
I am an American and I am proud of it.
I may not agree with what my government 100% has done, but at least I don\'t have to worry about being arrested by my government for making statements.
As far as the Iranian government and military are concerned, they are equally sad.
Most of Iran\'s military forces are rubbish.
Old military American hardware left over from the Shah regime or garbage from the United NationsKorea).
I \'ve seen some of their latest technologies, including their new drone missiles (
Looks like something during World War II. . . .
I call it green Weenie)
Their invisible one. man air-boats (
There is only one boat with propeller and black paint. . . . Give me a break).
Our own defense minister, Paneta, said Iranians cannot cross two \"red lines \". 1)
Iran does not intend to develop nuclear weapons.
Iran will not close the Strait of Hormuz.
If they do, then it will be a game against us and they will relax in a very big way.
Why are some idiots when a topic like this is debated (
Usually those who support the militants)
It is always the fact that the United States is the only country that uses nuclear devices against another country.
Do some historical research before you talk about it.
The Japanese army is ruthless and must be stopped.
If we invade Japan, more civilians will die.
1,000,000) above.
Some people wrote that we bombed those cities when people were sleeping.
Again, get to know your history before you talk.
These are day bombing missions.
The other person wrote that we retreated when Russia invaded Georgia.
So, I think you want a real nuclear war?
Appropriate response from non-knowing idiot. BTW. . . .
Back in the Cuban war. crisis?
Who is the former Soviet Union.
Yes, we were defeated in Vietnam.
Just because our politicians started the war.
If our general is allowed to run it, we will handle the business in the right way (
Learn about your enemies, find your enemies, kill your enemies).
The United States left Iraq by itself, not the tail between its legs.
If necessary, we are ready to stay in Iraq for a few more years.
Afghanistan now. . . . .
We\'re still killing Taliban towels there.
Have a head every day.
Yes, we and our allies are still losing our own strength in that place that was abandoned by God, but will end up with militants on sh!
The end of the stick.
So back to Iran and its supporters.
You better know that we, America, we do what is necessary to protect ourselves, our allies, and the free world from your tyranny. Count on it.
The ugly Swines of the United States will not keep what they said to the South Vietnamese, Lebanese, Iraqis, \"we stay here,\" the Afghans, but as soon as these cowardly Christians saw defeat, they fled Vietnam, lebenon, Iraq, and put their allies in trouble & now these fanatical Christians are trying to escape from Afghanistan, how a pity they were defeated from the back door, the American Coward Christian Crusaders should have drowned themselvesHAHAHAHAH. Nice try, Pig-fat-eater ! ! !
Allah wears tutu and Muhammad swallow fever-dogs. now now now. . . .
Let\'s do it well. . . . . .
Allah is wearing a thong and pasties, and Muhammad is sitting behind in a leather hat and vest. . . . . . . . .
Hahaha, OK, just let me have the visual effect of vurp! ! ! !
You mean God is wearing a picture.
I don\'t know what Tutu is, but I don\'t think you realize that Allah is a direct translation of the word God, Allah is no different from God, he is also different from God\'s name Deus (latin)
Not the God called Dios. spanish)
Or God called Dieu. french)
Or God\'s name is Yava (
I think this is Hebrew).
However, this God with many names (languages)
The country he faces will not change.
I am a Christian and I believe that if I am in the church, I say Allah, I speak to the same God.
The only different god is the God who lives in the south of the United States. In his anger, he destroyed the economy of the whole earth with a wave of his wand.
Allah and Mohammed are opponents of the Great Uncle Sam.
I don\'t think you understand that sentence.
The Fifth Fleet is based in Bahrain and has been there for many years.
There is only one stone from the Strait of Hormuz.
This is their comment.
We will continue to carry out normal operations outside Bahrain and will continue to enter and exit the Strait of Hormuz normally and without hindrance.
This is not bullying Iran or anyone, but continuing to do what they have been doing in the region.
It would be another thing if the United States sent or battle groups to the region, but they didn\'t, and to be honest, they didn\'t.
Any aggression by Iran will act quickly, whether directly against the US Navy or any non-military vessel in trouble.
This is international law. Just like Somali pirates, the Iranian navy will be properly handled.
