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who\'s doing authenticity right?

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
Many readers have written to me asking if anyone has done the right thing about \"authenticity\" and the answer to this question is yes.
But let\'s understand why this is such a relevant question.
Authenticity is now important because it is part of the ultimate search in life and a search for meaning and belonging.
The new situation here is that the traditional sources of meaning in our culture, intimacy and extended families, and established religions, have lost their appeal to young consumers.
Thus, consumers look for meaning in places that have no meaning in history, including consumer goods.
It\'s hard to say how the meaning, attribution, authenticity and truth overlap, and everyone is different, but they all cross each other and are presented with authenticity, this has become a very important feature of consumer brands.
Thoughts on readers
From the above question, I made a point in the past few weeks to talk to some of the founders who are building companies that I think are real.
I\'m trying to remember what the founders did to make them so real.
Of course, not all founders of companies that are considered to be true are the same, but almost all founders have the characteristic of passion.
It\'s not just a word for these founders, in fact, it\'s not even a word.
They never use the word, and no one has ever said it, and obviously no one has ever mentioned it.
Their mission is to work on their products and customers, which is the biggest thing in the room when you are with them.
When they describe their company, they are on the edge of the seat even after years of operation, and they can\'t wait to tell you more about it, they are excited about what will happen next, and they can\'t believe how lucky they are to do what they should do every day.
Improve the world.
These founders believe they are helping people to make their lives better and make the world a better place.
You can feel their affirmation when they talk.
You may doubt their faith as much as you suspect rabbis, priests, ministers, or imam, thinking that what they are doing can improve humanity.
The least important thing is money.
They know they need to make a profit to complete the task, but they are less driven by money than most people.
They will do anything for their customers.
Their desire for customer satisfaction is so strong that they are not guided by the cost constraints that satisfy their customers.
Dissatisfied customers are personal failures.
Their customers are believers.
This is probably the most important difference between doing the right company for authenticity and not doing the right company for authenticity.
Customers are promoting to their friends when it works.
This is crucial, especially in directto-
In the consumer world, companies often fail because their marketing budgets run out of all their profits and more.
Real companies don\'t have a big marketing budget because their customers do marketing for them while the company makes money and develops.
They make money. This is a self-
Select criteria.
I only choose companies that I know are profitable (
Only one exception).
This is important because making money means it\'s a real business, not the risk of disappearing when investors lose patience.
Most companies not only make money, but also make high profits.
This is directly attributed to their authenticity because authenticity creates identity and desires to be associated with the brand.
This in turn makes consumers willing to pay the full price for a product.
This is a direct link between authenticity and profitability, which is a huge obstacle and challenge for many traditional brands.
For Assembled Brands, data
In this area, the most authentic brands tend to score high on what they call capital efficiency --
Income divided by share capital.
If a brand has to spend a lot of equity capital in order to attract customers, the number will be low and the number shows a potential lack of authenticity.
The product is stupid.
The fundamental belief system of these founders is their products (or service)is great.
They constantly challenge themselves to stay ahead, they constantly think about the best points of the product, and they are closely aware of every component, packaging part and feature of the product.
They are integrated with their products.
Finally, Kickstarter.
This is not the case for most companies, but a handful of successful, real founders have told me that they use Kickstarter to launch new products and avoid confusion in Google advertising and social media, and find true believers in new products
I recently met some founders at the Outdoor Retailer show in Denver, which is no coincidence. Sports-
Related businesses make it easier for people to identify with them because they are related to people\'s goals of choosing to experience and improve their health, which is another important trend at present.
The list of people who effectively convey authenticity is very long.
But here\'s a small sample, mainly from people I \'ve talked to over the last two weeks: oberalpe is a five-brand holding company, evolv and Salewa.
These products are very focused on specific outdoor markets for hikers, climbers, runners and hikers.
HNA obolach, who is the main head of obolap, is now bringing these brands to the United StatesS.
Tell me, \"in the past, the community was a religion and part of a place.
But now globally, there are new communities that understand each other through their campaigns to express their identity . . . . . . The community is very important now because people can\'t find their identity at work.
Oberrauch knows that the content he created is essential to adapt consumers to their brand, and he sees the metaphor of the lighthouse.
\"No brand can survive without a lighthouse, where you can explain your values,\" he told me . \".
GSI Outdoors was founded by two brothers who started making the best cooking equipment for campers.
Their hero product is a set of nested devices with multiple functions, high efficiency and light weight.
They have been innovating products and expanding to many other culinary fields
Camping related products.
They maintain the relevance of the product by getting feedback from the customer, they walk into the store of the retail customer, train the sales staff on how to use the product and keep the distance from the market.
A high proportion of the company\'s employees are active employees and users of the product.
