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VADODARA: when experts from several countries attend an international conference on \"energy storage and harvesting\" in Germany at the end of this month, an engineer in the city will be the only one to attend
Dilip Joshi is the chief engineer of GETCO who will attend two meetings
The day meeting, which starts on May 26, is dedicated to those who want to encourage the use of renewable energy.
Joshi was invited as he presented two papers at the PV world conference organized by the Renewable Energy World Council in the United States earlier this year.
\"I am the only Indian who has participated and submitted two papers on how to use alternative materials that cost a lot less to store solar energy.
More than 4,000 people attended the meeting.
\"I have sent three documents, two of them selected,\" Joshi told TOI . \".
He received a good response from the organizers, who now invited him to another international conference.
\"I have been working on the topic of solar energy and how to reduce the manufacturing cost of solar equipment.
I would recommend using the film, which is cheaper than the current one --
Silicon used to capture solar energy and store it in large quantities.
\"The film can even work in the diffuse sun, it gets solar energy through heat rather than light,\" Joshi said . \".
In fact, Joshi even impressed investors in some countries who are now interested in setting up solar plants in Gujarat.
\"Some delegates from countries interested in investing in Gujarat like my concept.
\"The two investors are planning to visit the state in the coming months,\" added Joshi . \".
However, although he is
In the field of conventional energy, the state government has not taken any measures to support him.
\"I took money out of my pocket to attend these meetings.
It would be nice if the government helped me so I could do more research and represent my country, \"Joshi said. tushar. Tyre @ timesgroup.
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