You must be a fucking idiot.
We can kick Iran out without any effort.
I don\'t care what those racist mobs claim they can do or what they threaten to destroy. At the end of the day, the only thing the Iranian military can do and achieve any success is to slander its own civilians, so they will not start thinking for themselves about getting rid of those crazy militant racist leaders, and have some real exchanges with the rest of the world who want to help Iran build a prosperous democracy and pass the torch of freedom to the rest of the Middle East. The U. S.
Never evaded a battle, never evaded a battle, and if it meant protecting the world from tyrants who thought they could rule the world, they would be afraid of force.
I would also like to point out that the United States is a country other than all religions where many Muslims, Jews and Christians fight side by side to protect a country that they all love and share.
We are not doing the Christian Crusades, we are trying to protect ourselves from cowards who hide bombs in their kids\' underwear and fly planes into buildings, because they can\'t keep their ass alone.
See if you still have a soul.
After the United States fled Vietnam with a machete, it ate it once a week from a rice bowl in northern Vietnam.
I remember very well. .
How did they disappear from the scene with a helicopter and only saved their puppet from the roof --tops. . .
They are disappearing from failures in Iraq and Afghanistan.
It is said that they helped to win the war against the enemy, and they have left every country and made a mess.
Iran will survive and have the right to carry weapons.
American cowboys carry weapons, Americans are allowed to carry weapons, Britain, Israel, France, India, Pakistan and Arai are allowed to have nuclear capabilities and why Iran is not allowed. . .
Who is the god of this world?
Of course I don\'t believe this is American.
The fight between the United States and Iran is like some adults beating children in neighboring countries.
Allah hates the Middle East.
Now, please take a suicide bombing in a field far from everything.
You mean God hates the Middle East.
Allah is the translation of the word God.
In the Bible and Sunday school, all are taught that \"God is Love\", \"God loves everyone\", perhaps the Bible waving South K. . .
No Spies at your door to correct you.
Or you might think the Bible calls America the promised land.
That\'s why you asked for oil from the Middle East.
These cowards just bully weak people and use them to just pee their pants when countries like Russia or China face them.
When Russia attacked Georgia a few years ago, they did not even save their ally, Georgia.
America has the best and the best.
We have the most powerful army in the world. . .
We have the largest economy in the world and will continue to be a world power.
You guys hate America. . . get over it! . . .
Your obsession with us is creepy!
In fact, we have not given up helping your country.
How do you help a country or destroy yourself from within and blame it on those who help them.
During my time overseas, I realized that if we played as a leader, your country would have collapsed.
In the name of religion, we don\'t have it in any country, so your argument is sad. . .
Please stop using the 14th-century crusader nonsense.
It became very old.
If I remember correctly, the war between Iran and Iraq lasted eight years and ended up in a stalemate.
I think it took the United States a long weekend to get Saddam out of his palace and hide it in a hole in the ground.
If Iran attacks the American fleet in international waters, the hell you have never seen will be released to you, and you will be with your God in a very short time.
Iran was one of our strengths.
When I was in the Navy at Groton Ct submarine base, we trained the Iranians at the Submarine School and sold them our outdated old diesel submarines.
If they are still being used, they are in big trouble.
I believe they also have several Kilo-class Russian submarines, which are diesel-powered.
These things make a lot of noise and you can see them under water at least a few miles away.
Their short-range ships do have anti-ship missiles, and of course there are breaiers, but there are not many other than that.
They can certainly sink a few tankers, but this action will be the first punch in the battle they can\'t win.
As I said, outdated military waste from the United States and the former Soviet Union and some additional UN wasteKorean junk.
Yes, they may get a lucky chance or two if this little game gets hot, but I\'m sure if it does, they won\'t want to be a poor Iranian deck.
During the British E1 reign, the British Navy was no larger than the current small fishing boats, and they defeated the well-equipped, larger, better and more funded Spanish fleet.
Today\'s improvised explosive devices have stopped a lot.
Billions of weapons Super machinery are on its tracks.
Outdated guns in Afghanistan make it impossible for enemies to use \"shoot in the sky\" technology.