Like Oberalp, the product is in a very special area, which makes it difficult for outsiders to penetrate.
When the founder of Stasher was a girl, her mother did not allow her to use disposable aluminum foil or plastic.
Stasher was founded to make plastic.
Free, reusable containers made of silicon have less impact on the environment and less impact on the products it contains.
The company\'s largest single sales channel is its own website, ranking the top three in the food targetstorage-to-go.
The company uses 1% of its sales to protect the environment.
Related charities
The founder told me, \"I\'m just a mom and entrepreneur who believes we can leave our planet to a better place for our children.
As a company B, I firmly believe that we have the ability to make a real impact through our business.
\"Peaches and lilies sell beauty products from Korea.
They start sourcing the most innovative beauty products they can find and become so knowledgeable and important that they start creating and selling their own branded products on their website.
Founder Alicia Yin told me, \"our management is very different and only 5% of us made our decision and we don\'t compromise, including creating our own brand products . . . . . . We are particularly proud that we achieve this through direct contact with end customers through digital and offline conversations, rather than focusing more on an ad-
\"The founder of Death Wish Coffee, who owns a failed coffee shop, found that coffee is more of a drink than a drink for ordinary people.
So he sold the coffee shop to his manager and made an extra-sum product and started selling it online.
Like the founders, the company\'s approach is not snobbish or indulgent, but practical, affordable and relevant.
It is now listed at Wal-Mart, targeting the high end of the Wal-Mart product range.
The company, which has about 200,000 followers on Instagram, has been good morning in the United States and won a $5 million Super Bowl business competition.
They have a podcast, interviews with celebrities, and their coffee is already on the ISS.
FinalStraw said, \"Americans use 0. 5 billion straws a day and what we are doing about it.
\"Their first product was a reusable straw that was sold primarily on their own website for $24.
Put it in your pocket or wallet.
The founder told me, \"This is not to make money, I am very satisfied with making less money.
She said she learned how to post products on \"YouTube University\", where she learned about the reasons for Kickstarter\'s success, how to post, how to leave A message on Facebook and how to do A/B test.
They sold $200,000 in the first 48 hours and you can see their tongue --in-
Cheek style in the video at the top of this article.
Their next product, the first product they call a \"permanent product\", is designed to continue and replace a single product
The product used is a \"FinalFork.
Dyrt is a service.
It allows users to book a place in camps across the United States.
But unlike Kayak, Expedia, or Travelocity, it\'s also a community.
Because users have a common interest in camping, they can post comments, pictures and comments about the camp to help other users get the best camping experience.
Dyrt, launched last year with about 250,000 fans on Facebook, is the number one camping app in the Google Play store and is expected to have 10 million visitors visit its website this year.
The user of Dyrt is its marketing.
Founder Sarah Smith told me, \"We don\'t want influencers with income, we want influencers to be real and do what they\'re really doing.
We like that all the pictures are not perfect, maybe it\'s a dump that someone doesn\'t like ,[
Give you our comments.
The real idea of the camp.
\"I don\'t think there are any other occupations or positions that are superior to this position.
Peak Design is the embodiment of my dream of personal freedom.
\"When we recently met at an outdoor retailer show, Peter Dering, founder of Peak Design, said.
In 2011, he launched the bag and camera device manufacturer on Kickstarter, improving the product by researching how to improve it in a better user experience.
These products are not cheap, and the starting price of backpacks is usually $259, so consumers will seriously consider them before buying them.
As Dering said, \"if they buy it, it\'s better for them to be serious.
\"Since they started the company, Kickstarter has earned just $32 million, although it\'s not their biggest source of revenue.
One more thing, one more important thing for these real companies: scale.
When a company is small, it is easier to be true and connect the passion of the founder.
The company in this article (
Only one exception)
Sales are over $10 million, some of which are over $100 million, which is not small.
But as Bain Capital\'s Scott friend recently said, it also raises the question, \"What\'s the big deal?
\"Can these young companies grow as Ralph Lauren of VF Corp?
Or Michael Coles?
Is authenticity a constraint on growth?
Large authentic brands such as Patagonia and Away Travel prove the argument that growth is not limited by authenticity.
But they may be exceptions, not rules.
No one knows now.
The list of really authentic companies is very long, and here is a small sample.
They show that authenticity is a feature associated with many categories, and that almost any kind of consumer product can be more authentic than in history.
At present, the desire for authenticity seems to stay here.
But the tastes of consumers have changed, teenagers in their teens have become people in their thirties, and what looks permanent needs to be modified.
One thing that remains the same is that entrepreneurs will find their own position.
The challenge for them will be to grow on a large scale and remain relevant.
If they are going to stick to it, they will eventually have to come up with a succession plan that requires their company to spread their values while surpassing their grand founding personality.
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