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21 Buzzwords That Goldman Sachs Thinks All Investors Should Know Now

by:Top-In     2020-08-09
Have you heard of space congestion, robotic or liquid biopsy?
These phrases are part of the 21 investment buzzwords identified by Goldman Sachs in the third annual buzzword edition, and the June 16 report states that the report identifies \"to meet the criteria for thematic importance and investment impact, new words and phrases for good or bad.
Below is a breakdown of what each and any American means
S. listed companies highlighted in the report may benefit (
Several companies at risk)
From each trend.
How much are you familiar with these buzzwords?
Affected industries: increasingly crowded space for aerospace and defense.
\"Space congestion is the result of more than 50 years of launches, operations and accidents,\" wrote Noah boonak, an analyst at Goldman Sachs . \".
\"When satellites are destroyed, they discard certain orbital paths with shrapnel that spread and destroy other satellites, creating exponential risk effects.
Major space powers such as Russia, China and the United States have tested anti-satellite weapons and produced large pieces of debris.
\"The more space is crowded, the more satellites currently operating will have to maneuver around these pieces,\" shortening their life expectancy and possibly closing the door for breaking through new space applications, he wrote.
This provides opportunities for aerospace and defense companies to build more technologies to identify (likely smaller)
Space objects and develop safe operation measures.
Beneficiary: Boeing (BA -Get Report)
Lockheed Martin (LMT -Get Report)
Track ATK (OA)
Northrop Grumman (NOC)
Lockheed Martin is the holding company of Jim Kramer\'s action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
Jack Mohr, director of research at Cramer and Action Alerts Plus, wrote in a recent weekly review: affected industries: consumers have too many things.
\"There has always been a change between commodity categories, but consumers in DM (
Developed markets)
Goldman Sachs analyst Huge Scott-\"countries may have reached the maximum ownership of a variety of physical goods, which is a Huge change compared to consumption-driven growth over the past 50 yearsGall wrote.
Consumers would rather spend their money on experience than buying on cars, expensive clothes or luxury goods.
\"As more and more physical goods become rich in terms of price or availability, their appeal is reduced relative to a more frightening experience,\" the report said . \".
Beneficiary companies: companies at risk for cruise lines, theme parks, tours and on-site events: industries affected by traditional consumer retailers and automakers: 2016, with the help of Microsoft\'s public comments, technical robotsMSFT -Get Report)
\"Robots are new applications,\" said CEO Satya Nadella.
\"Facebook, April (FB -Get Report)
Open Facebook Messenger to third parties
According to Goldman Sachs, party robots are being developed.
According to recode, a bot or chat bot is \"a piece of software designed to automate tasks that you will usually do on your own, such as booking dinner, adding appointments to a calendar or getting and displaying information.
The chat robot simulates the conversation.
Goldman Sachs said that interest and innovation in artificial intelligence and the increasing use of information platforms have led to the rise of robots.
Benefit Company: Facebook (FB -Get Report), Amazon (AMZN -Get Report), Microsoft (MSFT -Get Report), Salesforce. com (CRM -Get Report), NVIDIA (NVDA -Get Report), Zendesk (ZEN -Get Report)
Facebook is the holding company of Jim Cramer action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
Jack Mohr, director of research at Cramer and Action Alerts Plus, wrote in a recent weekly review: affected industries: Consumer sports are the intersection of sportswear and fashion. \"Athleisure --
The combination of sports and leisure ---is a sub-
Lindsay Drucker Mann, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, wrote: \"Men\'s and women\'s clothing categories, the aesthetics of fashion clothing and the function, fit and technical manufacturing of sports clothing are all met here . \".
\"More generally, it\'s a lot more
A year of fashion in the United StatesS. in which: (1)performance-
More and more directional clothing and technical fabrics are worn outside the gym, and (2)
Fitness clothes are becoming more and more fashionable.
\"This phenomenon has expanded to other consumer categories besides clothing, including accessories and footwear such as leggings, casual sneakers and fitness trackers.
