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BOPP matte thermal laminating film

The usage of BOPP thermal lamination film matte

1)Laminated with printing for books, catalogs

2)Outside coating with wrapping box for food, medicine

3)Digital printing

4)Paper,documents and so on


Process parameter

1)Length: 200m-4000m(Upon customer’s requirement)

2)Width: 200mm-1920mm (Upon customer’s requirement)

3)Thickness: 18μm, 20μm, 25μm, 28μm

4)Paper core: 25.4mm(1 inch),58mm(2.25inches),76mm(3 inches)


How to use bopp matte thermal lamination film?

Equipment for laminating film: Dry and wet laminator machine.

Temperature: Normal: 85~100 centigrade; Special: 100~110centigrade

Roller pressure: Normal: 8~15Mpa; Special: 16~25 Mpa

Speed: Normal: 5~30 M/min; Special: 5-10 M/min


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