Canadian soldiers, who live in tents and iglos with outdated fireguns, are primarily working on wolves and seals, and the United States was beaten a century and a half ago, all the way up to Washington, man.
Vietnam, of course.
The only time the United States wins any battle is in Grenada, in just a few battles (laugh)soldiers.
Canada invaded the US in 1850? ?
I don\'t seem to remember hearing about this.
Prophet Muhammad is a pedophile eating pork.
Where is the picture I just painted for him? . . . . damn.
Although the threat continues, as oil prices rise, Big Oil in the Middle East and Big Oil in the United States will make more and more money.
It\'s just a play on the big stage, transferring money from the \"poor\" to the \"super rich \".
Iranian officials rarely realize the USS John C. Stennis (CVN74)
Aircraft carrier battle group (CVBG)
The high seas outside the Persian Gulf will be safer and more effective.
A considerable proportion of Iran\'s reaction force and value (
Including nuclear facilities)
Stay within the strike distance of F/-
18E/F Super bumblebee attack fighter and Tomahawk cruise missiles launched by ships and submarines. Sayan.
That\'s what str8vision and I have been talking about!
For all the tension and purpose, they have taken a strategic position off the coast. Simple enough.
They can patrol and monitor this feature from where they are.
Let\'s not forget that there are also one or more invisible American Trident submarines nearby. . . . .
Probably lurking near the Iranian coast.
It wasn\'t until after it hit them that they knew what hit them.
I just don\'t understand what they think.
Really, I don\'t know.
Please explain this old fart.
As the United States likes to intimidate and exacerbate tensions by holding regular military exercises in the Persian Gulf.
Perhaps the Iranian Navy will begin exercises on the coast of major U. S. cities.
Perhaps once the American citizens are frightened by the idea of the Middle East superpower, the American people will ask their government to restore its sanity.
Iran will have an important naval base in Venezuela and will regularly patrol the Caribbean Sea to safeguard peace and security in its interests.
Whether or not the United States accepts it, Iran is a superpower.
It really depends on what you think is a major naval base?
Do I understand that the Iranians with Chavez could affect the Caribbean waters?
I think the Soviet Union tried it in Cuba some time ago, but it didn\'t work very well.
We can be sure that when we finish working with the Iranian navy, it will be lucky to have a few shrimp-catching ships patrolling US waters. Good Luck.
Why not in international waters?
Oh, yes, it is very difficult for the Iranian navy to appear at the entrance of the United States. . .
In Iran, training or otherwise, the fuel and supply required to deploy any type of force to the US coast is not financially feasible. . .
In other words, they will get there empty tanks.
The most important thing is that it is an open ocean.
Most of the ships to Iran are short-haul small boats.
This is meaningless.
Continue reading naval operations and tactics to find out what is needed to supply the vessel and then the person running the vessel will come back and re-post!
What warship is the Iranian navy (
Mainly composed of \"short leg\" ships)
Is there a capability to deploy in Venezuela?
Don\'t expect Hugo Chavez to provide permanent bases for the Iranian navy on Venezuelan territory.
The guy is cunning enough to limit his criticism of the United States to fierce rhetoric, which in practice will never threaten the security of the United States. Sayan.
@ SayanI is jumping and it will let me post the URL: The ship is near the coast or on a coast patrol boat.
Most of the electronic equipment and shooting systems on these ships have a history of 20 years.
Newer torpedo or anti-ship ships can only be short-range at best.
The entire Iranian navy was designed to patrol the Strait of Hormuz.
The main goal of this technology is anti-ship capability.
The US Navy was designed as a navy with global influence.
That means they can do it anytime, anywhere, not just anti-ship technology.
Designed for cruise missiles, aircraft, helicopters, ground troops, etc.
In addition, most of the fleet was transferred to Bandar in 1977-
Abbas, close to the Strait of Hormuz.
A simple choice to guide air strikes.
Take your choice with whatever you use.
You have tomahawk, harpoon, captain.
The range of the Tomahawk is 450 km.
So, in the case of Iran, they are fish in barrels.
Iran is nothing but a group of camel riders, like Iraq, who will never be a superpower. It looks like you need to challenge the real superpower, the isI, that Iran does not have enough warships to study the US Navy.
