The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

What honors has Top-In obtained?
China Top-In Film Manufacture Co.,Ltd obtains related international certifications and certificates. Since founded, we have gained related global excellent system certificates to make sure the motivation of top management, and gain the process approach and continuous improvement. All our products have passed the rigorous test that helps us win a lot of standardized qualifications internationally.

Top-In has passed the test of bopp film manufacturers to produce the Anti-scratch film with finest quality. The white bopp is one of the main products of Top-In. Top-In holographic lamination film adopts premium raw materials that can be a total guaranteed of quality. The product acts as a special protection layer for other items. The product is not easy to get rust even in a humid environment, providing people with many conveniences in cleaning or maintaining it. It is clear in surface with no scratch.

To improve the customer satisfactions, depending on the quality of bopp lamination has been we's focus. Call now!
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