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uflex expanding egyptian plant.

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Headquartered in the international group Uflex, there are two Middle East factories in the UAE and Egypt, and during the expansion of the itsegypfacility, capacity building and new greenfield factories in other locations in Europe and North America.
Uflex says the company will improve its dual-oriented polyester (Bopet)
In a few months, the box office reached 40.
Pradeep Tyle, chief executive of global film business at Uflex Ltd, said that after the capacity upgrade, Bopet\'s capacity will increase to 210,000 tons per year.
Uflex also produces 70,000 tons of two-way tensile polypropylene (BOPP)
Reach the production capacity of the film and close to the production capacity of 17,000 tons of cast polypropylene film.
The Egyptian factory in the city of Cairo in October 6 was put into operation in 2010 and is currently commissioning phase II.
The production line capacity of the first phase is 35,000 tons of BOPP Film plus plasma per year.
The reinforced vacuum metal film of the second stage can produce 12,000 tons of cast-off polypropylene film.
The factory will usher in another wave of production
Activities were strengthened.
Tyle said that the third phase of the project included the establishment of a production line of 36 000 tons per year for Bopet film and another metal liser by the end of 2011.
Bopet, BOPP, and CPP Films are pre-substrates for flexible packaging applications.
The factory is named after the Flex P film (Egypt)SAE.
The Dubai factory in Jebel Ali Free Zone was the group\'s first overseas operation and was put into operation in 2005.
Dubai factory has two production lines for high manufacturing
Bopet film and plasma technology
High for production-
Packaging Film.
The factory is running at full capacity (
60,000 tons per year)
Over the past three years, most of the products have been exported to advanced film markets in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.
Tyle said there is no plan to expand Dubai\'s production capacity.
Uflex\'s Dubai factory operates as a Flex Middle East FZE and has factories in several locations in Dubai, Egypt and India, and Uflex has factories in Mexico.
New greenfield production facilities will be put into use in central Poland
2012, by the end of that year in the United States.
The company also plans to double Mexico\'s production capacity.
\'We have more international factories on Hammers, \'says Tyle.
\"We are one of the largest high-tech manufacturers in the world.
Tyle claims that the largest supplier of Bopet films for technology flexible packaging materials and packaging applications.
Uflex group, with revenue of $0. 91 billion in 2010, is a vertically integrated flexible packaging group, the products include ordinary and metal film, flexible packaging laminate, bag and bag, polyester resin, holographic printing ink and paint, adhesive, concave drum, Flexo, packaging machinery and conversion machinery.
Almost all Uflex plants have been certified as ISO 9001 and 14001 and are compliant with the food industry control system HACCP specification (
Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
Including many international leading brand owners and global flexible packaging converters, the official said that the factory as close to the main market as possible is one of the core policies of Uflex.
That\'s why we decided to entrust two new factories, one in Poland and one in the United States, and in addition, our film production capacity in Mexico has doubled, he said.
\"By 2012, we will be the only global packaging film manufacturer with large factories in the four major continents, which constitute the largest film market.
Tyle said the growth in flexible packaging in the Middle East is very healthy and is expected to grow by 7 to 8 percentage points per year, about 5 percentage points higher than the global average.
Innovative Uflex innovations include green PET Films, which are the ingredients obtained from renewable plant sources.
The company said the film complies with all FDA and EU regulations on food contact and implements traditional Bopet films.
Another innovation is the manufacture of rPET film, which contains the post-
PET Resin from consumer recycling
Consuming waste, such as old PET bottles that would have been restricted to landfill sites.
The film was also approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
The food contact and properties of the EU are equivalent to the traditional film produced by 100 of the original resin.
Uflex has also developed an anti-static rotating stable PET film that meets FDA and EU food contact requirements.
It is developed for highly stringent twisted packaging of products such as Candy and Candy.
It can be used as a metal film with high transparency or zero memory and is perfectly distorted.
It is more than double the packaging speed of cellophane and PVC film.
The company says it has developed a direct relief PET film with a special surface layer that can be directly embossed without any off-line coating, an expensive one
Embossed can be carried out at a lower temperature, leaving a deep and sharp impression.
The surface can be metal processed with excellent metal adhesion, which is an ideal choice for holographic applications.
Other innovations listed by the company include special heat sealing film, Liquid Packaging PET film, High
Low definition PET film
Slip PETfilm, white PPET film, extruded BOPP film that can be matched, and dry distillation CPPfilm.
Uflex, India\'s largest flexible packaging company, is registered in New Delhi with a corporate office atNoida in the nearby UP state.
It\'s a first-
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