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When refering to the national toys for Japan junior

by:Top-In     2020-07-24
Mobile Suit Gundam represents the series animation, comics, novels and toys, etc with colorful types and design based on the Gundam as the center, and finally constitutes a complete virtual world. Since the Mobile Suit Gundam appeared in 1979, Japan, it has the most famous, the most enduring and the largest series among all the Japanese robot theme cartoon works. The time span of the works is up to hundreds of years. Ok, let us look back the animated film of Mobile Suit, it is the humanoid weapon with the 18 meters height and it can be operated in the universe, air, ground and underwater. In addition to the general weapons such as Scattershot and laser light inside, there are also external laser sword, beam rifle, electromagnetic axes and guns and other weapons. The Minovsky particle which is the fictional item in the Mobile Suit Gundam can cause the radar system failure and then make the battle can not rely on missiles and other long-range weapons. Under such circumstance, the battle should be proceed in the short distance. Therefore in the world of Gundam, the huge warships are not the most important weapon and Gundam can easily destroy the warships without the protection of the Gundam. At the same time, due to the long-term life in the universe, human's perceptiveness and reactivity have dramatically improved after separating the shackles of gravity, and then evolve into the New Type, which have the strong spirit of sensitivity and the intuitive understanding on the moving objects in space. Because of this power, it has the fast reaction capacity in a flash and the strong decision. Some individual the New Type with the strong powder can even take the telepathy with other people or control the Gundam to to the remote control attack. As for kids toys based on the theme, Mobile Suit Gundam toy model, without doubt, is the successful and popular toy for kids. Because of the too many generations and the complicated assembly procedures, Mobile Suit Gundam model becomes the ashes-level players' favorite toy.
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