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what is pet?

by:Top-In     2020-08-03
Sometimes when you buy the latest ecology
Gear, you will see that it boasts is made of \"pets.
\"What is a pet, you ask?
The simple answer is that it is recycled plastic.
The answer is long?
Usually referred to as PET, it is a thermoplastic polymer resin of polyester family.
It is most commonly used in synthetic fibers, materials for plastic bottles and food containers, thermoforming applications, and engineering resins that are usually combined with fiberglass.
In essence, it is very versatile and one of the most useful and important raw materials for human beings. made fibers.
According to Alina Tugend of The New York Times, plastic bottles that usually hold water, soda and juice are made from oil-
Material-based labeled No is also called PET1.
\"The problem with the reuse of these plastic bottles is that each time they are cleaned and refilled, they become more scratched and crumpled, which can cause them to degrade.
\"This could lead to the dissolution of a trace metal called antimony,\" Frederick said . \".
Vom Saal, a professor of biology at the University of Missouri, has studied plastics for years.
In fact, even though all plastic containers have arrows
Triangle symbol with numbers (1-7)
The middle tips are recyclable and can only be recovered on the 1 th and 2 Th.
PET is the most recyclable plastic and is increasingly manufactured into a wide range of products.
Reusable Bag report: Just a few years after pets entered the US market in late 1970,
Think the company has found a way to turn recycled PET into many useful products --
The most common is packaging (
New bottle, for example)and fiber (
Textiles such as carpets)applications.
Other companies have followed suit. By the end of 1990, more than 1/2 of recycled pets were used each year.
Products made from recycled PET include blankets, belts, shoes, insulation, and even auto parts.
As demand increases and new applications for recycling PET are found, the market will provide more incentives for consumers to recycle PET.
The design arm agrees: PET can be recycled into fibers used in polyester fabrics.
The main designers use recycled plastic bottles in advanced customization.
Five PET bottles can produce enough fiber. large t-Shirt or twentyfive two-
A sweater can be made. Five two-
A liter of PET bottles can be filled with ski jackets.
Pets are also spun into fiber fillers for pillows and quilts like marshmallows.
Treehuger\'s Karin Kloosterman reported last spring that Bagir made the world\'s first set made of recycled PET bottles.
A $200 suit
It can be marked and Spencer-
\"Made from wool collected in Japan and recycled PET plastic bottles.
\"Treehuger has also recently exhibited the work of artist Miwa Koizumi: the series she gave the\" Pet Project \"is a clever collection of 1 plastic bottle (
PET (commonly known as PET)
Recovered, melted, cut, and other changes that look like marine life, mainly jellyfish.
The artist said, \"I like the idea of making water animals with liquid containers.
Contains/contains, garbage/no-
Garbage like jelly
Fish or sea anemone: life/nonliving.
I want some pets. . .
I just need to fish in the trash to get the material I want.
\"While it\'s a cool way to reuse some of the old San Pellegrino water bottles etc, the real charm of this project is crap --to-
The art process, while it\'s easy to see that the new jellyfish are real old plastic, is cool enough that it doesn\'t really matter.
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