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why samsung had to delay the galaxy foldable phone

by:Top-In     2020-08-05
Samsung Electronics
The galaxy Fold was postponed on Monday, a $1,980 device from smartphones to small tablets.
After the onereview Department, which lent to Bloomberg News, stopped testing for two days and replaced a device, the South Korean tech giant apparently postponed its release.
The problem with Foldscreen will be solved by itself.
But the problem is deeper.
Not good enough as a mobile phone.
As a tablet, there are too many drawbacks.
As a combination device that can be deformed between the two, Galaxy Fold is an intriguing sneak peek at what may happen in mobile computing in the future ---
But maybe not for many years.
First fold review modelarrived April 15.
This is an exciting moment.
In a world filled with black shiny rectangles from Apple
Google and other companies, Samsung at least tried something different.
However, the compromise soon became apparent.
When using a mobile phone in fold format, the device is thick and a bit bulky
About the width of two regular smartphones. The4. 3-
The inch screen is of little use other than making and answering calls;
It\'s too narrow except for quick messages.
And today\'s full-
Screen phone with very thick bezel on top and bottom.
In addition, the front glass looks as durable as other smartphones.
This product displays a huge, bright and colorful display.
But when serious defects occur.
When you take it out of the box, the screen hada plastic film inside looks like a screen protector or any other thin plastic that appears on a new phone, desk or TV set.
The protective layer begins to peel off in the corner on the left, and then naturally urges it to be removed.
After the film was released, the display began to malfunction almost immediately.
Samsung did not tell reviewers to keep the film on the device and the packaging did not warn users not to remove it.
After a day, the left side of the folded display stops working.
Later that night, about three.
The part on the right side of the screen turns black.
The next morning, the entire folding screen was dead.
There is also a slight tear on the top of the hinge.
This may be the cause of the monitor problem.
Still, the difference between a $1,980 phone job and a complete failure should not be a film.
After several reviewers complained, Samsung asked topick to fold the broken one up on Thursday.
It offered a replacement a day later.
The second unit does not have a warning about the cross screen protector, but Samsung said last week that it will make this requirement clear to consumers.
Over the weekend, with the screen protector in place, the second folding phone avoids the fate of brothers and sisters.
However, the film is out of the box
Just like the puncture mark on the left side of the unfolded screen.
There is also a gap between the edge of the screen protector and the actual side of the display that can be anodized, which may leave room for dust and lint accumulation.
After two days of normal use, there was a slight mark on the edge of the screen protector.
Other small marks also appear on the screen, indicating that folding may not hold well over time.
There is also a lot of glare and reflection, which makes it difficult to watch in some lighting conditions.
The screen also has obvious creases in the center where it folds.
The creases are not so obvious when watching the video.
But when you do something else, like reading a blog post or clicking on the app, you can see it.
While the software is not perfect, it is the perfect part of the Galaxy Fold experience.
Many applications seamlessly transition from small screens to unexpanded screens (
Although you rarely use that smaller screen).
Some building of the operating system-
The big screen also has great advantages in function.
Taking pictures with a very good camera with a larger viewfinder is a great experience.
The bigger screen also makes it better
Watch the device for the NBA playoffs this weekend.
Once you set up and get used to the interface, the ability to run three apps at a time and move them to your liking works well.
After nearly a week of working with galaxy Fold, Samsung\'s efforts felt like a concept device, not a finished product.
There are too many defects in the display.
It\'s a fascinating idea to put both the phone and the tablet in your pocket, but it\'s still just an idea.
It might be better for users to spend $1,000 on Galaxy S10 smartphones, $8-$250
Samsung has saved about $750 in tablets.
Apple fans can consider buying the $1,100 iPhone XS Max, plus the $400 iPad mini, while keeping the remaining $500 in revenue.
Potential folding bursts of galaxies.
Both Samsung and other companies will eventually improve it.
If such a device can become a mobile phone and tablet at the same time, and has optimized software, and does not have these display defects, then it may be the next big hit mobile device.
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