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why is it important for packaging to be more reflective and excellent quality?

by:Top-In     2020-08-07
The packaging of the product is the most important.
The quality it carries.
This helps to translate the efforts and atmosphere of the brand into products, and helps to build a unique identity of the brand, thus distinguishing the brand from other brands.
Packaging should always reflect the meaning, quality and value of the brand.
When a brand marks its product with a price tag worth a few dollars, its only chance to attract consumers to buy it is through brand promotion, a product that packs decent, enough to reflect the quality inside the package.
Consumers today are much more advanced.
They won\'t fall for anything.
Let\'s take a look at the market trends of chocolate bars.
Demand for chocolate bars containing 100% cocoa is on the rise.
Cocoa is not an ordinary product.
It grows almost exclusively in a few specific locations in the world and reaches the powder stage after a long brewing process.
That\'s why the price tag on a piece of chocolate is always related to how good the quality of the chocolate is.
A $9 chocolate bar is always better in taste and quality than a milk bar worth 80 cents.
Milk will never lag behind when it comes to the finest chocolate, as it mainly uses butter and sugar in the mixture, making cocoa just a minor ingredient that makes up 26%.
If you compare it to a bar or Lindt, you can easily separate the two from the package.
Lindt is perfectly packaged with quality paper and creative design marks on the box.
There are 70% cocoa in the bar, and the packaging itself can be clearly displayed.
Packed inside is the bite of heaven sealed with aluminum foil to the perfect luxury, as well as a lot of creativity.
On the other hand, milk is a bit too common.
Something specially made for young people is confused by its glitz.
The shiny blue packaging is the cheapest and the design is something that only children will like.
The brand has little investment in packaging, and the melting quality inside the bar is very reflective on bad packaging.
Countless times before you open the package, a bar of milk has melted in a sealed package.
Not only is this unsafe, but it completely wastes 80 cents as it is mostly sugar and butter that you pay for in the name of chocolate.
The good packaging clearly states what is inside.
Packaged products are the only things that attract customers today.
A brand needs to take this aspect of it more seriously.
Mobile phones cannot be sold in boxes without frames, exquisite gold jewelry cannot be sold in plastic containers, processed food cannot be sold with damaged seals.
The packaging of the product should cater to the internal needs of the product.
For example, the food must be sealed in a closed package to seal the freshness of the interior.
The packaging of canned tuna must be perfectly sealed so as not to cause harm to consumers.
If the can is not made of premium foil, it may start to rust from inside because the shelf life of the canned tuna should be longer.
The packaging should be tested over time until at least the expiry date printed on the can.
If it starts to deteriorate before the due date and even reaches the due date, the brand will suffer a loss as the retailer will ask for a refund.
In order to thrive in today\'s savvy market, brands need to make appropriate plans on product packaging.
The main problem with the fight against packaging is to develop packaging in some way;
It retains the quality of the product itself.
Few businesses do not deliver products to other cities abroad, even the country and the mainland.
Products should go beyond various inspection positions and undergo numerous inspections, loading and unloading. A brand should ensure that the packaging is flexible enough to maintain a good state before the product reaches the consumer.
Custom packaging should be made of high quality materials that will maintain the quality of the internal goods, regardless of constant wear and tear.
If a product is packaged in a way that harms the dignity of the product itself, then it bears the huge investment cost of high-quality raw materials, design and research and will eventually fail.
With quality products, the brand must deploy the same effort and money on the packaging in order to endure the normal wear and tear caused by the export products.
Whether it\'s cake pastries or car makers, it\'s nothing new to export overseas or ship to distant places.
A business should be fully prepared for the delivery of things, good packaging is the most important here.
Practical, but reasonable.
Even if you are selling diamond jewelry, it does not mean that the box must have a gold coating.
There should be cost in packagingeffective.
The secret lies between reasonable and uncompromising packaging quality.
Consumers will always be attracted to the best products affected by the shelves, so this is the issue that the brand must consider.
The elasticity of the package ranks second.
Others depend on the product itself, brand identity and its marketing strategy.
Its design aspect is the best opportunity for a brand to get when marketing its name.
The logo or slogan should be the logo that the package should bring so that loyal customers can easily discover the product when new customers are curious to approach.
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