Not to mention all the fleets.
Iran can\'t be a superpower, because to be a superpower, you can\'t be a third world country. You have to kill its people to keep them in line.
No country will mess us up because they know they can\'t beat us.
If Iranian ships really show up in waters near any major American city, people will get front-row tickets for one of the greatest ass kick races that have come in the past 100.
When China starts drilling oil off the coast of Cuba, they will have an army (navy)
Posting in Cuba to protect their interests. .
Wow, the world is round, everywhere.
Drop marijuana. . .
If Iran is a superpower, I am as rich as Carlos Slim Helu.
The Iranian navy is not blue water.
The Navy needs more than one foreign base with international capabilities.
How does the Iranian Admiral communicate with ships around the world?
How will they rotate their forces?
How can naval vessels be maintained without local support?
Think with your brain instead of believing in the propaganda crap of Iran.
Iran is a superpower. dream.
They want to play hard ball with us but they don\'t have a baseball field.
Neither did Chavez.
Looking back, Iran is begging for attention.
It is clear that their intention is to incite the United States. S.
A wonderful game.
I know it sounds bad, but I\'m not completely against the United States. S. Govt.
Swing on Iran
Iran is a pest and should be treated like this.
America needs to grow a pair, so worried about what the world thinks of us.
At this point, it has lost its luster.
So, why keep a positive world critical?
Just grab Iran\'s throat and choke it to death.
You won\'t kill it. . .
But you will definitely embarrass it in front of its peers.
I believe you are right.
The country has gone too far in trying to be polite and friendly.
Grab their throat and let them know that we are not Kuwait or Iraq.
We are the powerful US of.
We should not tolerate anyone bullying us.
This is too much.
We need to show the rest of the world that we are the masters and that we will always be the masters.
For those who are trying to stand up and try to bully or intimidate us.
We will release all the strong American troops and show them that we will not tolerate their sense of helplessness.
This is how it used to be and how it should be.
Oh, powerful America, you are lying in such a low place, and all the glory they have conquered is reduced to this extent: 1.
5 trillion debt of free enterprises and democratic powers (
Member of G5)
The world\'s largest economy borrows a communist country, not a free enterprise, which the world despises for its success.
Compared with other Western countries, the prison has the highest percentage of citizens. The location of the industrial complex is very shabby. A Chinese can buy the whole Detroit and Cleveland with a ship of lead-free goods.
Riddle toy @ ram everyone gets off the topic here, but you don\'t seem to like the United States, and you don\'t know anything.
Oh yes, there is the largest percentage of citizens in the United States in prison and no one will deny that, but that\'s because the definition of legitimacy is very different from the rest of the world.
You may not understand that, because of honor killings, bribery, poverty is so prevalent in the Middle East that there is no legal basis to continue to imprison anyone and there is no infrastructure to support poverty.
I don\'t think I should point out the woman who was put in jail for rape?
For her own protection. . . . right!
The biggest economy?
Industrial Complex?
Maybe I missed something, but America is still the biggest economy.
I\'m a little jealous because all of your other posts are hateful/racist so I\'ll give back your help.
You take any country, other than North Korea, and you will find that its cities represent a wide range of wealth.
I won\'t even try to compare the richness of your original country from the United States because you will feel embarrassed.
While I do not agree with the overall foreign policy of the United States, I fully support them as far as Iran is concerned.
Ahmadinejad is a jerk, simple and clear.
If you have ever heard a debate about an educated man, you will be dumbfounded about what he said.
I would make racist comments about the average level of education in that country, but I would also insult students who tend to reject him even if they are threatened with death.
Everything Iran does to get people\'s attention, I just hope that in this case they will get what they are asking for-to stand with the United States.
Regarding the war in which the United States is involved, I don\'t think you have the focus.
For example, mess up a country when exporting-isn\'t that the point?
The invading state must provide any monetary support, where is this?
Oh, by the way, the United States entered Iraq and defeated the entire army in less than a month, spending B (tr)
The impact of millions of dollars on Iraq\'s economy.
People seem to forget that the United States is not a single entity, and I applaud those who said earlier that the people did not agree with the government-the problem is that he may not be openly opposed to the government without retaliation.