Benefit enterprise: Nike (NKE -Get Report)
, Lululemon (LULU -Get Report)
Dick\'s Sporting Goods (DKS -Get Report)
, Foot Locker (FL -Get Report)
Affected industries: Daniela Costa, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, said industrial mobility was the next \"big event\" in the robotics sector, even if the trend remained \"new \".
Mobot is a mobile robot, or a robot that can change its position independently.
\"In most cases, these can be seen as a combination of collaborative robots (
Considering the sensing capability required to work safely/walk with humans)
And automatic guidance of vehicles or other means of movement (e. g. , robotic legs),\" Costa wrote.
As a way to save labor costs, the company has generated more interest in mobots (
Especially in the case of a decline in technical costs)
In addition to increasing product customization, Costa added, this also drives demand for more flexible manufacturing systems.
Industries that are interested in robots include manufacturing, military, service, logistics and hospitals.
Beneficiary company: Alphabet (GOOG -Get Report)(GOOGL -Get Report), Amazon (AMZN -Get Report)
Jim is the holding company of Jim Cramer action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
Jack Mohr, director of research at Cramer and Action Alerts Plus, wrote in a recent weekly review: affected industries: mining/material production-to-
\"Worst\" is the term used in assessing corporate bonds or credit pressures. \"Yield-to-worst (YTW)
Is the minimum potential yield that bonds can get without the issuer defaulting--
Basically, the lower limit of yield. to-
Due or yield-to-
If the bond has pre-
Chris Jost, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, wrote.
\"Although the balance sheet disappeared from investors\' minds during the 1Q rebound, the industry is still highly leveraged,\" he later wrote . \".
\"We expect key industrial metal prices to fall to cost support levels within 2 hours, when leverage may be the subject again.
We believe that YTW is a tool that should be taken out of the back of the shed to dust to stay ahead of this trend.
Affected company: Rio Tinto (RIO), Glencore (GLCNF)
First Quantum (FQVLF), Freeport-McMoRan (FCX -Get Report)
Affected industries: the term technology/electronic OLED represents organic LEDs, which Kodak began to develop as early as 1987.
Today, common electronic products such as televisions, smartphones and tablets mainly use LEDs, while oled is still in its early stages --
Brian Lee, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, pointed out the adoption period.
\"The fundamental difference between the two technologies is that OLED materials glow pixel by pixel and use organic materials, while LCD displays use inorganic materials to illuminate pixels in LED backlighting,\" he wrote . \".
According to Lee, OLED technology is superior to LED technology.
Among other benefits, it has better color contrast, faster response times, and the ability to produce flexible and/or transparent products.
As the cost of production technology continues to decline, OLED has the opportunity to \"eat away\" several categories of electronics.
Benefit enterprise: Apple (AAPL -Get Report)
, Samsung, application materials (AMAT -Get Report), Corning (GLW -Get Report)
Xiaomi Apple is the holding company of Jim Kramer\'s action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
Jack Mohr, director of research at Cramer and Action Alerts Plus, wrote in a recent weekly review: affected industries: Manufacturing/industrial machine vision refers to imaging
Based on automatic detection, it is becoming an important part of the manufacturing process in many industries such as food and beverage, automobile and pharmaceutical.
The scope of application is from supplementary manual inspection (e. g.
Ensure product quality on factory production line)
Process Control (e. g.
Make sure the part reads the bar code in the correct area)
Guidance for industrial robots (e. g.
Help determine the direction/position of the robot)
Goldman Sachs analyst qiao · li qi wrote.
\"Therefore, machine vision can help detect defects, produce products at a higher speed and reduce costs.
Beneficiary company: kangnaishi (CGNX -Get Report), Keyence (KYCCF), Omron (OMRNY)
National Instruments (NATI -Get Report)
Affected areas: technology, the next generation of remote communication in wireless technology is 5g, which will drive the development of 4g/LTE technology.
Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski wrote that while the exact standards and specifications are still two to three years away, the technology will be far superior to other technologies in three ways.
