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wonderful uses of bopp film for packaging and in fisheries

by:Top-In     2020-01-12
BOPP Film is one of the most widely used materials in the packaging industry.
This two-way tensile polypropylene (BOPP)
The film is a film that stretches in two directions.
It has a variety of uses due to its excellent performance.
The transparency of the BOPP Film is high. The outstanding quality of the BOPP film is its high density, so when you compare it with similar films such as polyester film, the yield will be high.
It is very clear so you can see them directly.
This is useful when you need to check the material frequently before or during shipping.
Because of its high gloss and beautiful look, people use it for packaging.
You can also use colored glue to bring an enhanced look.
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The finish is great, adding to the quality of the package.
If you\'re dealing with high-
High quality products, must meet the high expectations of the people who buy the products you provide the packaging.
They also show good resistance to oil, grease and other substances that can damage other packages.
So you can use the package if it is possible to continue to be exposed to these substances.
The tensile quality of the tape is found using sealing media during heavy carton transportation and inventory management.
This is a thermoplastic polymer with specific tensile properties.
When you stretch the film, it puts more force on the package.
This is good when you need a more transparent or tight package.
The high tensile strength and tough properties make them ideal for strong transport and rough handling.
It also features wear resistance and perfect dimensional stability.
The reason why the user chooses adhesive tape is that they can prevent wrinkles and shrinkage.
You can easily recycle them in many ways.
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It can handle both low temperature and high temperature well.
Moreover, it does not show any deformation or abnormality when exposed to UV or X-raysrays.
The BOPP tape looks fine so you can use it to make a nice package or gift.
This is one of its best uses.
Due to the moisture-proof performance of the BOPP tape, it is still suitable for the industry that is about to come into contact with water.
For example, in fisheries, the user packs sensitive materials in heavy-duty cartons and seals them with BOPP tape.
They use color codes for the tape so they can easily identify the boxes.
Another major use of BOPP tape is brand advertising.
The use of color tape helps to increase the sales ability, because once you have established the brand color in the market, it is easy for people to agree with it.
It helps inventory by using colors
Coded bulk packaging of specific items in the warehouse.
You can use film for surface protection of materials and goods.
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