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what happens to products at the end of their useful life? - ocr 21c

by:Top-In     2020-08-09
How the choice of raw materials affects life-
Cycle evaluation of products?
Raw materials may be cheap and raw materials may be limited resources. Raw materials may not have the right performance. How manufacturing processes affect life
Cycle evaluation of products?
The manufacturing process can consume a lot of energy, or very little. The manufacturing process may bring jobs to many people. The manufacturing process can be very expensive, why consider shipping at every stage of life --
Cycle Assessment?
The more traffic is needed, the higher the cost of long-distance transportation of the product, which means that it takes longer for the product to reach shopsTransport to use energy and can release contaminated gases to the atmosphere. How is the impact of transportation reduced?
Using rapid aircraft transport using the cheapest mode of transport to move the factory close to the location where the products are supplied which disposal method may have minimal environmental impact?
What makes recycling more feasible?
The recycling process requires a lot of energy, cheap and easy way to collect materials to recover a large amount of impurities in the recycled materials. What are the advantages of recycling aluminum?
The need to reduce the extraction of aluminum from ore is made of recycled aluminum cans are strong and recycled aluminum has a better look. Why do many polymers cause problems in landfill sites?
They are biodegradable and they release harmful substances into the soil.
Which of them is the advantage of burning polymers?
No harmful gas was produced. Energy can be used to generate electricity. Settings are cheap to open things
Recycling of PET polymers?
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