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uflex net revenue up by 18.5% for fy2018-19

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Uflex Net income increased by 18. 5% for FY2018-
Noida, India, May 27, 2019/PRNewswire/-May 27, 2019 /--
* Highest film business-
Production for fiscal 18
19 * CRISIL assigns the credit rating of \"A\" to long-term debt * The board recommends A dividend of 20% Uflex Limited ,(NSE: UFLEX)
India\'s largest multinational flexible packaging company today reported quarterly earnings as of fiscal March 31, 2019 and 201819.
Combined net income of Q4FY18-
Up to INR 2060.
6cr compared to inr 1818.
8cr in the corresponding quarter of the previous fiscal year;
The company registered EBITDA growth of 13. 4% at INR 260. 1cr in Q4FY18-19 .
2018 for the whole year-
Net income increased by 18 after the merger. 5 % to INR7974.
8cr and EBITDA company by 11. 6% to INR 1007. 5cr.
The comprehensive p at increased slightly by 1 in the whole year. 07% at INR 313. 8cr . In FY2018-
19. the film business achieved the highest output of the film industry.
The improvement in financial performance has led CRISIL to award A higher credit rating \"A\" to the long term
Regular debt of the company.
With the approval of shareholders, the Board of Directors proposes to pay a dividend of 20%.
Commenting on the financial performance, Rajesh Bhatia, chief financial officer of the UflexLimited group, said, \"our total output and sales for fiscal 18-19 grew 6. 1%and 6.
It is 7% to 397492 metric tons and 395634 metric tons respectively.
The BOPET market continues to expand, and the capacity utilization rate of all factories has increased.
The BOPP market has also improved significantly in the fourth quarter, and we expect this trend to be at 19-20.
Ashok Chaturvedi, chairman and general manager of Uflex Limited, said, \"We strive to overcome financial resistance and successfully lead the market through our innovations and products.
We have always focused on the challenges in many fields.
Layer plastic recyclability, and developed a multi-layer
Packaging waste layer (
Printing, laminating and metal)intogranules.
This quarter, our noida plant installed the recycling machine with the latest technical support.
He added, \"the flexible packaging industry is evolving as consumer expectations change, and the most prominent of them is sustainability and customization.
With the introduction of waste plastic solutions, we are confident that the demand for flexible packaging will grow further in the next few years.
\"Release and development of some key products in FY18 in the fourth quarter-
FYR: 1 19 are listed below.
Roll out metal molds for hot foil stamping and stamping on printed labels and packaging: the cylindrical business introduces the form of metal molds, metal plates and rollers on its latest cnc mold production line, 3D images with relief engraved on them are usually used in the label industry. 2.
India\'s flexible pocket is full of ground
Breakthrough Products: The Indian Department of the Uflex film manufacturing business has launched a series of products with cutting-edge technology and performance embedded in them. a. F-
PRP is a 12 micron BOPET film that meets the critical needs of bulk packaging and is ideal for low-density, high-capacity packaging such as large bags of fruit, sugar or rice packaging. b. F-
TFP, a thermal Ming film for semi-developed 15, 23, and 36 microns
Rigid Packaging for ready-madeto-
Food packaging, take away food such as pallets;
In this way, the brand logo of the package was not retained until the last piece of food was consumed. c. F-
FTC, fast tear film for sachet and sachet-
Disposable food packages like ketchup, candy snacks and snacks can easily be torn in both directions, making it easy for consumers to get the product. d. Ultra-
BOPP Film B-high oxygen blocking metalizationTUO-
Metal BOPP Film B-M and ultra-high barrier and high sealing strengthTUH-
M is developed with an excellent barrier at less than 10 oxygen permeability rates (OTR)
And 15 OTR. B-TUO-
M has excellent metal bonding strength and resistance to metal cracking; and B-TUH-
The M has excellent sealing, better metal bonding strength and nitrogen Flushing capability. e. Ultra-
High barrier and high metal bond metal CPP Film C-with strong sealing performance-
The CLM addresses the challenges faced by the flexible packaging industry in terms of sustainable extrusion bonding, barrier and sealing performance, replacing three layers with two layers, thus achieving the advantage of a smaller carbon footprint. f.
