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why i wouldn\'t recommend baby food pouches

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
Every few years, there is a revolution in children\'s food and presentation.
The most popular trend at the moment is pou mouth food, and as far as I can tell, its popularity will only increase.
They are convenient and clean and do not require a spoon.
But do they have to be the best choice for your family every few years? There was a revolution in children\'s food and presentation.
Back to the day (before my time! )
Cans are seen as cutting edge in the long run
Storage and convenience.
When I was a kid, the glass jars were all the rage and were still the way many prepared baby food was stored.
Recently, many families have decided to make their own food (
Like they did in some parts of the world centuries ago)
, Stored in Service-
Adjust the dimensions of the container in the freezer as needed to re-heat.
The most popular trend at the moment is pou mouth food, and as far as I can tell, its popularity will only increase.
These small, flat, plastic foil containers seem to be the best solution for home food transportation on the go.
They provide healthy fruits and vegetables for children, and they often lack these precious foods very much.
They are both convenient and clean and do not require a spoon or a cold storage or microwave oven to allow the kids to get some healthy calories while running.
But must they be the best choice for your family? The food in the food bag usually includes vegetables, fruits or a combination of the two.
Manufacturers push the \"nature\" and \"organic\" perspective, which is a feeling good factor for parents who are cautious about the choice of processed foods for many children today.
I heard you!
But are they the best source of nutrition for the advantages of children\'s food bags: 1. Kids LOVE them.
Think for the children.
They gobbled them up. 2.
They are very convenient. 3.
Fruits and vegetables inside-
Children are often lacking in nutrition. 4.
Their preparation is regulated, controlled and hygienic. 5.
They are accessible. -
There are any grocery stores. 6.
No preparation required. 7.
Minimum cleaning is required. 8.
Parents know what their children eat. No measuring. No counting.
The reason why I recommend them is: 1.
Food bags are consumed by sucking instead of chewing.
Children need to learn how to eat.
Simply drawing sticky material from the packaging skips the learning experience, so a range of verbal skills can be bypassed. 2.
The children learn by touch and are able to see and smell the food they are going to eat.
It is impossible when the food is disguised as a bag, mixed together and hidden behind the label. 3.
Many children who have eaten too much puree food for a long time later became picky about solid food.
Of course, you don\'t want to rely on pouch nutrition in your childhood (though many do! ). 4.
Children develop good motor skills when they pick up food and play.
This is an important part of learning about food and how to eat it. 5.
A lot of exciting things about eating, such as the look and taste of it, have been changed because the kids can\'t see the food in the bag.
They really don\'t know what they are eating, so they can\'t make the right choice in the future. 6.
Small bags tend to have higher calories and sugar than real fruits or vegetables.
The fiber content is usually low, which gives you a feeling of fullness.
This means that children eat a lot of fructose in a short period of time, and it is possible to eat more than they need, which may lead to obesity. 7.
Children need to understand part of the control through trial and error.
The food bag tells your child how big a food is.
Take responsibility from your child to the manufacturer.
Improper control can also lead to obesity. 8.
Children should know what the food looks like.
Food bags can\'t help children connect food to its origins.
Bananas wrapped in tin paper don\'t look like bananas in the peel. 9.
Food is usually placed on the teeth.
The grinding quality of the food helps to clean.
Therefore, the risk of tooth decay and other dental problems increases, especially for children who suck bags for a long time. 10.
Most food bags provide a mixture of different fruits and vegetables.
The child himself does not know the taste of personal food. 11.
Although it is usually cheaper to buy fruits and vegetables in a natural state, the pouch seems relatively cheap.
A lot of the fees you pay are for convenience and packaging. 12.
The pouch is not good for the environment.
The packaging is finally landfill--a ton of waste.
But the pouch is convenient!
So in my opinion, what should parents do?
The food prepared is always a good choice.
So when the food bag can be incorporated into your child\'s diet in an appropriate way, try to use the food bag occasionally instead of using the food bag every day.
Use them when traveling, or sit down and eat fast food, which is not the best option at all.
Make sure your child\'s diet offers a variety of colors, textures and scents.
Let them explore the world through food.
Use bagged food as a accompaniment to the meal, not the only meal.
Small bags should not be the main form of nutrition for children.
Don\'t simply suck from the bag.
Serve bagged food in a spoon or bowl.
It is better for the child to see it and as much or less as he or she needs.
Sit with your children at the table.
The meal time should be social and entertaining.
If your child can\'t eat unclean food, please go to the doctor.
This may be a matter of conduct, although there may be internal reasons for this refusal.
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