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upgrading packaging.

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For Boyd Coffee, two plus two equals four.
Bakers in Portland, Oregon are selling two sizes of ground baked coffee with two different packaging materials: one is surface baked coffee
Print the score package;
The other, the opposite.
Print a pound of bags.
Score pack compared to one pound heavy pack-
Its surface printingwas dull.
Partial packaging by surface-
Metal polyester film is printed with a sealed film, while a pound of heavy bags are printed by reverse-
Printing film and aluminum foil, plus sealing film.
Boyds want to use the same packaging structure for both containers to achieve a unified visual effect, reduce the total cost of packaging, and reduce waste by using reverse packagingprinted two-
The laying structure of the two packages reduces the downtime required to remove the ink captured in the sealed claws from the partial packaging and maintains the required six-month shelf life.
Finding a supplier of packaging materials that can help them achieve their goals is not an easy task.
Thomas Mayberry, a raw material buyer at Thomas coffee, knows what he wants from suppliers.
However, the supplier claims that this structure cannot be produced in the United States. S.
Because they feel they are not allowed to produce these chemicals and materials.
At a trade show
Packaging Expo for PMMI)
\"In 1992,\" he said, \"We stumbled upon the graphic packaging and discussed their combination schemes. TM]
Packaging process.
Their technical and professional knowledge is in line with our requirements. \"Composipac [TM]
High processgloss, two-
Reverse ply film structure
Print and then laminate the metal polyester film on the polyethylene sealed film.
Because it is printed on the inner wall of the plastic film, the graphics will not wear out, giving the package a clean eye
Eye-catching look.
According to DarrellTempleton, general manager of Graphic Packaging at Franklin plant, Ohio, the building provides a water vapor transfer rate (WVTR)of less than 2.
5 grams per 100 square meters. in. per 24 hours.
Except Composipac [TM]
, Graphic Packaging Company production-
Performance of flexible packaging materials such as cartons.
Joint sales of international printed packaging and recessed printing
Akanadi packaging company acquired by GAC in the mid-range1994 -
About $0. 28 billion, almost average between folding cartons and flexible packaging operations.
Headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, the company currently operates flexible packaging plants in North Carolina; Ohio; Pennsylvania; Ontario;
Colombia, UK; and Manitoba.
The folding carton factory is located in Boulder, Colorado and Fort Lawrence, Tennessee, while GAC\'s R & D facilities are located in Boulder and Malvern.
With approximately 500 employees in North America, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of ACX Technologies Inc.
A Fortune 500 company in Golden Colorado.
High production ACX
Performance consumption packaging of advanced technology ceramic products and flat plates
Rolling aluminum plate products.
Gourmet bakers Boyd Coffee serves catering service customers in 17 Western states and has recently opened a market in the Great Lakes region.
The company specializes in the production of regular coffee and espresso coffee, serving whole beans or ground coffee.
Their main focus is on the food service industry, but in addition to coffee, Boyce also produces soups and beverages, salad sauces and sauces.
Drinks include spiced cider, several hot chocolate blends and spiced Country Cream (
Egg-like wine)
Provides bulk service to catering service customers and a single service package for retail sales. The Techni-
The Brew division produces and sells coffee brewing equipment, espresso machines, and entertainment centers that are mobile espresso and coffee trucks.
Another innovation is their Airpotbrewing system, which brew coffee directly into an insulated server, keep the coffee hot for 24 hours and distribute it through the pump in the lid. The family-
The sole proprietorship company was established by P. in 1900. D. Boyd.
Today, both grandsons of the founders are actively involved. Richard D.
Boyd is president and David Boyd is executive vice president of new business.
The company currently employs 470 people and operates six retail stores selling whole beans, ground and brewed coffee, coffee accessories and gifts.
A store is located in Seattle, Washington, four in downtown Portland, and the sixth in suburban Portland.
\"With Composipac [TM]
Technology is suitable for our excessive
Alldrive offers quality products to our customers, \"said bobei Brown, advertising manager for Boyd Coffee.
This includes \"buying the best beans and providing 65 different blends and varieties --
Including caffeine-free and condiments
\"This is the best baking equipment to provide the best brewing equipment for our customers,\" she said . \".
In the process of pursuing the goal of packaging, Boyce found unexpected benefits.
Mayberry said that only minor adjustments are needed for their packaging equipment to run Composipac [TM]material. \"Its two-
The layered structure is very light, so it pulls through the forming tube very quickly. Composipac[TM]
Technology is also more eco-friendly.
It reduces two sources.
Layer structure and
The first three-ply bag.
\"In terms of machines --
One\'s ability
Gwory Gwynn, production manager, said: \"We have been able to increase the speed of the production line.
He added: \"The thermal dispersion on the joint seal is more efficient. \"Composipac[TM]
It is a thinner material, and the machine is better simply.
It is also more tolerant of temperature changes in sealing claws.
Gwynn said: \"As for the score pack,\" an ink in the formerpackage reacts with a sliding agent in the film, causing a sliding problem. \".
\"Surface printing tends to stick to sealed claws and cause downtime to clean them.
Reverse printing solved the problem and gave us a better look and feel package.
\"Intangible Interests (of Composipac[TM])
Including morale of operators.
No one wants to fight something all day so the new movie is done (the operator\'s)
Life is much easier.
Jerry Vawter, the coffee production foreman, said that the film of GraphicPackaging reduces downtime.
\"This is related to trouble shooting and tracking, etc.
It\'s better than the structure we used before, so I cut down on downtime.
I will do more in the same time.
Our production line is more efficient, the output is more efficient, and our waste is less due to the following special packaging, and there are fewer machine failures related to packaging materials.
\"The pressure on my operator and regulator is down,\" Vawter said . \".
\"If we have an edge movie, the point is to capture bad packs.
In fact ,(Composipac[TM])
When the material falls off the machine, the stress level of the operator is reduced, and the material is more reliable and stable.
\"In the mathematics of coffee marketing, there are two sizes of coffee packaging plus;
Two packing materials can be equal to more than four problems.
Boyd Coffee and graphic packaging developed packaging materials to solve all four problems through cooperation.
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