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What do you see when you look out your windows?

by:Top-In     2020-07-22
However, for those of us who lost out on the room with a view sweepstakes, there is no longer any need to avert our eyes and bemoan our fate. Now, we can have the view of our dreams from every window of our home and office. Static cling window films are the answer. They can be applied quickly and be removed whenever you want, with minimal effort. You can choose from thousands of beautiful scenes, or you can have a favorite image of your own transferred onto window film. You can go online and have a look at dozens of wonderful pictures that can be your new view in a matter of days. Static Cling Window Film comes in private and semi-private opacities. The private option provides one hundred percent privacy from the outside. The sunlight acts as rear projection and creates a beautiful illuminative effect on the film's surface. The semi-private option allows in a great deal of outside light in while still providing a degree of privacy from outside viewers. Both the private and semi-private screens block the sun's harmful UV rays and cuts down on the cost of energy. The window's surface is unharmed when the film is removed. Each opacity has advantages depending upon your circumstances. Those who live in crowded city conditions, where privacy comes at a premium, may opt for the private designs. People who work at night and sleep during the day may find the private option is an aide to sleep. Those who live in less sunny climates, or families with young children who need outside supervision could opt for semi-private's less restricted view. Static cling window film is a non-stick material that will apply in minutes and will last for years, without fading or cracking. All the information you need is online, and application is easy and quick. Assemble a willing friend or two, a ladder and squeegee or two, a spray water bottle, and a utility knife or straight edge razor, and your new view will be up very soon. The most difficult question about creating a completely new window scene is 'which will you choose?' This will be a pleasurable process indeed as you ponder the examples online; it's almost like savoring a luscious banquet. Each scene is more beautiful than the next. Let's not forget that one of your very own photos can be your new view. Perhaps you spent your vacation last year in a beautiful spot and took some wonderful pictures. Whenever you see those shots, you experience a little of the tranquility and joy you experienced the day you took them. What a wonderful way to relive a great memory, and to see it from your window. Think of it; that uninspiring or frankly ugly view can be transformed into a vivid reminder of one of your best times ever. If you are an artist, why not have your own artwork on your windows; your own personal art gallery? For those who love art but don't paint or draw, there are many wonderful abstracts and graphics to choose from on line. This is an interior decoration idea whose time has definitely come. Such profound change can happen inside your home in so little time and at such sane prices. Escape the outside world and create your own kingdom of color and light quickly and easily with static cling window film. Static cling window film from Create My Scene is simple to install and lets you turn your plain windows into the view you've always dreamed of.
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