To be honest, I may be less concerned about these countries and modern conflicts.
Every time, it\'s a leader who wants to use \"American pig swin\" as a scapegoat to expand his power and do what they want to do.
I feel sorry for the killing of civilians in conflict areas, but I don\'t think it\'s any worse than before any occupation.
Although the United States is not a \"God\", it has the right to protect itself from threats.
A major threat to the United States is that these countries thrive in the form of terrorism as a rule (
Iraq, Iran, Taliban)
They suddenly had the ability to destroy the whole city.
They are unstable in regime change and are not yet mature enough to get along well with other countries in open forums.
If Iran is not in the spotlight because of its distance from the rest of the world, then Iran\'s nuclear ambitions will be meaningless.
The truth of the matter is that if Iran has a nuclear strike capability, they can actually influence the whole region, in addition to the fact that it is likely to provide terrorist organizations with technology to combat \"American pigs.
The United States is acting like an asshole in all of these areas because its military power is much more advanced than Iran, but the fact is that China\'s security interests overseas still need to be protected.
The Cuban missile crisis occurred because the Soviet Union carried missiles, not because of security details.
Assuming that China\'s assets are deployed in Cuba, this is no different from the presence of the United States in Japan or South Korea. S. Aircraft carrier task force could pull Iran out of the Commission.
Iran is just a small engine, no one can.
That doesn\'t mean Iran is wrong, you are right.
As long as the Iranian navy is bombed, we will see their Navy personnel flee and cry. . . wahhh. . . . .
Send O bu m er to bow and reach out.
Watch the Persian simatal cut it off.
We need a strong public statement instead of \"You run now, Sonny \". Ttriac is likely to be an American trying to get attention on the Internet.
But if he is not, I will say that the United States has done some bad things, but not as bad as other countries have done. Are you willing to live in China or let China spread their form of government?
There is justice in China\'s system, and only in America\'s system is partial.
Dear BettyThanks thank you for your question.
There are many people here, it is important for you to gain experience in business work.
Acting directly is sometimes difficult, but it is definitely not impossible (Milla Jovovich).
I suggest you try to take a few short films under your belt, maybe the edge theater, or take part in a larger theater open day (
This may be an age limit).
I would also recommend continuing to work in business as you work with directors who may want to shoot theater projects directly. .
And your bill.
Saddam Hussein was invaded in 2000 to sell oil in euros, and the Philippines proposed to trade oil in gold dinars, an alternative currency, and was bombed to stop trading oil in dollars in 2007 Iran. .
Here, there is a pattern that is emerging and without oil to support your useless notes, your evil empire will collapse.
You do not live within your capacity you do not produce any products you buy from the country with your own useless paper, but they are poor and you are rich, your economy is running on speculation, you have $60 trillion unregulated. .
Yes, your freedom keeps telling yourself your freedom, keeps telling yourself that your government works for you, at least we know when our government will deceive us in poor countries.
Continue to destroy another country and strengthen your currency, delaying the inevitable only because the Fed has printed more heroin.
When you crash, it happens overnight like the Soviet Union. The difference is that we are used to power outages, no security, no work, you are fat and soft, no calculators or computers ready to eat dirt with others among us, russia and China have agreed to trade with their national currencies within the BRICS by 2018, your leaders can only watch in terror, they know what will happen next, your president has just approved NDAA. .
You will not be misled, which country do you live in now?
Ttriac, don\'t cry for the devaluation of our currency. . .
We haven\'t traded any Iranian coins in my bank recently.
You guys are violent to a large extent, and if you can\'t have it in your way, it\'s always personal.
If you want to be a part of the real world, that\'s it. If not . . . .
Your destiny is always there. . . with Allah!
They don\'t live in the United States. They seem a little unhappy. Oh yeah I;
I\'m crazy, I\'m not an American!
Please spoil my culture by giving me the fat skanky bitch who eats cheese burger!
I am eager for more freedom, please spread more free dust!
I can\'t care about the USA that I work hard on, or about your stupid system.
However, your blatant hypocrisy does blow the nerves of a country that marks itself as the land of a free American people, a criminal oversight of what your elected government does.