\"5g should provide 100x faster wireless compared to the typical 10 Mbps 4g speed, with a typical 5g speed of 1 Gbps.
The target delay for 5g is as low as 1 ms, 50 times lower than the 4g network.
Finally, the 5g architecture should be able to support more 100x devices in terms of scalability, \"analysts wrote.
\"Driven by these improvements, we expect 5g to be a key enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT)
Just like 4g is a key enabler for mainstream smartphone applications.
Beneficiary company: Verizon (VZ -Get Report), Sprint (S -Get Report), AT&T T, T-Mobile (TMUS -Get Report), Qualcomm (QCOM -Get Report), Cisco (CSCO -Get Report), Broadcom (AVGO -Get Report), Murata (MRAAY), Intel (INTC -Get Report)
Crown Castle (CCI -Get Report), Zayo (ZAYO -Get Report)
China Mobile (CHL)
Cisco is the holding company of Jim Cramer action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
Jack Mohr, director of research at Cramer and Action Alerts Plus, wrote in a recent weekly review: affected industries: Utilities/energy network metering is National-by-
National policy on how to compensate the United StatesS.
Excess power for rooftop solar owners.
According to Goldman Sachs analysts Brian Lee and Michael lapidders, the issue has been changing after six months of \"eventful autumn.
Solar energy accounts for only 1% of total electricity generation in the United States. S.
But 30% years-over-
The annual growth of distributed solar energy in the past few years has received the attention of regulators. -
Specifically, \"how to fairly compensate solar customers for selling excess power back to the grid,\" analysts said.
At present, there are policies related to net metering in 44 states and Colombian districts, and customers only need to pay the electricity charges used.
However, the report said that earlier this year, the issue \"became the focus after very different decisions were made by different state Utilities Committees \".
California \"After two years, net metering remained unchanged until 2018
Comprehensive litigation, and (Nevada)
A gradual change to reduce reimbursement rates and higher fixed fees eliminates the economy of switching to solar energy
Not only new solar customers, but also existing solar customers.
Despite the greater importance of CA, NV\'s decision surprised industry participants and triggered negative emotions . \"
After negative reports from Nevada News, \"feedback shows that investors are reluctant to enter stocks that are uncertain about the future competition environment,\" the report said . \".
\"In addition, the recent negative developments in the AZ and CO debates have outpaced the positive developments in MA/NY, where utilities and solar advocates have reached/proposed compromises.
Risk company: SolarCity (SCTY), Sunrun (RUN -Get Report)
, Vivint Solar energy (VSLR -Get Report)
The trend of e-sports is heating up.
\"Remember the last time you watched your favorite football team or tennis match at the stadium?
Now imagine that what you\'re watching is not a football player, but a video game player competing with each other, \"writes Goldman Sachs European analyst led by Lisa Yang.
\"E-sports is like this. organized and competitive computer games have become mainstream audience activities (
Online or Arena)
Become a big company.
You will find professional/amateur players playing for the team, participating in regional/national/international leagues, organizing many events and tournaments around the world and gathering millions of loyal fans.
Beneficiary company: Activision Blizzard (ATVI -Get Report)
Electronic art (EA -Get Report), Amazon (AMZN -Get Report), Alphabet (GOOG -Get Report)(GOOGL -Get Report)(YouTube)
Jim is the holding company of Jim Cramer action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
Cramer and Jack Mohr, director of Action Alert and research, said in a recent weekly review: Affected departments: Health care liquid biopsy is a \"blood-
\"Based on diagnostic tests, look for genetic mutations associated with cancer,\" wrote Goldman Sachs analyst Isaac Luo . \".
This test may be valuable in detecting cancer compared to tissue biopsy because \"Cancer is a disease rooted in genetics and treatment protocols are increasingly focused on specific genetic markers, ro wrote.
\"By keeping doctors routinely informed about the development of cancer at a genetic level, liquid biopsy has the potential to detect disease progression earlier, resulting in better patient outcomes,\" he wrote . \".
In addition, the test can also be used in other areas such as crowd screening, tumor profile, minimum residual disease testing, and mitigation testing over time.