PETG resin, a non-crystalline amorphous polymer that makes it an excellent alternative to transparent polymers, has been launched in the Indian market.
Echoing India\'s Make, Uflex is the first and only pet G producer in India to have the opportunity to replace the PETG resin currently imported into the country.
PETG resin provides high performance in applications including transparency, clarity, gloss, glaze and printing suitability;
For applications such as personal care, signage, paper extrusion, LEDprofile, medical equipment, household appliances, consumer goods and 3D printing technology. 3.
The IIOT-supported conversion machine was introduced: a commitment to industry 4 was achieved.
0. Uflex\'s engineering business has launched several industrial Internet of Things (llOT)
The conversion machine is enabled. a.
Extro o n coating and laminating machine ex lam 400 is an improved machine suitable for Indian conditions with a high speed of 400 m per minute (mpm)
Handle thin and thick laminate.
Ex lam 400 is distributed on various variants I. e Mono and Co-extruder. b.
Uflex is the first ever Indian company to manufacture gearless CI Flexo model elisa, designed in the form of a sleeve and mesh roller removal system with a maximum operating speed of 400 mpm,
CI Flexo offers many value-added features, including efficient ink washing systems that save time and cost. c.
Super solvent-free laminating machineS-
1300 provides heat based on microprocessor
The adjustment system can run the metal structure at a speed of 300mpm, while the speed of other structures can be up to rmbmpm. 4.
New adhesives for high-speed laminating machines are introduced: solvent-
FreeAdhesive 777 A/C provides excellent performance on A wide range of substrates including plastics and works with NC-
PU ink, mixed in a ratio of 1: 1.
Especially for high
This is a speed laminated machine independently developed by the chemical business research and development team. 5.
A new substrate holographic PVC/PVDC coated film in the pharmaceutical industry: a new substrate holographic PVC/PVDC coated film as a resistance
Fake solutions and supply of drugs
Producers of Sanofi and Alkem.
For more details on the quarterly results as of March 31, 2019, please click: about Uflex: Uflex is the largest multinational flexible packaging materials and solutions company in India and an emerging global player.
Since its inception in 1985, Uflex has grown from a powerful force to a truly Indian multinational with consumers all over the world.
Uflex todayof-the-
Art packaging facilities in multiple locations in India with installation capacity of about 1,35, 000 TPA and have packaging film manufacturing facilities in India, UAE, Mexico, Egypt, Poland and the United States.
All Uflex plants are certified to ISO 9001, 14001, HACCP and brc.
Uflex is available for global markets in the United States, Canada, South American countries, the United Kingdom and other European countries, Russia, South Africa, CIS, Asian and African countries and more than 140 countries.
Integrated within its core business is related businesses such as engineering, gas cylinders, holographic photography and chemicals, which further lead Uflex in the competition.
Uflex Co. , Ltd. is also part of the D & B global database and has received various national and international awards for the excellence of its products.
Uflex offers technically superior packaging solutions for various products such as snacks, sweets and sweets, sugar, rice and other cereals, beverages, tea and coffee, dessert mixes, noodles, wheat flour, etc, soap and Detergent, shampoo and conditioner, vegetable oil, spices, marinade and paste, cheese and dairy products, frozen food, seafood, meat,
Fog, pet food, medicines, birth control pills, garden fertilizers and plant nutrients, oil and lubricants, cars and engineering components, etc.
Some of Uflex\'s clients around the world include P & G, Pepsi, Tata Global drinks, Yizi, L\'Oreal, Britannia, hadirhams, Amor, Kimberly Clark, Ferrero Coca foods, Nestle, agricultural Technology food
Coke, Wrigley, Johnson & Johnson, etc.
For more details, click: Contact: corplaxmanan, corpcomm @ uflexltd. com, 0120-4012339, Head-
Rajesh Agrawal, vice president of investor relations, Uflex Ltd. : 9967491495, E-mail:rajesh.
Agrawal @ uflexltd.
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