Mike buddy Ur is a stupid little child, after the Bretton Woods agreement, when all the other European currencies that depreciated due to World War II agreed to the global oil trade of the dollar, the dollar doesn\'t have anything to support, it\'s not gold, it\'s not the total amount of goods produced by your country, because everyone knows that you can buy resources from Russia and the United States
There is it, there are computers in China.
You \'ve created a systemic liquidity crisis, and in short, there\'s a lot more money than there is in the world, and it\'s so bad that you can colonize Mars and lend money to Martians, huh?
I\'m over here and I\'m just praying that you can see your lessons, but of course I know more. Ttriac. . . .
Now, you stay away from the suicide vest in the closet.
Everything will be fine. . its just talk. . . .
We still love you!
I think we should invite this poor man out for a cold budweiserok, hahaha, relax.
Here are a few points-for Russia and China, it is a good thing to trade their currencies honestly in an open world market and allow them to be seen as commodities.
As wealth grows, these growing economies should take measures to appreciate their currencies.
If you put the Russian economy-$1.
8 t gdp-China\'s economy-$5.
5 t gdp-add them together and double them, which is still just $ GDP-14 in the US. 5T.
Do you understand?
The US economy is twice that of Russia and China combined.
So, I think a healthy, honest competition is a good thing for all the people involved.
I don\'t think we will eat dirt yet.
As for the irresponsible leadership of our leaders, look at the news in Iowa.
We constantly change or elect delegates and they constantly try to find a way to take power because they have to answer our questions.
Yes, there\'s a lot of money distorting the system. Yes, a lot of money is fake.
These people are all scammers, but they can\'t put me in jail because I\'m online saying they\'re scammers
Baloney personally, I can get them out of office in a system that has held regular, free and competitive elections for more than two centuries.
As for debt, we are building a global trade network that will allow everyone to be interdependent and prevent war (
Hope eventually).
It\'s a big project that needs financing and debt like any big project.
But since we are the best credit risk on the planet, the market has decided that we should be able to borrow money the next time --to no interest.
We get very, very cheap financing because we have good risks and good bets and the funds are not in the open market.
As for your ethnic origin, you use fluent American spoken English, and your amazing predictions of disaster indicate that you are a member of our local tin foil hat Association.
This is your right.
This is America, you can trust what you want, you can say what you want, you can even vote for anyone you like.
God bless you, and God bless America.
\"As for your ethnic origin, you use fluent American spoken English, and your amazing predictions of disaster indicate that you are a member of our local tin foil hat Association.
This is your right.
This is America, you can trust what you want, you can say what you want, you can even vote for anyone you like.
\"Speak Well, Chris!
I like that you think I have to be an American. I learned English when I was very young, this not I know of only a kind of language I л I distance from the one five ж е find thesaurus and п I-study the д one five c home у п thesaurus and put у C c Kappa I й ©-study how are you? !
В а C find Alpha distance III Kappa one five л е в ж-study the е X у district-study the е у ч a find?
Your optimistic view of the country\'s foreign policy is interesting and insulting.
As for GDP, it is the sum of goods and services. You have a huge GDP. You sell a lot of things. Your industry has not dropped yet. But shopping centers, financial services, all $700 trillion of the Dow is floating around jsut in derivatives, and I won\'t even include everything elese has in your 14 trillion.
Khadafy is also working on a proposed African country.
It will be a powerful group of nations with huge resources and a currency like the euro.
The Yankees don\'t like it so they have to get rid of K. . . .
But there is a glimmer of hope in the future.
The return of Putin.
This time, he came back with fire and sulfur for the enemy.
Yes, dollar notes were the biggest evil of the time.
We will continue to strengthen international sanctions and push for the settlement of the Iranian issue.
Many countries said the talks would continue and yield results.
One would think that given our commitment in Iraq and Afghanistan, we Americans like a wonderful fight and are willing to do everything we can to protect our democracy.
The question is, how many of our Iranian ships sank in the Persian Gulf before their uncle?
They will make sure their ships are sunk in the Strait of helmoz by the American War. mongers.
Raise a dog with a stick, and you will be bitten sooner or later! ! ! ! ! !
Iran knows that! ! ! !
