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Super Sticky Digital Film/Digital Thermal Film

Super Sticky Digital Film/Digital Thermal Film


Digital Bopp Lamination Film/Super Sticky Bopp Lamination Film

Color digital printing technology brings new problems, color digital printing in the pre-press, printing process to printing enterprises to bring great convenience, but to the post-press process brings great challenges, especially the color digital printing film problem, this problem has been plaguing digital printing enterprises. As we all know, because most of the digital printing equipment uses toner imaging technology, adding silicone oil when fixing, especially when printing a large area of dark patterns, the amount of silicone oil is larger, and the anti-viscosity is strong, and the traditional film coating technology (water-based, oily, non-adhesive film coating) can not be applied to solve. Although the ordinary pre-coated film can be barely combined under the thickening of the adhesive layer and special hot mounting operation, the adhesion strength is low and the phenomenon of bubbles and whiteness cannot be solved when facing the impact process such as the indentation process. To solve these problems, we developed digital precoating film. The product has been launched by many European and American customers alike and a large number of re-purchases.


Item: gloss 20mic, matt 17mic , matt 23mic

Width: 200mm-1520mm

Length: 200m-4000m

PS: We also produce digital soft touch film and digital anti-scratch film. free sample are available.

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