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8 Alternative Packing Materials

by:Top-In     2020-07-29
Packaged peanuts are the sludge of packaging materials.
If you have some peanuts around you, it is always better to reuse the packaged peanuts than to throw them away, but if you have already canceled environmental protection
The packaging materials are not friendly, there are a lot of alternatives to take advantage of the waste, and the materials available for the recipient can also be provided.
Alternative Packaging Materials 1.
Newspaper: Pack, tear a strip or just use it to pack an item, your daily newspaper can be used as a packaging material (
Before final recycling). 2.
Magazine: The pages in the magazine are great for distinguishing between fragile items, and you can chop them up like you do with newspapers. 3.
Old clothes: cut worn or torn shirts, jeans and other clothes into pieces to wrap around any object as a space filler, or use larger pieces to protect fragile items. 4.
Spam: spam, known for generating unnecessary waste, can be crumpled to fill the space in the package. 5.
Waste of office paper: scrap paper garbage collected from your office is a good filler for many packages. (
Tip: even if it is torn up, you should not use any paper that once has confidential information printed on it. )6. Re-
Sealed sandwich bag: Re-cleaning and reuse
Air-filled sealed bags that provide a cushion in less-than-full packaging. 7.
Wrapping paper: some people reuse wrapping paper from larger gifts, but it never looks so fresh the second time.
Instead, save the wrapping paper to fill out future gifts that you need to mail. 8.
Yarn: Forget the useless packaging material-
Fill in the packages shipped to the knitting workers and craftsmen with one or two yarns. 9.
Plastic bags and packaging: flexible plastic packaging and plastic bags are a lot of space --
The filling and they buffer the fragile good. 10.
Popcorn: It sounds crazy, but if you\'re sending a package to a friend or family, you can fill in any extra space with a small bag of fresh popcorn.
This is an extra enjoyment and it will provide a good cushion for many items.
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