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PET Thermal Lamination Film
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PET Laminating Pouch Film

PET Laminating Pouch Film

Photos, cards, files, menus,  etc.

Products:   PET laminating film/PET pouch film
Thickness: 35mic-300mic  
Regular sizes: 4R, 5R, A5, A4, A3, A3+, 24", 36", 42"
Regular packing sheets: 50 sheets/packs, 100 sheets/packs.
Regular packing cartons: 10 packs/cartons

1. Regular sizes, MOQ 100 packs,  some special models may need more.
2. Backprint, can offer regular back print (Proffessional Photo Paper) and customer print. The MOQ will be different for kinds of paper.
3. Color sheets, MOQ 3000 sheets/models
4. Aluminium foil bag, MOQ 20K pcs/models
5. Color boxes, MOQ 3000 pcs/models

Delivery time:

10-20 working days after payment.

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