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USB flash drives are a relatively new innovation

by:Top-In     2020-07-02
The usual image of these flash drives is as brightly coloured plastic objects with a USB plug protruding from one end. If, however, you are looking for a more upmarket promotional gift for your executive clients or as incentives for your most valued staff that still retains the usefulness of these items then high quality flash drives are available. Sumptuous leather is not something that you would normally associate with cutting edge technology but there are a range of USB flash drives available that feature this tactile classic material. Some flash drives have a casing which is completely encased in high quality leather which can be hot foil stamped or embossed for a very exclusive look. They usually come complete with a split ring for keys and have a leather flap to protect the USB plug with a variety of closure options. A very attractive variation on this theme is a USB flash drive with a high quality polished metal case that features a leather inlay on both sides. This type of flash drive usually has a matching cap to protect the plug and some have a leather flap to secure it in place. This design gives even more branding options as they can be hot foil stamped, embossed, pad printed or the metal parts can be engraved. Another use of leather in relation to flash drives which is equally versatile for branding purposes is a highly polished metal bodied flash drive which is contained in a top quality leather 'holster'. The holster is attached to the main body by means of a chain so to avoid misplacing it. This design provides a wide range of branding options and will be highly valued by anyone lucky enough to receive it. On-line sites offer a wide choice of flash drives and some, will be able to supply these attractive upmarket versions and samples are usually available to help you decide on the most appropriate design. Prices will vary according to printing methods, the number of colours and how quickly you require them to be delivered. You should also be able to get discounts based on the quantity ordered.
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