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Wedding invitations, which can effectively mirror

by:Top-In     2020-06-27
The wedding invitations come with diversified styles .Different design in detail could make the whole design present a different visual effect. No mater you will customize your unique wedding invitations or d-i-y ones , you could gain inspirations from the following description for the new trend 2012. Styles Vintage Wedding Invitations It seems whenever it is ,vintage style features enduring glamor which attract both designers and the normal clients. No wonder that in 2012, new vintage style will still be popular in 2012.Except for the traditional color scheme such as white, cream ,ivory , the vintage wedding invitations 2012 pay more attention to the cut of paper. Image that the card stock which was cut into a shape of pine or snowflake and with delicate patterns printed on it, that may be a quite novel and chic design you have never seen at other places before. Beach Themed Wedding cards Beach is the most common theme used in wedding ceremony. When people think of a beach wedding invitation, they may easy to think of the card stock which print the picture full of tropical and seaside elements. But in 2012, the design would not be that platitude. The designers pay more attention to the detail. Card with exiguous seashell pasted on the cover would make the would design present a strong sea sense. Your guests would be informed of the wedding theme at the first sight of your ceremony. They may can't wait going to your spousal. 3-D Wedding invites The most popular new catch phrase 2012 may be '3-d' after the film Avatar directed by Cameron sweeping the whole world. But you know ,the 3-D design may not be the patent of film any more. You could now enjoy creative and interesting 3-D wedding cards. Sounds incredible! The 3-D cards are unique in its paper cut and design. Compared with normal wedding invitations, the 3-d ones emphasis on stereopsis effect. With delicate laser cut paper well folded in the card, the design can present a vivid image before your eyes. When you open the cards, the lifelike scenery present on the paper. Other Calligraphy The calligraphy on the wedding cards play not only as the sign which transmit the information but also a key element in show the style. Legible hand contrast in color on the cardboard would make people willing to read card. Cute artistic calligraphy would present a innocence and lovely appearance.
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