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us stretch & shrink film demand to reach $4.1 billion in 2009.

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S. Demand for stretch and shrink film is expected to increase.
$ 3% to $4 a year.
1 billion in 2009, 3 was required.
Billions of pounds of resin
A slowdown in raw material prices will limit price increases, which will fall from a sharp spike in plastic and other raw material prices in 2004 and 2005.
Movie earnings will be driven by healthy expansion in manufacturing and growth in demand for product packaging and the bundling and protection of goods in the warehousing and distribution process.
These and other trends appear in stretch and shrink films, a new study by FreedoniaGroup, a Cleveland-
Industrial market research company.
It is predicted that the demand for shrinking films will increase.
In 6%, spurred by the continued popularity of bulk purchases and shrink films, more and more people are unifying Multi-Packaging for mass retailers.
The shrink film provides better sealing and moisture resistance than the stretch film, and is often used with corrugated trays as a case package.
The progress of further shrink films will be limited by the advantages of less energy. and equipment-
Intensive stretchers.
Demand for stretch films is expected to grow to $2 at nearly 5 percentage points per year.
2009 3 billion.
Material improvements in strength and stretch percentage will stimulate gains as greater stretch capacity reduces costs by making pallets and other products wrapped in less film.
The stretch cover is an elastic film tube for packaging stacked pallets, and since its throughput is significantly improved compared to other palletunitization methods, it will show the fastest growth of all products.
The stretch cover also has an energy and mechanical cost advantage compared to the shrink cover.
Low density polyethylene (LDPE)
Of all stretch and shrink films used in 2009, film demand will account for 77%.
Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)
Will remain the dominant stretch film, and due to its greater impact strength, tensile properties and downward measurement potential, the best overall opportunity will be demonstrated.
Due to its higher clarity, good reduction properties and ease of processing, the traditional all still dominates the shrink film.
Demand for PVC (PVC)
The tensile shrinkage film is expected to grow by 3.
As of 2009, 3 percentage points per year.
In areas such as labels and sleeves for drinks and food, PVC shrink film is expected to have the best chance.
Other resins used in stretch and shrink films include polypropylene, high density polyethylene, and pet.
Stretch shrink film (
Published 11/2005, 201 pages)
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