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ultimate altoids tin survival kit

by:Top-In     2020-08-06
This is my compact D. I.
My Altoids survival kit.
There are a lot of such content posted on this site, and I took some of their ideas and many of my own to create the final toolkit.
My survival tool is a little bit bigger than most, but it can still be in the pocket.
I \'ve collected all of these things from around my house and I\'m sure most people can do the same or replace some items.
This should be a cheap project that can save your life. P. S.
If you get lost and this kit does save your life, be sure to mention me to the press. : -)
If you find yourself in a situation where you are lost and forced to survive, you need to at least keep what you carry with you.
Weight is a killer in hot and cold, so you only carry items with you for at least three uses, and the weight is low.
Another thing to remember is the 5 Cs of survival.
The things you carry with you must satisfy at least one of the 5 Cs. 1)
Cutting equipment 2)Cup3)Container4)
Combustion Unit 5)
CordageLastly, the focus of survival is \"survival before rescue \".
This means that you should not set up a mailbox and place a doormat in your sanctuary.
Rescue is your main goal and your items should be around this.
These are the materials needed for this survival kit.
Feel free to add anything you still have space. 1)One-altoids Tin2)Nine-Matches3)One-
Football forward (
If you use Strike in any matching Place, omit this)4)One-Trash Bag5)Two-Candles6)Five-Band Aids7)Three-
Package of Salt8)Three-
9 packs of pepper)Two-
A pack of sugar (
No artificial sweeteners)10)Five-Fish Hooks11)One-
Ten feet of the fish lineOne-
Security out of the box knife Blade13)One -Balloon14)One-12 in. By 12 in.
Square of aluminum Foil15)Two-
Transparent plastic zipper lock Bags16)Two-Cotton Balls17)One-6 in. By 6 in.
A piece of clothingOne-
15 thin ropes (
I used the rope you wrapped in Hay)19)One-
Foot of cableway.
Electrical Tape21)
About 20 rubber bands (
You may not use them all)
All of these projects follow the rules of the five Cs and three Cs that survive. 1)Altoids Tin-
Altoids cans fall into the categories of cups and containers.
This can be used to heat food, store items, drinks, distress signals and many other things. 2)Matches-
The match is under the burning device.
Matches give you fire, fire has many applications such as defense, cooking food, disinfection water, etc. 3)
This allows you to use a match (Duh)4)Trash Bag-
The humble garbage bag is placed under the container and can be used as a poncho, fishing net, storage device and other things. 5)Candles-
Candles are under the burning device and they can give you something that a normal fire can\'t give you, portable fire.
The ability to transport fires is a very important factor. 6)Band Aids-
Whether you believe it or not, there are band aids.
You can cut the band-aid into parts to protect the wounds, arrows, etc. 7)
A pack of salt
The salt is placed under the container not because it can hold the item, but because it can help the item last longer.
Salt can save the food, you can soak the fish in the salt water to help the fish scales fall off, you can put the eggs in the salt water to test the freshness of the eggs (
Bad eggs floating, fresh eggs sinking)
Season your food. 8)
A pack of pepper
Pepper falls into the container like salt.
Pepper is more extravagant than salt, but it has many survival uses. 9)
A pack of sugar
Sugar is also under the container.
Sugar can heal the wound, and in addition to being used for food preparation, the sugar in the open wound will make the blood coat cover almost immediately and serve as a bait for insects (
Don\'t knock on the cricket before you try). 10)Fish Hooks-
These are cutting devices.
The hook can slice the fabric as easily as a knife, can catch the fish, can also be used like a needle. 11)Fishing Wire-
Ropes for traps, fishing and the construction of shelters. 12)
Box blade
No problem with cutting equipment.
A knife can be used to hunt, protect yourself, or even cut a rope and pick up your pick. 13)Balloon-
This is a container and a cup.
You can also drink water in a balloon. 14)Aluminum Foil-
Aluminum foil can be used as a temperature Cup or container.
You can also signal easily with foil, you can use it to fly arrows and cook food inside. 15)Zip Lock Bags-
These are containers and cups.
You can also disinfect the water without fire.
Fill the bag with water and put it in the sun.
Ultraviolet rays heat water and kill most pathogens, making it safer to drink. 16)Cotton Balls-
This is the best burning device.
Cotton balls can keep the flame easily or for a period of time. 17)Cloth-
Cloth is a container.
Cloth can also be used to filter the water, send out a help signal, and create a mark to remember which direction you are coming from. 18)String-
The rope is a rope that can be used for traps, building shelters, and fishing. 19)Rope-
A thick rope is a rope that can be used for many things that build a shelter, divide it into trap lines, and tie your food to a tree (
When the bear has your food and you want it back in order to save your uncomfortable moments. )20)
Electrical tape-
The tape can be used as a rope, it can be used as an arrow flight, and it can be used as a band aid if you are all out. 21)Rubber Bands-
Rubber bands are ropes that can be used to make slings, or to hold items together. 1)
Stick the striker to the lid of the tin.
Then put salt, sugar, pepper and Band-Aid. 2)
Fold the aluminum foil to a position in the tin that is not bent. 3)
Stick a small piece of thin cardboard with tape at one end of the box cutter blade.
Then thin tape the blade. 4)
Fold the garbage bags and rubber bands.
It should cover half the tin instead of sticking it up from the top. 5)
Place the box cutter, 8 matches and candles next to the garbage bag.
Wrap the fishing line around the last matchstick and put it in a can.
Put five more rubber bands in the jar. 6)
Tighten the tin and rubber band. (
It should be closed normally if you package correctly)7)
Put nine pieces of tape, one on the other, and put it on the tin cover. (
This is extra tape if you need it and can be used later, if you need it you can also remove the tape from the knife. )8)
Slide the rope under the rubber band on the lid and wrap the rope around the can.
Do the same for thinner ropes. 9)
Put the cloth on the tin skin and wrap it up.
Then fix the cloth with rubber bands. 10)
Place a plastic bag on the jar, remove all the air from the bag, seal the bag, and then fix the bag with a rubber band. 11)
Tie the balloon to the tin can. 12)
Like the other one, put the last plastic bag on the jar. 13)Your done.
You now have a pocket size survival kit filled with something very useful if you need it.
This kit is completely waterproof and it is possible to float because of the trapped air inside.
Since I have never dropped it into the water, I don\'t know if it will fall.
The person reading this helped me throw it in the pool to see if it was floating and then back to me.
If it doesn\'t just blow a little air into the bag at the top, it should do so.
Good luck and hope you don\'t need it.
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