Ro estimates that the total addressable market for liquid biopsy will be $14 billion by 2025.
Benefit Company: Illumina (ILMN -Get Report)
Fountain medicine (FMI), Qiagen (QGEN -Get Report)
Affected industries: consumers in the field of luxury consumption, \"look now, buy now\" has become a hot trend.
The term means that stores and online stores can also buy fashion at fashion shows immediately. a six-to-nine-
It\'s traditionally a month to wait.
On February, Burberry announced at London Fashion Week that the series seen on the catwalk was already available to customers in the store, and this trend began.
\"Technology democratizes fashion and luxury goods.
Buying decisions are no longer made by a few people in VIP rooms in large stores, but by an increasing number of aspiring middle-class consumers who interact with brands through multiple channels, carl Hazeley, a European analyst at Goldman Sachs, wrote.
\"These changes in consumer behavior have driven profound changes in the luxury and fashion industries, putting pressure on traditional operating models, forcing them to turn \'stylish\' on expensive fashion shows into sales and have
\"The companies that benefit: the luxury industry: the huge craft movement driven by the millennial generation of consumers is everywhere in the changing beer products, but it can also cover other beverages, including cider, soda and white wine.
It\'s linked to the farm. to-
According to the notes, table and restaurant sports.
\"Craft products are seen as handmade products that are usually produced in small batches, often supporting local communities and providing a real experience through quality ingredients, unique flavors and higher perceived quality,\" writes Jodie Hong, an analyst at Goldman Sachs.
Craft beer accounts for 10% of beer (
19% of dollar share)
Hong Lei wrote on 2015.
\"Millennials, they represent the largest age group in the United States. S.
\"It\'s more experimental, looking for bolder flavors, and having a high tendency towards something that is considered more\" authentic \",\" Hong added . \".
\"Therefore, the\" craftsman \"phenomenon provides interesting insights into the dynamics of competition in the industry, which are characterized by a large number of small, unique products, it has an important impact on larger in-service personnel who need to adapt or face greater consequences.
Benefit enterprise: Constellation Brand (STZ -Get Report), Heineken (HEINY)
Risk Company: Boston Beer (SAM -Get Report), Brown-Forman (BF. A -Get Report)
Affected industries: as other consumer companies, the consumer staple food industry is undergoing tremendous changes with the development of e-commerce
The business platform provides a key competitive advantage that stores cannot: scope.
While the term \"unlimited hold\" can be applied to many categories, we usually apply it to categories sold through grocery retailers, many of which are produced by consumer staple food companies.
\"For these categories, we think online mobility is the most fundamental shift since the 1930 generation of supermarkets came out,\" wrote Mitch Collett, a European analyst at Goldman Sachs . \".
But the variety of grocery stores is very different from those that can transform online and those that have not yet.
Beauty, personal care, pets
Related projects are the categories that best penetrate global e-commercecommerce.
Beneficiary enterprise: Amazon (AMZN -Get Report)
Estee Lauder (EL -Get Report)
Venture Company: Unilever (UL)
Affected areas: Technology virtual reality puts the concept of immersive or immersive storytelling in the front and center.
\"We define immersion as a feeling that exists in a virtual or real environment,\" writes Goldman Sachs analysts Heather Bellini and Shateel Alam . \".
\"In essence, virtual reality can take you to a completely different world, from taking you to the stadium in an NBA game to a fantastic video game.
Virtual reality can increase the effect of audio, vision and even touch, allowing users to immerse themselves in the environment.
\"In our view, the degree of immersion is one of the key points of the appeal of virtual reality,\" they wrote . \".
Emerging areas where immersion can be used include video games, live events, news, video entertainment and education, they say.
Benefit Company: Facebook (FB -Get Report), Sony (SNE -Get Report)
Facebook is the holding company of Jim Cramer action alert and Charitable Trust Portfolio.
Affected sectors: healthcare/biotechnology synthetic biology refers to the process of \"creating new functions for engineering cells and organisms.