In any case, Amadinajad is good for his followers.
And if we go back, he will say, look, I have driven away the Zionist heretics.
We will retaliate if he launches cruise missels, and he will say Zionist infadels attacked him!
Let\'s finish this once and for all!
The entire civilized world knows that radical Islam is a pest that must be eliminated!
The question is how to do this ASAP! ! ! ! ! !
Stop being with these idiots and squander them like bugs!
Anyone with any awareness can tell you that any country with anti-blasphemy laws is forcing its people to hear crazy voices! True that.
It\'s good to see some people know what they\'re talking about. Are you going?
Don\'t start the war machine, then sit on your ass, or put your kids off like Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, etc.
Will You Still Destroy Saudi Arabia?
They just killed people because of \"magic. \"
\"We cannot destroy everyone on Earth.
Try to be rational.
In the United States, the seat of freedom in the world, can you deny that there is a Haloucast?
Can you come up with a picture of the police beating black people? Don\'t break the law.
Can you use this word?
Without it, trigger an alarm in your homeland security office.
Can you visit Cuba?
I know the massacre took place in Germany and Eastern Europe.
Yes, there are some bad apples in our laws.
But the same is true of other countries, especially the Middle East.
Asian countries (
Iran, Pakistan, etc).
Why am I going to Cuba?
Actually, yes, I can type the word \"bomb\" at any time.
I just don\'t use the word in the same context as you do.
Can you use the word freedom in your country (
In any context of the word)
Don\'t worry about the secret security team showing up at your doorstep? Question.
Are you a Shiite Muslim or a Sunni Muslim?
There is a reason why the Navy\'s Fifth Fleet sent the aircraft carrier out of the Strait of Hormuz, and why Iran is trying to \"provoke\" US to return the aircraft carrier.
The aircraft carrier will \"stand off\" in the distance so that its escort ships can fully defend against multiple concentrated cruise missile attacks.
The Strait of Hormuz itself is too narrow to deploy all the defensive capabilities of the aircraft carrier.
The Iranians know this and want it back to the closed place.
The carrier has a very full range of influence and in fact is the most effective at a certain distance. . . . . . . . . . . . .
Within the limits of the law of the sea, we will park the aircraft carrier wherever we want.
Now that you shot it, you just declared war on America.
My guess is that they will stay out of the water to the sea and wait for the ship to come out.
At this point, the ready 5 aircraft will be launched and wait to see what will happen.
If they\'re stupid enough to launch F-
18 years old will sink as much as possible.
From there, it depends on the person with eggs on the hat and the person with stars on the collar.
I agree with str8vision at this point.
The aircraft carrier and its escort force are a huge fleet in themselves, so space is needed.
Even from Bahrain, their port is best not 600 miles away.
It makes perfect sense to send them deep into the Gulf of Oman.
Submarines can go deep into places they like and support ships will not be so nervous.
They were very close and quick to respond, but the Navy was not stupid and they would not be the fish in the bucket and if they were sitting in the channel they would be.
Most importantly, they can escort and patrol with their smaller frigates.
They are faster, more flexible in operation, and faster in response.
Sailing across the strait is like untying your pants.
This makes it clear to them that we just continue our mission.
I think Iran\'s \"closing the Strait\" is very hot air.
If that\'s not the case, I\'m sure they feel they can go straight through and it\'s better to get away with it.
I think we have the belief that we will not respond, or that we will be limited if we respond.
I hope we won\'t.
A unilateral and authoritative crackdown on any violation of shipping, or an attempt to hinder free travel, will make this visible.
This means that most of their navies will be hit by a series of elaborate strikes in a few hours.
Uncle made them cry.
Anything less will be seen as a weakness.
The Israeli-Lebanese conflict a few years ago was an example.
While it was not a complete victory for Israelis, Hezbollah was shocked by Israel\'s response and has been much less effective in the region since then.
I recognize that there are a lot of problems with how it is implemented by the Israeli side, but the overall impact is the OMG, and these people are not fooling around.
Since then, there has been very little activity along the Lebanese border.
I agree that it will be one of our biggest assets, throwing it straight away at this time, when a more replaceable asset sends the same message to them and the world at large.
As lo
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