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Underfloor heating film or hot film is a new concept

by:Top-In     2020-07-21
Applying underfloor heating is a process that involves several important steps. The first is applying a carbon paste, which acts as an electricity conductor, and a silver paste. Having both pastes applied to the hot film is critical. PET film and copper foil is then used as an electrode. PET film is the primary material in underfloor heating. It is new but has already proven to be safe and eco-friendly. Choosing to use PET material over the other available alternatives is the first step to getting the most out of underfloor heating. It is widely used as an electric insulation material and has a low thermal contraction rate. It is also the perfect blend of strength and flexibility to ensure long-term durability. The components of the PET material are extremely durable when tested against chemical reactions. Underfloor heating film is a great way to reduce costs. It not only cuts the initial construction costs compared to traditional heating cables, but also offers long-term energy savings over boilers. Since it utilizes a parallel system of electricity it heats floors extremely quickly with very little energy use. Another benefit of hot film is it is ecofriendly. Using hot film generates a minimal amount of electromagnetic waves which is a common problem with charcoal. This is primarily because it expels less carbon. Additionally, it does not contribute any far-infrared radiation or anion which is a primary cause of sick house syndrome, odors, and widespread bacterial growth. The final environmental benefit is it does not create any noise, dust, or carbon monoxide. This is a unique characteristic because most heating technologies rely on a flame of some sort. Finally, underfloor heating film is easy to manage. Not only does it save money on monthly electric bills but it also requires minimal maintenance. It is considered to have a semi-permanent product lifespan because the breakdown factor is so small. Plus, it can easily be removed during a remodel if needed.
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