\"These applications are very broad and involve a wide range of industries such as health care, food and energy,\" Goldman Sachs analyst Isaac Luo said . \".
Ro lists some examples, including creating non-brown apples when hit, breeding and growing to mature salmon, doubling their growth rate, and adjusting yeast to produce for perfume
\"There are a number of emerging companies that apply traditional engineering principles to cells and organisms,\" Ro wrote . \".
\"The opportunity to redesign the new feature design unit
Shape manufacturing-
Based on business models in various fields, organic processes are cheaper and faster.
With the maturity of synthetic biology technology, we believe that the economic impact on the health care, food and energy industries is potential.
\"Benefit Company: London (XON -Get Report)
Affected industries: car manufacturers/car suppliers entering the connected automotive world, the term V2X refers to vehicles-to-
Vehicle or vehicleto-
Infrastructure technology.
Wireless technology allows \"vehicles to communicate with other road users and roadside units placed on street lights, buildings, other infrastructure, and even with pedestrians and cyclists, patrick Archambault, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, wrote.
There are many benefits to this technology, both in traditional driver-controlled vehicles and self-driving vehicles.
\"We believe that while V2X technology can be used in various situations such as wireless charging and parking payments, he wrote:\" The main benefit is still Security, and by basically allowing the vehicle to \"see\" more things than the human eye can perceive to achieve safer autonomous driving. \".
Benefit enterprise: Delphi automobile (DLPH -Get Report), Denso (DNZOY)
Affected industries: India\'s yoga guru Baba Ramdev is sweeping his country and for large consumption such as Unilever, Nestle and Colgate by introducing Ayurveda-based products
\"Ayurvedic is a medical system that originated in India and has evolved for more than 2,000 years.
The inner trust of Ayurvedic
Basic Remedies for Indian consumers have enabled Patanjali to overcome the \"trust deficit\" faced by new entrants \".
Aditya Soman and Anita Yiu, Asia Pacific analyst at Goldman Sachs, wrote: \"Patanjali now sells more than 500 products, from toothpaste to consumer health care . \".
Ramdev is the face of Patanjali Aurved Ltd.
Although the company is not the first to launch the Ayurveda series
Patanjali grew rapidly with the help of lower prices (
With the help of weak commodity prices recently)
Loyalty to \"nationalist\" products targeted at large multinationals and social media helped raise awareness, the report said.
Venture Company: Unilever (UL), Colgate-Palmolive (CL -Get Report)
Affected industries: Tian Liu and Jacqueline du Ledo, China analysts at energy Goldman Sachs, put forward \"energy internet\" or \"IoE\" as reasons for China, as the world\'s largest energy market and the largest investor in renewable energy, it is difficult to provide energy to users in the fight against outdated infrastructure.
The \"energy internet\" includes the use of advanced hardware (
Electronics, sensors, batteries, etc ). and software (
Automation and big data analysis, etc),\" they wrote.
\"Simply put, China needs to invest in better hardware and software that is much smarter than ever,\" analysts wrote, adding that in the country, there are opportunities for ultra-high voltage transmission, power distribution automation, electric vehicle charging and energy storage. No U. S.
The company was mentioned along with the buzzword.
Although voters in Switzerland have recently rejected a proposal to introduce basic income ---
Monthly allowance--
Goldman Sachs analyst Sumana Manohar says it is still a buzzword for all adults.
Manohar wrote that basic income should be the answer to reducing inequality and improving the efficiency of the welfare system, especially in the case of high unemployment among young people and an increase in labor automation.
Critics say such income will curb people\'s enthusiasm for work and will not help fund such projects.
\"While Switzerland was the first country to hold a referendum on unconditional basic income, this is an idea that is being considered in the rest of the world,\" Manohar wrote . \".
\"The government of Finland is planning a pilot project to provide basic income for a small community, while Utrecht in the Netherlands did the pilot last year.
This is not a new idea either.
Thomas Payne made the proposal at the end of the 18 th century. \"No U. S.
The company was mentioned along with the buzzword.
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