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Digital lamination film
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1inch core BOPP Super Sticky Digital Thermal Film

1inch core BOPP Super Sticky Digital Thermal Film

Digital thermal lamination film is more suitable for special prints which are with thicker ink, solid color, digital prints or advertising inject prints.

Office Use Digital Thermal Lamination Films

1.Versatility: Digital Bopp film serves multiple purposes in the office, such as covering documents, creating temporary labels, and packaging.

2. Lightweight and Compact: The lightweight nature of Digital Bopp film, coupled with the one-inch core design, ensures that it takes up minimal space in the office. This makes it convenient for storage and transportation.

3. Durability: Digital Bopp film is durable, providing effective protection against tearing or folding, ensuring that documents remain intact over an extended period.

4. Clarity and Transparency: Digital Bopp film is highly transparent, allowing for clear visibility of document contents when covered. This is beneficial for displaying charts, drawings, or other important materials.

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