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The types of laminating machines: Roll laminators As the term implies, this equipment makes use of heated rollers to melt the adhesive and then rolled onto the film. This process is effective for posters, pictures and other papers that need lamination. Since the rollers are used, bubble and scratches are often prevented as compared to a shoe heater. Although this device is not recommend for the types of papers that can be damaged by heat. If that is the case, then you may opt to a cold roll laminator instead. It is the same procedure but differs on the temperature used. Pouch laminators This type of laminator is one of the cheapest and is used by a lot of small businesses. It is not that big and is very handy. It is good for businesses that do not always use laminators because it can be stored easier compared to other types. Its makes use of pouches to laminate papers that needs lamination or seal. Its different features: The type of heat source One of the most important things that help on the encasing process is heat. It is the one that will help melt the glue or any adhesive before it would roll to the laminating film. There are two types of heat source used on this process. The first one is the heat shoe. It consists of two layers that heat the top of the film and the other one heat up the bottom. The second type of heat source is the roller heater. It rolls as it heats the film. This type needs less electricity compared to a heat shoe. However, the shoe laminator is cheaper than the other. The type of speed The speed is also another factor on laminators. Some uses fixed speed and some uses variable speed. Both have its benefits but it would depend on what you need. Fixed speed means the machine would roll in a certain amount of time. On the other hand, the variable speed can be adjusted to the speed you require. The size of film There are various choices when it comes to the size of the film. It is important that you know the exact sizes of the film you would use for your laminating machines. This way, you would not encounter setbacks that include the fit of the pouch or the film.
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