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PET Thermal Lamination Film
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PET Thermal Lamination Film Matt

PET Thermal Lamination Film Matt

PET Thermal Lamination Film Matt,  more waterproof, antifouling, wear-resisting, folding, chemical corrosion and other effects.

Transparent PET film Thermal Laminating Film Rolls is based on PET FILM ,Then EVA adhesive coated .Transparent PET precoated film refers to the process of laminating and rewinding PET film in advance and then combining it with paper printing.Coating film, it is to point to be coated on plastic film adhesive, with paper printed matter after heating, pressure to make its agglutinate together, form the processing technology of paper plastic products.


1.The thickness of should be between 0.02 and 0.2mm, and the surface tension reach 4.0 x 10-2n /m after corona treatment or other treatment, so as to have better wetting performance and bonding performance.

2.The corona treatment surface treatment effect uniform, the transparency of the higher the better, to ensure that the covered print has the best clarity.

3.With good light resistance, under the light for a long time not easy to change color, the geometric size remains stable.

4.Has a certain chemical stability.

5.Appearance should be flat, no uneven and wrinkles, no bubbles, shrinkage and pitting and other defects.


Specification date:

Type: Glossy/matte transparent PET Thermal Lamination Film

Gold Metalized Thermal Lamination Film

Silver Metallized Polyester Film For Thermal lamination

Brushed Metallized FILM /transparent bopet thermal lamination film (Accept customized)

Thickness:12 -250 micron( Accept customized)

Width: ≤2100mm

Color:Silver and Gold is normal color , accept other colors customized

Paper core ID: 3 “ 76mm,6”152mm

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