The pioneer manufacturers of lamination film in China.

Which laser film company doing OEM?
China Top-In Film Manufacture Co.,Ltd provides OEM service. We analyze your product engineering and manufacturing and/or supply chain, and identify areas of cost savings or production advantages. Our industry-leading synthesis technologies, manufacturing capabilities, and technical expertise are available to you as a comprehensive OEM service. We support getting your products to market by leveraging our manufacturing capabilities as a full range of third-party and OEM services.

Top-In only produces digital laminates with high quality, high technology and unique design. The Toner foil is one of the main products of Top-In. The designers of Top-In soft touch lamination film have earned years of experiences in the industry. It is easy to operate on the laminating machine. Customers say one of the reasons they like it so much is when they strike it lightly, it will ring with a clear bell-like sound which makes them delightful. The product has a higher transparency.

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